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Neutral Reviews of Chambre Noire by Olfactive Studio

An interesting, solid scent, nothing too special.

Opens with a slightly odd watery leathery note, soon joined by a dry slightly musty sandalwood accord. I’m not too taken with the top of CN, however at drydown it develops a warming incense (with a slightly ambery direction) that is quite comforting, while the subtle patchouli forms a veil over the whole, softening and filling voids.

There’s an interesting play off between comforting notes contrasted with a slightly murky almost damp presence. It’s not noir, it’s washed out grey greens with earth tones permeating. It’s definitely nice, but it doesn't sing to me. There's something about the damp aspect that doesn't agree with my sensibilities. Solid but doesn't stand out.

Pros: Comforting, interesting.
Cons: Odd watery accord"

14th October, 2013
Chambre Noir is a well done woody/oriental fragrance that smells exactly halfway between Egoiste and Bois Des Iles (current formulation) with the addition of a tad of incense and, maybe, some leather. Good and satisfying with a slightly dark twist but I honestly don't see enough reasons to choose it over the two aforementioned masteripeces.
29th March, 2012