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Positive Reviews of I Love New York for Earth Day by Bond No. 9

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Very good green floral, but it is for women imo.

03rd June, 2013
Despite the marketing and the green bottle, Earth Day is anything but a green scent. It's actually a huge, opulent floral in the vein of Giorgio Beverly Hills, an explosion of deeply indolic, buttery tuberose over other flowers and soapy musks. I'm usually a bit apprehensive about wearing loud tuberose perfumes, but Earth Day is so indolic and buttery that it almost smells more like flowery, animalic, indolic butter than tuberose, so I actually quite enjoyed it. That being said, you'd have to be extremely confident about florals or a serious Bond fanatic to think this could pass for "masculine".

Unfortunately, after a few hours, when the tuberose and indoles died down, it left a pretty sad mix of fake-smelling rose and that strawberry shampoo smell Bond has been using so much lately, all over a big cloud of white soap. At this point, the loudness of Earth Day stopped feeling opulent and started feeling cheap. That being said, a subtle vanilla sandalwood eventually came in, giving a creamy richness to the basenotes that, while it never reached the depth of a good Chanel, was enough to rescue Earth Day from its lame heartnotes.

I'm teetering between a thumbs-up and a neutral, but I'll go thumbs-up because I'm happy that this isn't another silly fruity floral or smell-alike aquatic and I want to encourage Bond to keep stepping outside their comfort zone. But enough with that fake strawberry already!!!
09th August, 2012
This scent is a beautiful green wet floral with a very prominent tuberose note that is wearable by both sexes and has great longevity.

It moves me in the sense that it is more complex and evolves more that some of the other Bonds from the I Love NY collection.

Thumbs up...!
18th July, 2012
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I just got a bottle of this as a gift last night. It has quite the floral opening, so much so that I probably would not have purchased for myself at the Bond counter. However, it does evolve as most of the Bonds do, and the woody basenotes eventually balance out the floral. As expected, it is a very green floral experience. As with all the Bond, this has amazing longevity.

I look forward to wearing it during the warm weather and think it will blend well with lots of things. I am most interested in trying to blend it with I <3 NY For Him and think it would be fun to try a "Parks and Recreation" blend of Central Park, Gramercy Park, High Line, and Earth Day.
15th April, 2012