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It is sweet and fruity and has some ambroxan like Sauvage but it's missing the geranium note which is the most enjoyable and unique twist when wearing Sauvage, to me anyway. Both are very synthetic, so without the geranium, Berlin is left to be a bit generic and cheap-feeling. So while there are better options overall, it's hard to beat for the price.

I get very good projection, kinda loud actually. Lasts 6-7 hours.
03rd January, 2018
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United States
I'm giving this one a positive rating because I paid about $4 for 100 ml, and it holds its own against much, much more expensive scents. In fact, I prefer this to Sauvage, because the ambroxan (or similar molecule) is not as obvious here. The fruitiness at first is not bad at all, and I tend to really dislike scents that begin with typical "masculine" fruit notes. Then there is a kind of "old school" quality, though thankfully without any detectable lavender. And then the ambroxan type quality takes charge, but that's hours later. My only issue with it is that it's not something I can see myself really wanting to wear - I'd wear it as a "change of pace" on rare occasions, though that's true of a whole lot of scents, most considerably more expensive than this one. Unlike Darvant, I don't perceive typical "masculine" laundry musk (I think the "fuzzy" qualities ambroxan possesses generates this impression), fruitiness, etc., and I don't understand what "oily" means in the context of a scent, other than perhaps someone thinking that it smells like oil and vinegar salad dressing, which this one certainly does not. It's a little different from the "madding crowd" of "masculines" and if you are in the mood for a bit of ambroxan fun, this is a "cheap thrill."
29th April, 2016 (last edited: 05th May, 2016)
Extremely common spicy-mossy sporty fragrance with ambergris in the base, and a deep and pungent fruity taste (above all orange and cranberries). I catch the cinnamon in notable amount and a plain minty element that runs throughout the evolution. This fragrance is in the same vein of a huge amount of previous sporty fragrances (it reminds me in different ways PR XS, Chanel Egoiste Platinun, Joop Nightflight, Allure Sport, Chanel Blue, some Adidas, Herrera Sexy Man, Aramis New West, Nautilus America's Cup and many others), is decidedly oily-synthetic, soapy-detergent as a shower foam etc, etc, etc. The bracing initial deceptive effect is vanified by the widespread synthetism. Boring and plastic. Good projection.
30th April, 2012
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