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Eau Sauvage is one of my all time favorite fragrances, but I had avoided sampling the EDP for reasons I really can't explain, but mostly because I didn't want to replace the original if I happened to really like it.

The two fragrances share a name, but really are quite different scents. The EDP is centered on the myrrh note, which is quite pleasant if not slightly subdued. I didn't get the performance I was expecting in terms of silage and longevity, and it seems fairly soft as well. The vetiver base is reminiscent of the EDT version, but not until very late in the dry down stage.

Nice scent, but only a neutral and a pass on it from me.
01st October, 2015
Accidentally bought this meaning to get classic Eau Sauvage, but clicked the wrong button. Tried it anyway, at height of summer. Big mistake. Huge. That first impression was that it was smothering and opaque, too strong, too sweet.

Tried it again now that the weather's cold, and love it. Will be wearing it a lot this winter. I'm no expert, but see this as a stripped-down classic chypre, with the progression of bitter herbal/citrus, sweet resinous, deep earthiness.

In the heat this is a getitoffgetitoffgetitoff crawl-out-of-my-skin scrubber, but in winter, an entirely different beast.

01st August, 2015
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United States
Whoa, this is a STRONG one!lol I don't think this is really anything special. Don't get me wrong, it's certainly not a bad scent by any stretch of the imagination. It smells good and is a most definitely a quality frag....but to my nose it's mostly a linear sweet myrrh scent and not much more. Hardly the masterpiece some make it out to be IMHO. Longevity and projection as immense!
28th July, 2015
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Eau Savage Parfum is a marvel because it is simple, yet complex. I don't know if those are all the notes listed above, but if they are, then Francois Demachy has magic up his sleeve.

Very masculine and self-assured. Like a man who is successful, but doesn't boast about it. It's probably what the soap smells like in the wash-rooms of a Fortune 500 company.

That citrus bergamot in the top is enough draw you into the rich, deep aromas lurking underneath, the herbals and spices and the aromatic woodiness. It's quite gourmand as it dries down, even though the bergamot remains in the mix.

There are people who clearly think this is not a patch on the 1966 classic, but it shouldn't have to be a competition; when you have two good things there is room for both, it's a great scent.
20th June, 2015

It is always nice to have an DIOR name in your collection.A perpetual classic. ESP is one of those perfume that never goes out of style.All gentleman should try and use this EDP because ESP is in the true sense of the word a gentleman's perfume. Classy,Chic, Elegant,Vibrant,Sophisticated,Amazing, Mesterpiece and Gentlemanlike.

Great opening and great ending this is a superb trait between more DIOR fragrances just like this one.At the beginning It smells predominate of the Citrus notes.myrrh in the middle and vetiver in the base notes making you feel like caught in an exotic grove where all sorts of fragrant herbs grow.
Excellent aroma that can be used during the day as well as at night.The dry down is fantastic indeed.

ESP is a very earthy and sensuous fragrance.this one is not for the average fragrance guy who wears popular fragrances.It is a more developed taste.In my opinion It's has a very subtle smell and masculine in nature.very french in style.suitable for business meetings and anywhere you want to assert yourself.A wonderful signature fragrance for a rich tycoon and one of my 5 favorites at the moment. Thank you CD!


Longevity?10 hours on my skin.

22nd April, 2015
Actually there is eau savage hidden in this. Whoever has a familiarity with the latter's accord can't miss it. In fact this is a rich citrus with an underlying myrrh that is somehow sweet and balsamic. I notice jasmine in this composition also. The vetiver is present mostly in the dry down and leaves the final trail. Very long lasting and with power silage.
20th February, 2015
I got this in today and after spending some hours with it I'm loving it. I can see why it's considered a fall/winter cold weather fragrance as it could be suffocating in the heat.

