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Negative Reviews of Berlin by Playboy

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Extremely common spicy-mossy sporty fragrance with ambergris in the base, and a deep and pungent fruity taste (above all orange and cranberries). I catch the cinnamon in notable amount and a plain minty element that runs throughout the evolution. This fragrance is in the same vein of a huge amount of previous sporty fragrances (it reminds me in different ways PR XS, Chanel Egoiste Platinun, Joop Nightflight, Allure Sport, Chanel Blue, some Adidas, Herrera Sexy Man, Aramis New West, Nautilus America's Cup and many others), is decidedly oily-synthetic, soapy-detergent as a shower foam etc, etc, etc. The bracing initial deceptive effect is vanified by the widespread synthetism. Boring and plastic. Good projection.
30th April, 2012