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Neutral Reviews of Prada Amber pour Homme Intense by Prada

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Upon first wearing Amber pour Homme Intense I was struck by how pleasant and easy to wear it is. This is a very well rounded composition without any off-notes, and right away you realize what it is. With further wearings of ApHI the vanilla began to bother me. I rather enjoy vanilla - Habit Rouge is a favorite of mine - but Prada went too sweet with the it. That sweetness might have worked for me if it was offsetting something acrid, dry, or interesting, but here it is paired with a perfectly rounded group of pleasant notes.

Prada's Amber pour Homme Intense would be ideal for someone that just wants something that smells nice, and likes sweet vanilla. I'd gladly recommend PApHI to someone with different tastes than mine because it is very well constructed, but I won't be purchasing a bottle.
05th June, 2017
Nothing great. I don't get much Amber. Gets very powdery very soon. For the price not bad.

04th December, 2015
While I find Prada Amber to be a carefully crafted study in the balances between mainstream and luxe, masculine and feminine, and brightness versus richness, the Intense version feels to me less rigorously plotted and more like some perfumer was asked to make an amber perfume that would appeal to Macys customers who would think an actual amber scent is too "girly". As such, it's basically a fairly standard vanilla amber perfume smothered in steretypical masculine darkness, a hard to pin down mix of pine and chocolate and metallic iodine and ink that sounds interesting but is really just more of that aquatic "woody amber" chemical smell that designer scents use to dumb themselves down. Oddly, there's also a ton of nostril tickling powder on top, which I suppose is intended to class things up, but just feels weirdly unbalanced to me.

All in all, even without the aquatic mess, there are many better ambers out there, but there's something weirdly attractive about Prada Amber pour Homme Intense. It's like eating at Chipotle - you know there are better burritos available and it's really just a watered down white-bread version of something, but it's still oddly satisfying...
03rd November, 2015
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This fragrance could easily be named "Old Spice Modern EDC." After the
"de rigueur" bergamot opening, the myrrh / vanilla begin to dominate for about 1 hour then the powdery amber takes over with just enough patch in play to keep this one barely leaning towards the Y chromosome. Weak longevity for an EDP but nevertheless a nice fragrance that is careful not to break any rules and will keep you warm, although mildly bored, on a chilly night. I will reach for this from time to time, but overall IMO, Old Spice EDC is superior.....
09th March, 2015
I bought this yesterday (while returning two other fragrances I didn't like).
In the store, it smelled like fresh Tootsie Rolls.
I got home, cleaned-up, sprayed-on and went to an event where my wife was waiting. She immediately asked, "What do you have on?". I asked her if she liked it or hated it and she said she wasn't sure. Later, she said she was not a fan of Patchouli, but the rest of it smelled good.

I sprayed one on each side of my neck and one to my LEFT wrist pulse point and tapped it to the right. This morning (15 hours later), I can still smell it, but left smells different (weaker) than right. Use this stuff sparingly.
11th May, 2013
Soapy, synthetic but not bad at all. Don't go heavy on the sprayer with this one. This one could be a unisex fragrance in my book. Projection and longevity is very good. This frag stays with me for about 8 hours.
04th October, 2012