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Great scent if you don’t know what to buy for a man. It’s generic enough, with some original touch.
22nd December, 2017
poor longevity and sillage...generic scent and nice but no lasting power on me after 10 sprays!!!!
20th November, 2017
She tore it out for me. "I like it." she said. I sniffed it. A men's cologne with calone. No need to scrub, if I don't care. Colin describes it well.
01st September, 2017
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Unlike some other reviewers of Legend, I like the dry down over the opening notes. Silvery, polished, oceanic, ozonic - its a very well done fragrance that is in a similar style as Versace Homme Eau Fraiche or an aquatic version of Bleu de Chanel. In fact if Bleu de Chanel were to make an "Aquatic" version it might smell like this one. Opening notes have a synthetic and over done hard brightness that causes some repulsion, but as the scent progresses the complementary notes leave behind a soft oceanic minty ghost presence that is the common theme woven throughout. Legend becomes a skin scent but a very long lasting skin scent. The body spray is also good and this scent is very appropriate for a water based all over body spray cleanliness.
15th August, 2017
This smells exactly like Abercrombie & Fitch's Fierce, but softer. It's a tad sweet too.
28th December, 2016
Admittedly, Mont Blanc Legend is generic; nonetheless, it is a gorgeous fragrance with uncommonly good longevity. 12+ hours. A definite crowd pleaser.

Scent 9/10
Sillage 8/10
Longevity 10/10

09th December, 2016
don't know what you guys are smelling but this is an A&F Fierce copy, a lighter version if you will
15th November, 2016
Awesome opening, and an overall nice scent.

I did like this one. It reminded me of how much I like fruit done right in a fragrance. It reminds me a little of Aventus by Creed but only in the initial opening. I don't find this fragrance controversial or offensive at all. In fact I think that anyone and everyone would like this.

I like the apple and pineapple aspects, and the lavender mid and the woody base. Yes it's been done before in other male-marketed fragrances, but it's still a really nice fragrance. I would personally wear it. It's great, it works for almost any occasion, and is inoffensive and interesting enough for people to notice and be intrigued. This has been my first time trying a fragrance from Mont Blanc and personally I think it's a good one.
05th October, 2016
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United Kingdom
Recently sampled Mont Blanc Legend. I was expecting more. This for me is very similar to Chrome by Yardley. If you are thinking of getting this one I would certainly advise trying the offering from Yardley first as it is far cheaper. Personally I am not a fan of either.
21st April, 2016
Modern, masculine, clean and fresh. My wife likes this one very much, reminded her of a "rich, urban guy," whatever that is. I enjoy this one too, goes well with many occasions and levels of attire. Performance is excellent.
08th January, 2016
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United States
Definitely a nice male fougere, but it left me quite underwhelmed. As other reviewers have said, there really isn't much that is unique to this fragrance. It certainly smells masculine, thanks to the various greens mixed with the sandalwood (which I must say I like very much), but this smells quite similar to any other "woodsy-citrus-fougere" that seem so popular in today's male fragrance scene.

The longevity was okay, but the sillage was quite low. I prefer fragrances that project just enough to give people a small waft of the scent, but this fragrance was barely noticeable to me or the people around me (my girlfriend didn't even notice it, and had to put her nose basically on my neck to even get a trace of the scent). Overall, in my opinion, this fragrance is nice, but not worth the price. If you're on the fence, I would give this one a polite "pass."
23rd December, 2015
The pineapple bergamot apple top notes in this are fantastic, so is the tonka and sandalwood basenotes. This smells a lot like Polo Sport but a little less synthetic with more apple notes and creamier basenotes. This is very fresh and will stay in the rotation. I think Diesel Only the Brave is a terrible interpretation of the same vibe.
09th December, 2015
This is a perfectly nice contemporary mens' fragrance that reminds me in a way of all the fragrances that appear on tear-and-sniff adverts in mens' magazines. They sometimes smell nice, even if they don't make any unique statements. If I detected this on someone, I highly doubt I would be able to identify what it is. It could be one of a dozen similar fragrances. Apparently it has a high women's' acceptance quotient, but my wife who hates most things was mildly intrigued with Legend. I guess that's a modest endorsement of sorts. While Montblanc Legend has decent staying power, and admittedly grows more attractive over time, ultimately it lacks distinctive "different-ness," even if it has positive "nice-ness". If it were gifted to me I would wear it sometimes. A safe bet for non-fragrance people or newbies.
24th October, 2015
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The best word to describe LEGEND is Crisp.yes a crisp aromatic fougere for men.It is a luscious mix of interesting fruits and delicate florals with a lovely dry down.this kind of fragrances makes me feel 10years younger. Delicious,Fruity,Luminous, Popular, Fresh and Romantic at the same time.

