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a church incense but not the one that comes out during the liturgy by the priest's burning-incense. but it is that wonderful smell that is felt in an empty church. smell of old church woods smell of the confessional, smell of the church benches. smell of church, this describes the perfume perfectly. 9/10 one of my next purchases. excellent performance.
01st December, 2017
Messing with the Mass...

Unique? Yes. Bizarre? Absolutely. Wearable? It depends. I'm using incense sticks for a couple of decades now, but I don't like incense fragrances very much. First of all I think there's a huge vagueness in defining what an incense note is, because there are literally hundreds of different "incense" scents out there. In Christianity "incense" is mainly associated with myrrh and olibanum, while in Buddhism it's associated with more exotic substances, like sandalwood and benzoin. Not to mention the multifariousnees of incense sticks, which come in virtually every scent imagined. And as is the case with anything coming in a great variety, our subjective point of view dictates that there are specimens to love and specimens to hate. But I take it that "incense" in perfumery usually means a church-like olfactory quality, cause churches and temples are usually the places where this kind of smell is more likely to be encountered. But despite the fact that an Eastern Orthodox church and a Buddhist temple smell nothing alike, I'll take it for granted that La Liturgie des Heures is an incense fragrance the way such an one is perceived by Christians. All the more that it displays myrrh and olibanum amongst its notes.

However, there's no way I'll follow the "Why would someone want to smell like this?" cliche. Just because! As Latin wisdom has put it centuries ago, "De gustibus non est disputandum." Because the one to whom this question is addressed, could very easily reverse it and ask the one who asks it the very same thing about her/his favourite fragrance. "Why would someone want to smell like a cupcake?". And to be perfectly honest, I never liked smelling like food, thus incense fragrances have a clear lead against gourmands in my book.

Now, if Avignon or Cardinal smells like Bernardo Gui's religious habit in "The Name of the Rose", then I imagine that La Liturgie des Heures is the way Adso's of Melk robes smelled like. Pious, yes, but not yet pious enough to have every hint of mirth exiled in the purgatorial fires. It's the difference between an old, cantankerous and cold-hearted bishop, probably disappointed that the world does not understand his "rightfulness" and a young and sanguine monk, who still thinks he can make a difference. This doesn't mean that La Liturgie des Heures is a joyous and playful fragrance. God forbid! It just means that this aspiring novice enjoys equally delving profoundly into the ancient manuscripts in the monastery and quaffing a couple of pints in the local tavern. Walking the dense coniferous forests surrounding both in the meantime, and taking a nap on the ground every once in a while.

Oh, and for those who expected a Sean Connery association to be included, this emblematic Scotsman will always be beyond genres and classifications, thus Guerlain's Jicky will always do the trick for him. Monkish or not.
30th November, 2015

What happens when a Messe de Minuit takes place in Avignon Cathedral? That must be the question buzzing in the head of the people at Jovoy when they started thinking about an incense fragrance for their line. And the answer is, of course, La Liturgie des Heures! It starts coniferous and rock mineral like Avignon, though it displays immediately a darker, richer, deeper and even sweeter side: more myrrh, more resins. A grapefruit- bitter, sour, mineral in a slightly urinous way- note that immediately reminds me of the Etro fragrance hovers on the whole development. The drydown is more mellow, fizzy resinous, compared to the CdG fragrance, and, most important of all for me, it seems to be lacking the woody ambers that I find so bothering in Avignon.
In short, an enjoyable take on the church incense theme, though not much original.
02nd April, 2015
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Ugggghhhh...I do not want to go against the grain here. And I love my fellow Basenoters, I really do. I especially love reading Darvant & Colin Maillard's reviews (and others). But I gotta go along with my buddy, Odysseusm on this one. Awful! And after my FOURTH Jovoy try...I'm done.

Perhaps my nostrils are cluttered with my last (latest) Jovoy (Psychedelique) try prior to La Liturgie but I am detecting AMBER...again! C'mon Jovoy! Because of the quality ingredients evident in Jovoy fragrances AND the staying power (longevity), I REALLY want to love ONE of this house's fragrances; however, I'm done.

Well, if it's all "in my head," than it's all in my head; but I swear this fragrance opened with notes of sweet, cloying AMBER and if not, definitely some sickly sweet, granulated something...some sweet gourmand note, perhaps. Trying to push through the opening, I felt dizzy with confusing mixed notes of God knows what...incense, myrrh, smoke, berries, jam, jelly, fruit-cake. I don't get it. I literally felt nauseated and as if I was developing a colossal headache.

After several hours, I couldn't bear it anymore, so I had to scrub...and scrub and scrub and scrub.

And of all Jovoy fragrances...I could not get this one off. Finally washed all clothing and took a shower.

