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How cute!

Yes. Cute is the word. I had smelled lots of versions of La Petite Robe Noire before, but I never got to sniff the original EdP until a miniature was given to me as a part of my birthday present from the shop.
The opening is full nose sweet cherry candy and the almond quickly comes into play. I like it a lot. I want to eat my wrist. Then it goes very floral and bitter. You can’t decide what kind of flower you smell, but it’s there.

I’ll try to make it dryer with Black Perfecto like the sole assistant suggested.
22nd February, 2018
What the hell, Guerlain?

Like they literally want me to drink the Kool-Aid.

Still wear it out of a kind of sick fascination when I know I'll be showering soon.
21st May, 2016
This is irresistible and it's name fits to perfection. It embodies the concept of the little black dress: flattering and easy to wear, a safe choice for when you are clueless of what to put on, but yet chic and daring.

La Petite Robe Noire is a delicious combination of sweet, sweet berries, delicate florals, and a spicy final touch. At first, it's a big punch of berry-burst and almond notes, followed by the romantic notes of roses, to unfold over the base of licorice, smoky black tea and patchouli.

It's dark and enigmatic, sexy and inviting. If casual, it's a smart-casual. I bought it only a few days ago and already wore it for three different events, formal evening, cocktail and daytime casual, and felt comfortable with the scent for it suited perfectly.

This one is pretty unique both in my wardrobe and within people around Buenos Aires. Guerlain is not much known and has not the same status it does elsewhere, so besides the fact that I adore the scent, I bought it for that uniqueness I wrote above. Plus, the bottle is gorgeous.
13th April, 2016
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What a lovely combination!sour cherry,red berries, licorice,anise and vanilla,all and all speaks of a delicious,sweet and mischievous fragrance that smells like one of those delicious fruity lolipops we consumed as is not too cloying or heavy as some Oriental-Vanilla can be. Joyful,Modern, Enjoyable,Indulgent,Sweet,Charming,Yummy,Addictive and Downright pretty.

Introductory joyful and luscious notes of bergamot, coriander and sour cherry rest over a charming heart of rose,licorice and tea,blended with warm patchouli, anis,tonka bean and vanilla provide a sweet and sensual base that serve to mollify it enough to allow men to flirt with you shamelessly.the bottle is as adorable as the scent.

LA PETITE ROBE NOIRE is a brilliant flirtatious charm, this head-turning perfume can be dressed up or down for evening,dancing and dining wear.when you go on a date were it,it will surely get his attention. perfect for a cute young lady in the Autumn/Winter.if you like LOLIT LEMPICKA fragrances,this is the perfume for you.a irresistible scent for men.


Longevity?Very Good on my skin.

13th June, 2015
A work friend is wearing this today... smells like Redskins.

Candy-like, very sweet and youthful but lacking character...
01st April, 2015
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United Kingdom
Review for the EDP version.

I have come to appreciate this for what it is - the perfume equivalent of exactly what it proclaims to be: a little black dress. Easy to wear, flattering to most (I have had a compliment when wearing it, and that NEVER happens) and the perfect thing to throw on when you're pushed for time and want something you know you won't regret later.

On my skin the predominant notes are black cherry, almond and vanilla, in good balance. Unlike many similar fragrances, the cherry doesn't fade completely after half an hour, leaving only a sweet gourmand base. In the case of LPRN it remains in the foreground adding lift to the composition, which never becomes cloying. And longevity is excellent - it remains a comforting, if quiet, presence throughout the day. Does it ask the questions and have the gravitas of the classic Guerlains? No, but that's not the point - it's just a well-crafted, well-balanced everyday perfume for a decent price, and sometimes that's what you want.
05th January, 2015
Guerlain - La Petite Robe Noire
An embarrassing, far below average perfume from Guerlain of which I’m not sure of for whom it was made in mind - or why in the first place. I just cannot picture this being worn by a human being - more like a flavoring dress-up for tea or candies... Its a too crude, harsh, loud, overdone and overly too sweet perfume that smells awfully much like all the candies in the world stuffed in a very warm candy-store, creamy sugar-coated bitter almonds in liquid form, overripe black-cherries and/or like getting woke up early in the morning with a cotton-candy pushed into your face. It tries to imitate LL and Angel at the same time and fails by doing so; it tries to be trendy and hip, but in the end screams like a spoiled little kid that wants more candy but doesn’t get anymore. How can this wear the Guerlain-label?
28th May, 2014 (last edited: 08th June, 2014)
For fans of black cherry

Every young woman could do with a little black dress in her wardrobe. It can be chic, it can be sexy, it's versatile. But a bittersweet-fruity licorice candy scent? I'm not so sure. I do not know how it compares to the original limited edition but the scent itself is not bad; it has this attractively constructed black cherry accord that I find alluring.

