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Positive Reviews of Black Jade by Lubin

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I am a lover of Lubin, and I think this has to be my (unexpected) favorite. I don't usually like anything musky, heavy or amber related on my skin, but this just smells divine! I feel like a bombshell femme fatale with just a couple of spritzes. Excellent longevity (6+ hours) that projects like crazy. You don't need much to have people turning their heads and asking what that delicious fragrance is. On me the rose, incense, sandalwood and patchouli remain the standout notes, and the vanilla is non-existent. Overall a warm, sooo sexy scent that has the perfect peppery floral mix for fall/winter.
24th October, 2015
A joyous rose – gossamer like a fairy’s wing, I feel a wash of pale pink descend. The citrus in the opening is so juicy and yet with something of a lollipop quality, it set my salivary glands working: if there had been a ‘pause’ button to preserve its magic, my finger would have been on it. A green note (galbanum’s in the note list, but its characteristic bitterness is not evident here) to pay the rose gentle compliments and whisper reassurance, and the magic is complete.
The spices are low in the mix and I for one don’t miss them. No idea why they called it Black Jade, maybe Open Air Rose didn’t have quite the same ring.
The deep drydown waves an olfactory chiffon scarf – you know, powders, balsam, tres chic in the classic French style of, say, a house like Divine.
19th September, 2014
This is a complex French perfume. It has a fresh top-note of galbanum and bergamot that quickly morphs into a spicy pepper and cardamom rose, and then the jasmine and incense emerge in a supporting role to the rose over a well balanced base of patchouli, tonka and amber. As the perfume evolves it can, in summer, develop and almost cumin note, probably a result of the patchouli and tonka. I like it better in winter, because the progression unfolds on me better. This fragrance develops over time, it is not linear, and is a complex and sexy modern floral oriental. It took me a while to get used to it, and initially I thought I liked but didn't love it. However I reach for this time and time again to smell the progression of notes, and it has a very sexual but simultaneously serene, powdery aura. It works for day and also for night. It's a big thumbs up.
23rd November, 2012
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Ignoring the Marie Antoinette back story that everyone seemed so up in arms about and concentrating just on the quality of the fragrance, I love this! Upon smelling, I was immediately taken back to the now discontinued Libertine by Vivienne Westwood, also a green chypre, but make no mistake, this is far more refined. Beautifully blended, it has none of Libertine's somewhat shrill opening. It is smooth from start to finish. I consider this to be Libertine in its 40's, gone is the rebellion of youth, the middle finger is delicately clasped, the lady has emerged elegant, noble, smelling great and far cleverer at hiding her disdain for convention.

Having read many reviews focusing on the back story and stating that it isn't possible that a fragrance like this would exist in Marie-Antoinette's time, I find it odd that Libertine was supposed to be an olfactory expression of the socialite 'Libertines' of the 17th century and the two ended up smelling so similar. Anyway, I digress.

Worthy of its price tag. Find it, try it, buy it!
20th September, 2012 (last edited: 05th October, 2012)
Bought a sample last winter from aedes-very alluring scent. Definite head turner. Tried it lately-definitely for cooler weather. Recently found a great deal on a bottle and purchase, and looking forward to wearing this fall and winter
02nd June, 2012
At first, I was a literally taken aback by this fragrance. I found it quite weird actually. The loud flowery beginning with the clashing chypre overtones made me think: We're off to a very bad start here. And although there is not even a hint of licorice in the Black Jade olfactory pyramid, I swear I could smell it. All in all, a very bad first impression. Fortunately, as soon as the dry-down began, I had the most pleasant surprise! The rich, warm amber notes started to emerge and this ugly duckling turned into a most beautiful swan. A friend of mine just bought it and she is absolutely mesmerized by this opulent and complex oriental amber-chypre composition. I believe a man could very well wear Black Jade too. I may consider it myself for next fall.
12th May, 2012
An exquisitely well-blended scent: at once light and shadow. I wish I could say more about the notes, but no particular 'ingredient' dominates for me. However, if I was blind-sniffing Black Jade, I'd say I could smell juniper berries (possibly absconded from sister fragrance Gin Fizz?).

Despite the name and an abundance of heavy-sounding notes, this is not a black/dark fragrance at all. Just like the jade green cap colour, BJ has a subdued freshness which would be suitable to wear for most occasions and seasons, even warm weather. It's like a muted ‘eau fraiche’ with extra complexity.

Interestingly, I recently met a lady who claimed to be allergic to almost everything under the sun, yet could spray Black Jade directly onto her skin without a reaction. If I was in a similar predicament, I could think of worse things than committing to this particular scent. But for me it's not quite special enough to pay full price for a bottle, no matter how sensuously rounded that bottle may be.
01st April, 2012