The bergamot and myrrh opening is creamy and enticing, like an earl grey tea with a splash of heavy cream, it evokes a well dressed, serious guy and I'll probably find the occasion to wear this a few times per year. As it dries down, the vetiver makes an appearance. As it's subtle smokiness combines with the myrrh, it brings a 'smokey incense-y' vibe to it that's very masculine and comforting (being a recovering Catholic). The bergamot sticks around throughout and the combination really does equal more than the sum of its parts. I imagine a man in an overcoat, drinking a cup of earl grey in a park adjacent to a cathedral on an overcast sunday morning after mass has ended, wafts of fugitive incense billowing their way through the park.
18th February, 2015
Powerful, metallic bergamot resting on a sticky syrupy myrrh. Normally a fan of bergamot and of myrrh, I didn't care for either note, separately or as combined, in ES Parfum.

Wore it twice and scrubbed it twice. On neither occasion did I make it far enough into the wearing to experience the vetiver-myrrh dry down, about which I was curious. Oh well. Life is too short.

Verdict: Not your father's Eau Sauvage. PASS.
22nd January, 2015
Simple notes, great scent! Sweet and light citrus with a mild vetiver. The myrrh is a perfect note to add in this gem. I will be purchasing a bottle of this before the warmer weather gets here. 8/10
12th December, 2014
I'm not into incense but this one is good. It's Eau Savage smoothness keeping the incense from being too much. It lasts longer than the regular Eau Sauvage. If you like incense it's a no-brainer.
08th December, 2014
Another marvelous fragrance from Dior.
I think it's important to keep in mind that is not an 'intense' version of the traditional Eau Sauvage. This one is pretty much different and, imo, the main difference here is the masterfully simplicity of combining three wonderful masculine notes (bergamot, myrrh and vetiver). The result: a balsamic, exotic, sweet-citrusy masterpiece and, in my opinion, the reason of the success of this release.

More oriental and a little bit darker than its Extreme predecesor, with a wonderful myrrh note, very well combined in the whole of the composition, surrounded by a zesty citrus top and an earthy vetiver base. It lasts 6-10 hrs on skin, with a noticeable presence in the first 2 hrs, a versatile and compelling creation. My personal rank 9/10.
06th November, 2014
Wow! What a great fragrance...

Eau Sauvage Parfum is a deliciously smooth accord of sweet myrrh and citric bergamot that is at once fresh, airy, creamy, soapy, and powdery. It's all of these adjectives, yet never too much of any one. Within the myrrh and bergamot there's a hint of vanilla, a cream soda-like aroma that emanates from the heart. It's grounded in vetiver, which gives it a solid base, but the vetiver is carefully restrained, a middle-of-the-road earthy wood that is neither too dark and dirty or too grassy and bright. It compliments the myrrh and allows it to shine as the star of the show. The myrrh is beyond reproach.

Stylistically, I'm too comfortable smelling this to consider it a formal fragrance, and at the same time it's so nice, I don't want to label it "casual" either. You could easily dress it up in a suit and tie, but I'd be hesitant to dress it down beyond a sweater and a good pair of jeans. Age wise, I imagine it will work best on a mature 25 and up, but don't let that limit you--it's just a reference. Projection is excellent and longevity is very good. Be careful not to go too heavy on the trigger.

Once again Dior has created something that's unique, a little unusual, and smells fantastic. The bottle looks great as well.
11th October, 2014
Very, very good stuff here. I cannot believe so few notes can create a fragrance that is so complex! It has a fresh citrus opening that does smell like an amped-up Eau Sauvage. That may actually be my favorite part of the fragrance, but the dry down is as good as advertised: sweet, spicy myrrh with a proper, sharp vetiver. It smells fantastic from start to finish. Go easy on the sprays (ONE - maybe two if it is cooler out), and it is perfectly suitable for office wear. It really shines at nighttime and when it is cooler out. I own or have owned many of the well-recognized "compliment magnet" fragrances - YSL L'Homme, La Nuit de L'Homme, Bleu de Chanel, etc. People compliment me more on this fragrance than anything else. Maybe it just suits me, or maybe it is just that damn good.