Pros: Young & playful vibe
Cons: Of limited appeal"

03rd October, 2013
This smells like cherry cola and reminds me of Tommy Girl, but made with Guerlain-quality ingredients. If you are a fan of the classic Guerlains, this is likely to disappoint. It would work as an introduction to fine fragrance, perhaps for a teenager.
19th January, 2013
I had gone to buy Samsara a few weeks back and the counter girl gave me a complimentary sample of La Petite Robe Noire. Trust me, everytime i have put this one on, as I keep it in my wallet, I have got loads of compliments for this. It just smells gorgeous! It stays longer and smells just great on me. Samsara on the other hand just seems to disappear after few minutes!! :(
14th January, 2013
Wow, what a repellant perfume. Like a cherry/licorice assault that wants my nose to die. This perfume is a pink sparkly mean-spirited thug. YUCK.
03rd January, 2013
Initially I was very disappointed as felt this perfume had no body and faded quickly on me.

However I persevered and kept trying it at different times of the day etc,because it has a lot of my favourite notes in it.

The turning point came came when my 28yr Son and fellow fragrance addict asked what I was wearing and said I smelt gorgeous......praise indeed as he is also my biggest critic and tells it as it is.

Just goes to show how the ph value differs in everyones skin and how this can affect smell. One mans poison etc....

Now my second every day perfume after My Insolence.
23rd December, 2012
I'm sorry but the Guerlinade is a far memory and i agree with rttoronto. Really an unpleasant fruity syrup not particularly dense but unbalanced, synthetical and overshadowed by a strong licorice/berries/patchouli kind of boozy-candied dominant chord. The latter is too much syrupy (in a fruity/chemical sweet way) to permit a refined floral vibe turning out with grace and subtle complexity. I detect the anisy/almondy touch in the final part of the olfactory development while the rosey character is overcasted and altered by a bombastic fruity (cherry/blackberry) patchouli. Nothing able to keep my interest.
27th October, 2012
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A less interesting, less complex Lolita Lempicka (of which I also am not a fan). It's softer and less headache inducing than Lolita, but it lacks the stuff that would make me reconsider my dislike of it (the interesting smokey chocolate note that makes me keep sniffing my arm in wonder, hoping I'll give it another chance but just can't stomach the strength of it). La Petite Robe Noire has that same sickeningly saccharine powder-cherry that gets on my nerves, and that's about it. There's nothing "noire" about this fragrance, and on my 33 year old self, it screams, "I don't wanna grow up...I want a cherry pixie stick...waaaah!" How is this a Guerlain?? I'll stick with Shalimar and Jicky, thank you.
31st August, 2012
When passing by our local department store in Galway, I noticed ads for La Petite Robe NOire and could not believe my luck. Quicker than Usain Bolt, I whizzed up the kids to the nearest sales assistant and asked firmly but excitedly: "Where is you new Guerlain counter?". The reply was: "We don't have one just that perfume over there..." So I crouched down and sprayed some of LPRN on myself and on the girls. One can never start too early...I should have seen it coming... I should have known... When you start producing pink Shalimar, it's the beginning of the end. As they say here, my heart was in my mouth. I could have cried. What is this cherry jam doing here? Cherry and some sort of liquoricy smell to add insult to injury.Why call it a little black dress when it's cherry pie? Unfortunately, I never thought I 'd have to use the dreaded word...Of course, it's COMMERCIAL!!! Forget being inspired, forget doing something different and adventurous. Just put syrup in a pretty bottle with a pretty name and forget about the rest. It will sell for a few months maybe a year. Put another one out on the market as soon as sales dip a bit and call it Frilly Knickers or Cashmere Jumper and I bet you it will sell. Well, my heart is broken truly and surely.
23rd August, 2012
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Russian Federation
Well, Guerlain achieved to make female universe and the search for the perfect little black dress even more complicated than it used to be by the re-edition of its "Petite Robe Noire"... I wouldn't pick this one for a cocktail, unless I expect people to believe forgot to shower and went straight to throw headfirst into the bowl of fruit and candy.
17th July, 2012
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United Kingdom
After the initial cherry blast, this is a dark, grown-up fragrance. Its tone reminds me of SL's Rose de Nuit although it smells nothing alike. I can also smell proper old Shalimar in here - the smoky, leathery, birch tar base, mmm... I guess this is the smoked tea. Also my beloved L'Heure Bleue... the almond, the aniseed. This is proper Guerlain stuff! I feel with this one they have finally successfully found the middle ground between the die-hard lovers of classics and potential new customers looking for something original with a contemporary feel. There's also a low electric hum which makes the scent feel alive... it must be some sort of aldehyde. I have smelled it somewhere before but cannot place it... (is it the so-called hairspray accord from Insolence which I actually loved and found so inventive? - the EDP being a more boring version of linear violet IMO)... but outside of perfumery it is the air before a thunderstorm, or a rock concert if you have been up close to all of the buzzing electrics on the stage. The rose heart is beautiful and luminous. When I first tested this I smelled it side by side with Rose Barbare to assess the rose, and I honestly preferred this. Overall it is not a loud fragrance (aside from the opening blast). It feels sultry and designed to draw people closer. Also, in my opinion a vast improvement on the original which I found to be too sweet and too dated (already, a la Angel). Slightly weird to launch in the spring/summer as it feels more of an autumn fragrance to me, but I'm wearing it anyway... it's impossible for me to resist!
28th June, 2012