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Daring fragrance that must be at least smelled. It's not for everyone due to it being powdery, soapy, feminine, and patchouli happy. It's not versatile or a big compliment getter either. Comparison wise it reminds me of what Bulgari Black is to Midnight in Paris. Everyone loves Midnight in Paris, but it's the safer version of Black.
08th January, 2017
Can't get enough of this one! It has a classy powdery, citrus-vanilla quality that I never get tired of. It's a definite step up from the original (which isn't bad by any means), and has decent staying power.
03rd December, 2016
Old spice is one fragrance perhaps known the world over.

PAPHI is just this but done so beautifully you will appreciate Old Spice all over again. The dance is so beautiful, you can actually pick out individual notes as they flourish.

I wonder if this is how the original Old Spice smelled.
29th September, 2015
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Great scent this is indeed. This is better than the original by far. Projection is great on this and the longevity is equal. This will be my signature scent replacing angel men this upcoming year. This scent has clean dark soapy vibe to it that is just hypnotizing. This is a must buy.
20th September, 2015 (last edited: 23rd January, 2018)
Intense is a deeper, richer version of the original Amber pour Homme and provides a good option if you liked the notes in the original, but like me found it too soft or feminine. Intense is less floral and an overall richer fragrance. It's also much less soap toned than the original, and has better longevity on my skin.

I liked the original Prada Amber pour Homme for it's originality and elegance, but for my taste, Intense is a better version.

Thumbs Up.
12th September, 2015 (last edited: 16th September, 2015)

I would definitely recommend PRADA AMBER PH INTENSE if you want to score, the ladies love it AS when i was at a restaurant i heard that one lady said to her friends:I love when a man walks by me that is wearing this scent.This EDP is more mature and less soapy than old version. Sophisticated,Rich, Mysterious,Intoxicating,Oriental,Sensual and Extemely masculine.

Labdanum and granium combine with a shot of orange blossom and bergamot while the warmth of patchouli and myrhh harmonizes with the sensual masculine base due leather, musk and amber that it a very sophisticated and superb scent that demands attention.It has character and charm,great for formal or evening wear.

In my opinion this EDP is an unsurpassable oriental and musky cologne for the confident,refined man who leaves a trail of his allure behind to the mesmerizing of anyone catching it, be it night or day.Good quality for a reasonable price as it is a perfume.If you have not tried it I would recommend it.

Sillage&Longevity?Could be better both are less than old version.

11th May, 2015
I liked Prada Amber Pour Homme but not enough to buy it. But I enjoy the Intense version so much that I have purchased two bottles… I don’t want to run out of this. I don’t get much of the bergamot opening – my nose is immediately drawn to the ambry-sweet patchouli accord. I usually prefer rougher versions of patchouli, but this sweet version captivates me – perhaps because of the almost-implied myrrh enriching it. On my skin Intense is linear because I miss most of the opening’s bergamot and the drydown seems like an extension of the ambry-patchouli heart of the fragrance. Some other reviewers refer to the fragrance as soapy and I can understand that, but the subtle incense-resin pulls me away from the soapy interpretation. This is a rich and elegant fragrance.
03rd May, 2015
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
This is not dissimilar to the original Amber pour Homme, with a fresh bergamot opening and the later development of patchouli and tonka notes. The latter is significantly less sweet than in the original though.

Again, the dominant and persistent presence of amber throughout is the core and defining feature of the fragrance. Another major difference is evident though: the addition of a pleasant gently spicy impression from the middle notes onwards. I get moderate sillage, good projection and six hours of longevity.