This stuff lasts longer than anything I have ever tried - spray it on at 7am, and it is still going strong at 11pm. The potency of this fragrance is to be respected, both from an appreciative point of view and a cautionary one. When I first got it, which was in July, I wore two sprays to work in the morning and had no problems - loads of compliments, and smelled great all day. I was going out to dinner with friends afterwards around 7pm, and stopped at home to "refresh" myself with a spray of this awesome new fragrance I had purchased, and put on two sprays. BIG MISTAKE. The entire drive over to the restaurant (~30 minutes) my eyes were stinging, like I had sprayed it directly on my face rather than on the sides of my neck. I don't know if I was choking out everyone around me at dinner (maybe my friends were just polite), but I was definitely choking myself out for a good couple of hours.

This stuff reminds me of an intoxicant - use it responsibly and you will have a great time. Overindulge, and you will pay for it.
04th October, 2014
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I have read that people think this is a pure perfume or an extrait... Well, to me it's simple EDP concentration.

It has very little in common with original Eau Sauvage EDT and absolutely nothing in common with Eau Sauvage Extreme (the new one, Intense. It sounds terrible, lol).

The opening is a wonderful burst of citruses. They're very juicy. It lasts about 5 minutes or so and morphs into an oriental bomb made of myrrh, vanilla and maybe some other oriental spices. I agree that the myrrh is an absolute star here. This fragrance is very smoky. Later on it gets more and more balmier with appearance of vetiver. Fragrance from now on smells like myrrh on the woody base.

Logevity is around 15 hours, sillage is great. It was my blind buy and I can tell you - one of my best blind buys ever.
29th September, 2014
I don't know….I tried this 5 times, and each time it morphed in very short order into the current formulation of Chanel Pour Homme. It's as if the two were the same thing. I don't get it. This is a perfectly competent, quasi-sophisticated man's fragrance, but it isn't compelling, and because to me it is so derivative of the Chanel (or is it the other way around? Well, since I already own the Chanel the chronology for me is Chanel was first and the Dior is derivative), I don't find this a "must have". I can see this as a dressed up, smart man's fragrance, but so is the Chanel. My advise? It wouldn't hurt you to buy the first of these you come across and pass on the other.
15th September, 2014
A dominating Myrrh fragrance from the start to the middle , very power full and some how different from the available lot...I really like the the opening but I love the dry down which very very musky and smoky to me....stunning fragrance with very good silage and longevity. Thumz up.
20th May, 2014
Wow Myrrh, who would have known. This is my first myrrh based cologne, and I love it. The myrrh combines with the vetiver giving it a very sophisticated aura. I believe it could be for evening wear. Only a few sprays though it can be a bit strong.
24th April, 2014
There are aspects of Eau Sauvage Parfum that I completely love (e.g. the incredibly good quality vetiver and the sparkling aspects during the opening) but, unfortunately, there are also several facets that I find thoroughly unpleasant. It basically shares the same marzipan quality already found in Dior's Eau Noire which, although I'm generally a big fan of immortelle, it's probably one of the very few helichrysum-centered fragrances I totally dislike. This facet is way toned down in Eau Sauvage Parfum but it is somehow still pretty remarkable together with some extra sweetness provided by the myrrh. All in all not a completely bad fragrance but way too far from matching my taste.