I'm done trying Jovoy fragrances :0(
15th March, 2015 (last edited: 09th October, 2019)
A fresher, more balsamic take on the "catholic" incense à la Avignon, with floral-woody notes and a fruity touch, and even an earthy-mossy side. Not as fascinating as CdG's milestones, but with a different personality, which is still a good feature. La Liturgie is close to Avignon but "moves the camera" on the outside of the Church-ish ambiance, like wandering in the garden of a Mediterranean abbey. The incense notes blend with a herbal-balsamic breeze; the mood is still much meditative, cozy and mellow, just fresher and more "natural", less hieratic, less severe, but also less experimental and "contemporary" speaking in terms of structure. This is more friendly, more aerial, more "safe" in a way. The drydown is a bit disappointing on my skin, as it turns into an unpleasant, sour rubbery note, but apart from that, it's an elegant and cozier alternative to other darker and "bolder" incense-based fragrances.

18th May, 2014
Don't like it.
Has a sweet, even candied or gourmand note. Spicy-sweet. That is the first impression.
Further application and analysis yields a myrrh-prominent scent, with a hint of frankincense. A sweet version of myrrh, and not very interesting.
Where's the cypress? Missing in action.
An incense scent should be drier and more intriguing.
Washed it off.
04th May, 2014
La Liturgie des Heures is a minimalistic take over the woodsy/resinous frankincense theme. The aroma is like a sort of hymn to mysticism and ascetic solitude. An extremely ceremonial and liturgical one in temperament its fragrance opens with a dark fist of coniferous resins, green notes and powerful myrrh. The latter is potent by soon, massive, waxy, almost edible and influential throughout till when joins its carnality with an almost invisible soapy rosey final touch. The note of myrrh is absolutely heady, it's smoky and perfectly melding with a concert of sacramental exhaling bursting incenses teleporting us in a world of meditation and silent foggy japanese mountains. The more the smell slides towards its maturity the more it becomes slightly brighter and sharper (still retaining anyway a somewhat dense, sombre and shadowy dimension). The final outcome... one of the most perfect cathedral incense concoction ever appointed.
28th March, 2014
Would I review a fragrance beginning with its name? Probably not very often!!
La Liturgie de Heures, "the Liturgy of the Hours", a term used to describe a specific service in Christianity is a superb name for a fragrance that is synonymous with old cathedral buildings or monasteries, incense-filled rooms and corridors, perhaps even that annual visit at Christmas.
This scent is beautifully crafted and being a Parfum is incredibly long lasting. It develops into a resinous incense, with a smoky vibe as you'd expect from Church-like incense. The box and glass bottle are enormous, making this a great idea for a gift!
09th January, 2014
This was my least favorite from the 5 bottles that I've tested so I'm writing about it as the last one!
This fragrance opens up with domination note of incense which has a herbal and almost light powdery feeling and a little bit of spices in the background.
It's not sweet or heavy at all.
It's just mellow bitter resinous incensy smell with some spicy notes.
As time goes by I can detect some kind of dark and almost smoky smell in the background.
It's something like leather/tobacco or something like that. maybe it's myrrh.
I don't know but anyway it gives me a very light and transparent smoky aroma beside other notes.
Projection is average and longevity is around 3-5 hours which is not that bad.
A good and pleasant fragrance and I like it but you can do much better with your money and there are much better fragrances from the house.
23rd December, 2013
that church vibe going...

gothic and peculiar..worth a try..and maybe a buy! Love It!

31st July, 2013
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United States
When "Old School" Mingles With Incense...

La Liturgie des Heures opens with a fresh leafy green accord that lasts less than a minute before the fragrance moves to its heart phase. During the early heart the fresh green accord trades places with a warm woody cypress supporting an emerging resinous frankincense that resembles the kind one might encounter burning in a church or cathedral that takes the fore. The fragrance remains quite linear through the dry-down exhibiting faint whiffs of relatively clean musk at the very end of its all too brief life-cycle as the frankincense gradually fades. Projection is on the low side of average and longevity is well below average at 2-3 hours on skin.

La Liturgie des Heures reminds me of a fragrance I used to love when I was much younger, well over 25 years ago. I wish I could remember what it was but alas, my memory is not as good as it used to be... Vague memories aside, the overall linear minimalist composition strikes me as a cross between some of the best aspects of my favorite radiant incense compositions and barbershop old school offerings. I don't think I ever thought I would describe a frankincense driven composition as "old school barbershop-like" but it just comes off that way to me rightly or wrongly. The bottom line is La Liturgie des Heures proves a quite competent incense composition; but its relatively poor performance aspects on my fragrance friendly skin coupled with its price tag of $180 per 100ml bottle hold me back from recommending the 3.5 star out of 5 rated composition without hesitation.

Pros: Fine frankincense accord...
Cons: Very disappointing performance and relatively simplistic composition structure.

31st May, 2013
Straight forward, white-smoky, liturgical frankincense with subtle coniferous notes. So bright and waxy to result almost aldehydic. Subtle, simple, close to the skin yet, somewhat, striking. Very nice.
25th December, 2012