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Neutral Reviews of Oud Stars : Gao by Xerjoff

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To me it smells like deep dark woods like Mahogany. It also has that medicinal hospital disinfectant smell you always get when you are in hospital mixed with the mahogany wood. As time passes the wood aspect starts to fade and you begin to smell incense resin.

I have to say imo this fragrance would not appeal to the mainstream but moore to the Oud connoisseur as it does not smell good in the conventional sense.

What surprised me though is it does in fact strongly resemble a Burmese Oud oil called Kyra Koutan which I actually have a sample of. I could not resist doing a side by side comparison and they are quite similiar. Both have the dark woods and that hospital medicinal disinfectant smell. Except the real Oud was deeper and did not dry down to that incense resin accord.

I would say if you are into your Creeds, D&G and Hermes frags then stay away from But if you are serious about Oud then this is worth checking out as it actually does smell like real Oud oil which surprised me.
31st May, 2012