It is not often that I find a flanker better than the original version; this is one of these cases. 3/5
23rd December, 2014
Prada Amber pour Homme Intense opens with a zesty bergamot citrus accord with an array of delicious notes hovering in the background. After about an hour the creamy myrrh takes the centrestage accentuated by a hint of vanilla. This phase lasts for quite a few hours before the show is rounded off by a restrained amber whose sweetness is balanced by an earthy patchouli note. After the initial brisk opening, this fragrance has the trademark Prada soapy vibe, though not as pronounced as Amber pour Homme. This fragrance is slightly sweet- I definitely disagree with another reviewer who calls it ''uber sweet''. Performance is very good with this one- I get at least 7 hours on my skin. This stunningly gorgeous fragrance merits at least a couple of wearings, though it has really grown on me over time. I could see people wearing this in all climates except for summer. More of an evening fragrance, but not hard to imagine someone wearing this at daytime in cooler weather. A modern classic!
11th November, 2014
As what Prada does best, soapy scents but this one does it differently. It's soapy but but darker as in has a little bit of smokiness and vanilla/amber thing going on but just the right amount. It was linear on me which I didn't mind at all. It's stays classic dispite being a different take on soapy as you can still smell the DNA from the Original. Right amount of sweetness from the vanilla/amber scent, incense and much more masculine than the original. IMO, the best from the house for men.
27th June, 2014
This is one of the most elegant perfumes I've ever smelled and bought. Exept from the amazing scent , it has the ideal projection and sillage (not overpowering) and the perfect lasting duration.
For me, as a DHI and LIDGE fanatic, this is the ideal signature scent, worable all day long for spring and summer since the two former perfumes have their own time in fall and winter. Congratulations to Prada for this masterpiece!!!
20th May, 2014
nyguy Show all reviews
United States

When I first sprayed it, I got an initial barber shop vibe, but as it settled the vanilla came around and won me over. I think it's a nice sweet(vanilla)/fresh scent(bergamote). Being the intense version I was hoping this would last at least 8+ hours, I get around 4 hours MAX. But I like the way it smells, it's smooth but projects well initially just wished it lasted longer being a parfum version

Pros: Decent projection, sweet yet fresh
Cons: Poor longevity "

21st July, 2013
expensive soap

This fragrance is really elegant, fresh and clean. It smells like an expensive soap. I prefer this intense version than the normal version . The intense is more masculine and elegant.

30th June, 2013
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Very Sexy

This fragrance is very sexy long lasting , I love it went to Sephora to purchase Tom Ford Noir and I went with this one and I'm glad I did lots of people ask what fragrance do you have on it smells really nice I feel good then because I know then I made the right choice...

Pros: Long lasting
Cons: None to me

01st June, 2013
Getting to be hard to find in the US (limited edition, after all), but very nice. Seems to last longer on my clothes than on my skin. A non-linear experience that is very enjoyable -- starting off rather with a strong spice and then gradually drying down to what seems to be amber and vanilla mixed with some Eau d'PlayDoh. I have liked the smell of PlayDoh since childhood, and now this is the richer, more luxurious adult form. Bravo (or should it be Brava?) to Prada!
13th March, 2013
Well .. My first ever review! Eek I'm a BN virgin so be gentle! I don't promise to be able to pick out the notes of each fragrance, but as my scent draw will attest, I'm officially an addict!
This beautiful stuff is my everyday wear as of now. Never really liked mens Prada before this, too powdery for me, but one sniff of this, with its dark side and the patchouli ... Which it's seems is the base of almost all of my favourites, just lifts this into orbit.
Daytime,work,evening it can be worn anytime and the comments that I get from both men and women about it make me a walking Prada sales rep! Brilliant.
26th February, 2013
Tony T Show all reviews
United States
great incensy semi sweet edt. myrh and vanilla mix well with the vanilla not be cloyingly sweet. drydown is grea as the patchouli and amber give way to the myrhh. deep and rich with myrrh being the main player. great longevity and sillage!!
18th February, 2013
Smells really good, more like Amber Pour Homme Incense. Smells alot like Nag Champa. Which isn't bad, this is just a little pricey to smell like a head shop you might find Cheech & Chong in...
31st January, 2013
Very classy, mature fragrance that works best in a formal or intimate evening setting. It is semi-appropriately named because it does hint to original Amber briefly at the open but soon becomes a totally-different, richer and more masculine scent.

