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Neutral Reviews of Light Blue pour Homme Living Stromboli by Dolce & Gabbana

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Rather attractive opening accord – a sharp, sweet, aquatic, plus a direct lychee note provide for a likable simplicity. I don’t get musk, per se, but there is something sweet augmenting the lychee’s sweetness. The movement to the “floral” middle makes for a bit lowering of the timbre of the opening… the scent has come to operate at a lower sharpness level. I’m not sure I can identify either the iris or the Osmanthus, and the deeper timbre doesn’t do much to lessen the aquatic character of the scent, which by now are getting a bit annoying because the aquatics are even more synthetic that most aquatic notes. The base lowers the vibrations of the fragrance even more, and to the point where I feel the scent has finally settled into a comfortable feeling… the aquatic has finally given up, much to my relief. Light Blue Living Stromboli is pretty much an average aquatic. I don't have very high expectations for aquatics, so I'm going neutral on this one.
28th August, 2015
You've smelled this before

I tested Living Stromboli today while I await Light Blue in the mail.

LB:LS is the epitome of aquatics, a scent you've smelled a dozen times before. It's Aquatic (TM).

That said, as a floral aquatic it's good at what it does: project a nice clean smell.

It's been discontinued, and there is no reason to pay a premium.

I'm intrigued to know what's awaiting me in the mail.

Pros: Smells nice
Cons: Smells like most aquatics, especially Aqua di Gio</p>
30th June, 2013 (last edited: 26th February, 2014)
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United Kingdom
So far it's just 'meh'.....yawn although it is an improvement on the horrifically sharp synthetic original!
04th July, 2012
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United Kingdom
Not a bad top note with the mild sweetness of the lychee being tampered by some citrus-aqua freshness that dries down nicely into a floral and artifical amber base. The scent is clearly very synthetic but pleasant and refreshing, albeit safe, nondescript and a bit boring. After thirty minutes it becomes very close to my skin, where it remains for another couple of hours.
01st July, 2012
Very cold aqua scent that reminds me of the 80's.

It has a good longevity but to me it lacks a bit in complexion.
19th June, 2012