Joyful and juicy notes of bergamot, lemon and especially pineapple lending to an romantic heart of greanium,rose and red apple and these are brought into a soft and delectable base of sandalwood and tonka bean.that create a intimate fragrance that is shared when someone is in your space.

This scent makes your girlfriend or wife want to hug you.LEGEND is for the Modern man,a modern man who likes a refined yet romantic scent.Great for Everyday use.It is better than Special Edition 2012 for me.totattly it is not a amazing scent but simply Lovely.


Longevity?6Good on my skin.


02nd June, 2015
From a department store sample.
I didn't think much of MB Legend when I first applied this scent on a Saturday afternoon. I thought it was a nice, perhaps overtly masculine fragrance with a fairly common composition. It really didn't "WOW" me in any way and I was feeling this is pleasant and decided to wear it out to dinner for the night. Much to my surprise, MB Legend turned out to be one of the more compliment producing fragrances I have ever tested. My wife immediately said she liked it, as did our dinner guests and the 20 something cute restaurant hostess commented also. It doesn't have huge sillage, and knew I had not given it too many sprays, so I really couldn't tell what they were picking up on, but whatever it is, it works very well.

I like the MB Legend Special Edition version even more, although I haven't worn it out to see if it has the same high compliment factor. Big Thumbs Up for what still seems to me to be an ordinary fragrance.
12th May, 2015
I got a 5-mL sample of this. Personally I don't get the lavender much or a lot of the other things people are talking about. For me it seems fairly linear, but it's definitely nice stuff. For me it's pineapple and black pepper. Yes Aventus is pineapple as well, but this has very little resemblance to Adventus. There is no smokiness to this. For me, personally I get a lot of pleasure out of wearing this. It smells great to me. The thing is, as some others have mentioned, women (and other dudes too) seem to love it. The first day I wore it, I must have received compliments from at least ten different women of varying degrees of age. And 2 or 3 guys also asked me what it was. I've never gotten that many compliments and questions in one single day from a frag before. Needless to say, I wore it again today. Very rare that I will wear something two days in a row because I have a fairly big rotation, and I like variety, but this could easily earn a very regular spot. In fact, it is definitely full-bottle worthy, and the next time I make a buy, this will be in it.
01st May, 2015
First thing's first, I've never worn, tried, or smelled Abercrombie & Fitch's Fierce (but it's on my list of scents to try now.) I can't make the comparison between the two but I'll take everyone at their word that the two smell very similar. This was given to me by a girlfriend a couple years back. That first bottle of it lasted longer than the girlfriend did.

This is definitely one of those "manly" colognes. When I first spray it on, I get a strong bergamot scent, which I very much like. That eventually fades and gives way to a mild, predominantly sandalwood smell. It has moderate projection and sillage but the longevity is way above average. I sometimes can still smell it on me the next morning--almost 24 hours. I feel it would be a bit too strong for summer, but any other time I think this one works fine. Of all the colognes in my collection, this EdT by Mont Blanc gets the most compliments from the ladies, by far.
09th March, 2015
This stuff is 'legendary' amongst women...

This rivals VS Very Sexy for Men for getting the most compliments from women.

I imagine that the pineapple opening has much to do with this. This note appears to be universally liked by women. ( Aventus comes to mind)

The opening is mostly this 'legendary' note of pineapple to my nose, sweet yet masculine. And this is basically it up until hours later when a VERY faint note of oakmoss appears.

It's a very pleasant fragrance without a doubt, but its unsophisticated and not my personal preference. My fave note is leather. But women at work have complimented me on Legend, and in a very overtly manner too. There is something in this that creates a very interesting reaction in them. My fave reaction came from my wife who upon spraying Legend on me she said "Wow, you smell like sex'...

Puzzling and equally incredible...