I use 2 sprays max and the warmer it is the lighter on the trigger I go with this EDP (ie. less is more)... Excellent quality and utterly beautiful but with limited versatility. Still worth owning for sure! (7.5/10)
27th January, 2013 (last edited: 09th March, 2013)
Marais Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Like a strong, welcoming hug from a long-absent friend, Prada Amber pour Homme Intense envelops you in a warm, manly embrace of myrrh, patchouli and vanilla and it just doesn't let go. Picture the youthful Archduke Rudolph; after an impromptu visit to the Budapest Prada boutique, he returns, tail a-wag, to Vienna and eagerly throws himself into the initially-hesitant arms of gruff old Uncle Ludo. The ice broken, a lively time ensues (musically, anyway). Rekindle your own (b)romance with the pouting Prada Amber pour Homme Intense.
18th January, 2013
Darker and heavier than Prada Amber, this intense version smells wonderful. It's a bit linear, with lots of patchouli and a bit resinous.
It's sweet in the right amount. Actually there's a bit more of amber added here, but still not an amber based scent.
Sillage, lasting power and projection are medium-high. Thumbs up!
30th December, 2012 (last edited: 02nd March, 2013)
Fish Show all reviews
United States
The least amount applied, the better the enjoyment of this frag. I overly applied this the first time I used it, perhaps 5 sprays and actually had to open windows, it was a powerhouse. I loved the dry down and wish I could have captured that to linger, which it did nicely for about an hour.

After the dry down the amber-vanilla set in which was the reason for the open windows. It's a nice amber and in smaller quantities will be a pleasure to wear. The vanilla sweetens it up and I suspect this would be the reason some have said it could be unisex. I might actually agree to that to some extent, it really depends on the woman.

The projection/silage is such that I would feel uncomfortable wearing this to work. Perhaps an evening dinner at a swank restaurant followed by classical music and dancing would be fitting. Longevity of this is 12+ hours for me and even in smaller quantities (2 to 3 sprays) this scent is going to last well past 6-8 hours.
19th October, 2012

Neroli, crisp citrus/bergamot, earthy-woody dominant patchouli and mysterious final soapy amber in a well orchestrated (cool-warm, moderately sweet) dark modern beauty. A surprise.
04th October, 2012
Kaern Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Dark, funereal and magnificently brooding. I love this baby.
03rd October, 2012
Prada Ambre Intense Pour Homme begins like a mist of citrus peel with florals thrown in the mix - the familiar crystalline feel of bergamot, and some tangering and orange. Non of which is strong enough, of course, to cover up the brownie, chocolatey, delicious earthiness that's lurking underneath.

First comes amber, with a load of benzoin; then the bergamot makes a second entrance, only to be pushed away by a clean, woody patchouli that almost smells like cedar. The amber and patchouli remain the main components for the next three hours, feeling a little too crystalline and transparent to my taste at first; but becoming more bold and dominant and deep, with only sandalwood occasionally making some white noise, and vanilla that is almost chocolatey and edible. Lastly, a familiar note of vetiver joins in and adds an extra layer of wood that is clean, elegant and delightful.

Prada Ambre Intense Pour Homme has a long and clumsy name, but it's well constructed, with a structure similar to the great Shalimars of the past, and could be easily worn by both men and women, as long as they go hiking with it.
14th September, 2012
I used to wear and enjoy the soapy ambery scent of original Prada Amber Pour Homme. To my surprise this one is nothing like the original. I mean you definitely can detect those soapy ambery notes here as well, but this one is geared toward a completely different direction. In fact here the scent is dominated by a combination of Patchouli and Myrrh. The soapy ambery base of original is present here to provide a gentle and clean foundation to the whole composition.

In the dry down I get a very nice scent with a classic touch. Given the strong presence of Patchouli and clean basenotes, the only scent comes to my mind is Givenchy Gentleman. Albeit Patchouli is supported by Citrus and Chypre notes there while here it is combined with Myrrh and soapy ambery basenotes.

I really liked the sleek and slim bottle of original with beautiful light blue juice inside. The change in color had negative aesthetic effect on the bottle IMO and this one looks more like a mechanical tool!

