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Positive Reviews of Trésor L'Absolu Desir by Lancôme

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Once again LANCOME surprised me.TRESOR L'Absolu DESIR is a perfect blend of floral sweetness,not overpowering, but just the perfect perfume to make you feel really reminds me of the original and if you like it,you will like this one but the flanker is less complex and more sweet.rose gives it the is one of those perfumes that truly makes you aware of your womanhood.the sexiness is subtle yet remarkable and the bottle is really gorgeous. Sweet,Sensual,Luxurious,Romantic,Floral, Warm,Ladylike,Elegantly Sexy and Absolutely French Style.

The opening notes of fresh aromatic spices and rose give way to the jasmine notes in the heart while the rose notes comes richer than the top notes.the warmth and sweetness of vanilla with a hint of Virginia cedar makes this EDP a perfect evening choice for when you're romantically inclined.i would definitely recommend this perfume to anyone who wants to feel elegant,ladylike and sophisticated.for lovers everywhere of roses and all things Parisian.this will be worth the money when you buy a full bottle.


Longevity?Magnificent on my skin.

09th July, 2015