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Positive Reviews of Le Pamplemousse by Miller Harris

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This is the kind of grapefruit that you can eat. The edible, slightly bitter, slightly tart and slightly sweet type of grapefruit.

I thought I'd be put off by the melon but it blends so well with with the citrus, orange Blossom and herbs.

It opens with a distinct grapefruit and citric melody restrained by the herb and melon accord.

If you recall the grapefruit note in Azemour les Orangers, it is less stark and piercing in Le Pamplemousse.

What appeals to me is the obvious grapefruit note that is softened by the orange blossom. Whilst the herbs give it depth, a complexity that is very interesting.

Projection and longevity are superb. Will last and you will smell it without needing to raise your arm or other obscure body part to your nose.

A couple of hours into it and the grapefruit note has further softened yet still firm in its presence. The aromatic herbal facet is protruding.

This ideal for a person seeking to add a grapefruit and/or orange blossom to their collection while being averse to bitter grapefruit and too white floral.

I've worn this a few times now and I really like it.

I also noticed a distinct vetiver note that emerges much later on in the perfume. Mixes very nicely with some earthy notes but not dank notes. More of the smell if you hovered your nose over the earth as opposed to digging deep.

I'll summarize by saying that I am very impressed with it. It's depth and complexity ar very attractive. Keeping in mind that grapefruit tends to be single dimensional in nature but the orange blossom elevates it while the herbs give it a multi-dimensional facet.

Highly recommended
06th August, 2012
I like it.
It starts with an excellent yellow (tart) grapefruit note -- this is really well done and has excellent longevity for a citrus note. The scent opens up and adds rhubarb, another tangy-bitter note. The scent here is very dry and bracing.
As the scent develops further, it picks up some gentle herbal and moss notes. Basically, it becomes a citrus variation on the excellent MH Petitgrain, substituting grapefruit for orange blossom. Some grassy vetiver appears.
The drydown is pleasant and mossy.
If you like Hermes' Eau D'Orange Verte, give this a try.
The fragrance notes from the company are slightly different from those in the BN directory.
Top: bitter grapefruit, rhubarb, green melon
Mid: Moroccan orange flowers, clary sage, rosemary
Base: vetiver, tree moss, Moroccan cedar
04th August, 2012