It has moderate longevity and projection. Overall: 8.5 out of 10.
24th July, 2012
My beautifully (£35) priced 100ml bottle arrived from a lovely eBay seller this morning and very excited I was too. I smelt this on a smelling strip whilst (supposedly) out sniffing for something for my husband. By the time I got home the strip smelt fantastic and did so for the next 7 days.....and it seemed to me to have very similar aspects to Coromandel, which I own and utterly adore. With a rapidly diminishing bottle I thought I may have found the ideal poor mans alternative, so this review is a comparative essay of sorts.

I've had a full days wear and can say the following: Concur with other comments, found the opening loud and extremely sweet, cloying and personally too vanillic...not bothered by initial loudness, Coromandel has a blast of an opening, but this I found overly sweet and quite sickly (although nonetheless rich and not synthetic) whereas Coromandel's sweetness is held in check by a fantastic strong, earthy, arching champhorous note and lifted by some magical effervescent powder effect. The Bergamot here seemed to jar with/sit on the sweetness rather than temper it.

The loudness and cloying sweetness settled after a while into a closer wearing choclately patchouli (can't comment on myrrhe as I don't know it as a note), still sweet but with a powdery, slightly soapy aspect and a little woodsy as time went on. The scent develops beautifully into a deep, dark, comfortable and delicious, natural smelling vanillic amber however all day I couldn't shake the underlying (bergamot?) soapy note. Unfortunately that note reminds me of a guy I once worked with who had the most unpleasant smell that was at once both soapy and foul, as if he had washed but had soap trapped in his...ahemm...personal areas where it was stuck and going rancid.

What I realise is that on my skin, despite the intense vanillic sweetness and deep delicious amber the soap note just made the thing too masculine for me to wear....and wearing it made me feel a bit ill. As such I am really looking forward to smelling this on my husband because it is a fantastic fragrance and I'll probably appreciate it much more on his his skin than on mine. This definitely feels like good quality natural materials. Longevity is excellent. I've had this on my arm for more than 12 hours, have washed my arm and it still smells very rich and good up close. Interestingly I did also wear Coromandel on my wrists this morning and now at midnight, in the far dry down, they smell almost identical.

In all a warm, sexy, close wearing fragrance and really excellent. For my own wearing I'd love to have the soap note replaced by something more citrus (if such a thing could possibly work) but a big thumbs up for this.

Edit: Yes, smells amazing on the husband.

09th June, 2012 (last edited: 17th July, 2012)
I really like Prada Amber Homme so I had to try this. It opens far too sweet for my taste, and initially has little to nothing to do with the original. Soon after the opening I detect an accord that reminds me of the saffron note in PAH, which is good. Gone, however, is the powdery-soapy-clean modern dandy texture. Intense is darker and thicker. Something about the use of myrrh in here reminds me at times, in order of the fragrance's progression, of
1. synthetic suede
2. spiky, 'grey amber' (as used in Xeryus Rouge)
3. cherry-syrup wood (M7-style Oud)

Prada Amber Homme Intense begins loud and a little cloying, but it's absolutely worth the wait, as it settles down into a semi-sweet, resinous wood reminiscent of many other well-done and simple things before it.
05th June, 2012
Prada Amber pour Homme Intense is a very well-balanced fragrance. It is not too sweet or powdery, unlike so many amber-based fragrances. It is not too heavy either although it may be a little to intense for summer use. On my skin, PAPHI smells the same from start to finish. Of course, it becomes slightly warmer, spicier and rounder in the dry-down but the myrrh and the amber always run the show, followed by discreet hints of patchouli and vanilla in the background. The top bergamot note vanishes almost instantly and it is not at all noticeable but I am sure it has a pepping-up effect on the whole composition. Prada Amber pour Homme Intense has to be one of the most interesting masculine fragrances I have tested in the past 5 years.
01st June, 2012
This is a great, distinctly masculine fragrance. It is different from most of the sweet. overly feminine, "Male" fragrances produced today. This scent is regal and warm. Women love it. This is quality juice. It is great for both office and evening wear. It is never over powering. A great parfume for daily wear. Give it a try.
03rd May, 2012 (last edited: 15th May, 2012)