18th February, 2015
Masculine fruity aromatic fragrance with interesting notes (lavender, pineapple, oakmoss, coumarin, pomarose) and good longevity.
Beautiful bottle too.
Thumbs up!
23rd November, 2014
Legend is effectively generic but is not that poor stuff. Its structure (a classically dark-aromatic fougere accord of lavender, sharp floral notes, woods and oakmoss) is not far from Grigioperla by La Perla. The aroma is a pleasant aromatic and elegant formula with a freshly spicy (strong) lavender-bergamot-oakmoss opening, a dynamic woody virile basic contruction with undiscernible (or better, barely discernible) floral notes and plenty of synthetic woods. I don't detect all that (just barely present) resemblance with Fierce (both are virile, spicy-woody and rosey but Fierce is more spicy in my opinion). The lavender-coumarine-verbena freshness and the generic "warmth" from the tonka-wood accord are still there till the end. Synthetic in the average. Just not bad.
09th November, 2014 (last edited: 20th January, 2015)
It's pretty basic and it's close to A&F Fierce. There's really not much more to say than that. If you like Fierce than this is a less expensive alternative. Could also be a poor man's Chanel Platinum Egoiste, but overall that fragrance is quite a bit better than this. Personally, I'd go with the PE from the start and pass on this and Fierce. Decent for the price, but overall it's lacking.
05th October, 2014 (last edited: 02nd February, 2015)
I love this stuff. Yes it smells like fierce. But my wife loves this, and does her mom, and her mom's mom. So does just about every lady that comes into contact with me when I wear this. I think that this frag, unlike fierce, can work for any age group. I wear this on date night, church, and to the office. Never let's me down. This will be in my collection for a long time
04th August, 2014
Generic calone, generic woods, generic green notes, generic amber, generic aldehydes... a fresh, cozy, stereotypical post-2000s "contemporay average man scent". Axe Deodorant in a perfume bottle. Next!

30th June, 2014
It's a good sweet and fruity fragrance.
I don't like fruity fragrances but this is a good one with so pleasant smell.
Start with sweet pineapple and some apple notes.
It's not synthetic. it's well balanced.
In the dry down and base some floral notes comes in but the fruity and sweet notes are dominating here and anything else is in the background!
Great projection at the start but very soon become skin scent. the longevity is above average.
Good fragrance but it's so generic! there are tons of fragrances out there that smell like this.
Not my cup of tea!
And this fragrance is similar to Creed Aventus only for a few minutes at the start because of the pineapple note. after that they are completely different!
10th May, 2014
Smells exactly like Abercrombie's Fierce. While I enjoyed that fragrance years ago, I don't want to smell like it today.

04th May, 2014
When I first smelt this fragrance I was obsessed and have since been using it for about 1 year now.
It is a very unique yet novel scent that would suit a more alpha male or a teenage boy for example and is good for everyday use, though my only concern is the longevity of the scent is completely hopeless.
10th March, 2014
Boring, uninventive, unoriginal. Reminds me a lot of Trussardi Uomo 2011. and Cavalli Just Him 2013, then Gucci Guilty. Before all those mentioned there was Boss Selection that started it all. Sweet and fresh, a bit cold in character. The composition of notes implies that this is a complex scent, which is far from the truth. This is the perfume for people who operate on the "SA pointed it out, it's the newest" level. I don't know on what path this house was before this fragrance as I've never tried any besides this one, but I'm sure that, on whichever path they were, they've strayed from it with this creation. Reason I'm rating it neutral, and not negative, albeit my review implies the obvious negativity, is that this scent does what it's supposed to - appease the simple masses and maybe even garner a compliment or two to a younger, well attired wearer.
04th December, 2013
Legend by Mont Blanc

It's not very similar to Platinum Egoiste, but it is very similar to Abercrombie and Fitch Fierce. Although it lacks the projection that Fierce has, the price is much better and more affordable. Still, being able to smell an Abercrombie from over 50 feet away in a mall has dampened my interest for this kind of fragrance.

29th May, 2013
To compare this to Chanel's Platinum Egoist is an insult. If I wanted to wear alcohol I would have reached for it from my medicine cabinet. No projection, No longevity, overhyped, and overpriced. There is nothing else that needs to be said.......

15th May, 2013
Positive review b/c it is unique...a strong top note combination that dries down into a nice well rounded fragrance. Problem is...I spritzed my arm at 3:30pm. It is now 6pm and I can only smell it if I put my nose right to my arm...2 1/2 hrs? Come on.
13th May, 2013