31st March, 2014
Lemony resinous smooth vetiver and sweet spices with dignity orchestrated in order to control the final "softness" and to preserve a certain level of hesperidic/spicy articulation (especially if you inhale the aroma at distance otherwise it risks to appear steady and pungent , probably too much intensely balmy/lemony). In the initial stage the bergamot is almost luxurious but just for a couple of minutes before the aroma starts morphing in to a flat hesperidic strongly resinous final ointment. The standout note of myrrh is indeed powerful since the beginning, "enveloping" any trace of classic/traditional subtle (herbal/citrusy) freshness (proper of the original historical version). The aroma is anyway elegant and subtle, never cloying or overly dense or spicy along the dry down. In the final phase the myrrh is indeed more restrained and controlled . I don't catch olfactory originality or special craftsmanship but neither see particular reasons to complain about the structure or the aroma "in se". The evolution is not for sure articulated or particularly laborious and in substance the fragrance embodies by soon (not more than twenty minutes over the fist spray) its final attitude. The dry down (which anyway I moderately like) is a more subtle resinous vetiver with sweet spices (cinnamon I suppose) and a lemon orange feel (hints of neroli?). Really long lasting and with a good projection.
29th March, 2014 (last edited: 07th January, 2015)
I've decided to write a review about this one later but I couldn't resist anymore!
This is one of the best releases in designer fragrances in years.
A masterpiece that the words are not enough to describe this beauty.
There are only three notes in this fragrance and I'm going to throw vanilla in it too which makes it four and all these four notes have stunning quality and masterfully blended together.
The opening is a great combination of all four notes but bergamot is prominent in the opening.
It's tart, fresh and bitter citrusy, but oily, resinous and dirty because of myrrh and also a little smoky and rooty because of vetiver.
There is a little sweet vanilla here too to wrap it up and give the scent more depth.
In the mid the citrusy bergamot note settles down and I can smell more myrrh and vetiver.
It's smoky, dirty, earthy and dark but a little fresh, sweet and sexy at the same time.
The vanilla note here smell like vanilla ice cream and give the scent a very sensual aroma.
The base is very close to the mid as far as the smell but it's a little more vanilla ice cream like sweet and a little less smoky.
Projection is awesome and longevity can easily pass 12 hours.
Some people say that this fragrance smell very mature and kind of dated but I don't agree with them at all.
This is not a casual fragrance for teenagers indeed, but if someone around 25 and up wants to smell like a real gentleman this is one of the best.
06th March, 2014
If the original ES was the rugged, rocky, snow-capped peaks of the Dolomites, the Parfum is the soft, green, nurtured hills of the Piedmonte. It’s a pity. I feel as if the Parfum misses the point of the original.

Vanilla is more pronounced than myrrh.

I’m a little tired of vanilla recently, as my wife seems to be alternating between Dior Addict and Joop le Bain, while I do my best to feign appreciation. So the vanilla here is not good news to me. It’s also a particularly flat vanilla: not the pod, with its velour; not the empty bourbon cask, with its lugubrious oak. Rather, Mr Softee ice cream, melting in rivulets down the side of a cheap wafer cone.

The myrrh, when revealed, is not the dirty, smoky, soapy myrrh of the censer or the souk. It is simply heavy, like ballast cargo in a tea clipper. It does its job unobtrusively and reliably, with aplomb, without ornament. Vinnie Burke’s double bass behind Tal Farlow and Eddie Costa.

There is, eventually, an agreeable waft of a mineral, chalky, slate texture.

The citrus is somehow less Hesperidic and more confite. Lemon curd and unsalted butter, spread on freshly baked and broken petit pain.

Nice for breakfast, but not the holy water with which to anoint the hero.
07th February, 2014
Given its ingredients – bergamot, myrrh, vetiver; and given the “Eau Sauvage” name, it would be almost impossible for me not to love this one. I totally enjoy bergamot… I’m addicted to the myrrh scents I own. As for the vetiver, I own about twelve bottles of fragrances with “vetiver or vetyver” in the name.

Even though I long ago promised myself to never again buy blind, when it came to Eau Sauvage Parfum, I didn’t think twice when I saw the limited list of levels: bergamot, myrrh, vetiver. I blind ordered a 1.7 bottle, wore it once and immediately ordered a 3.4 bottle for backup. It’s by far the best blind buy I’ve made, and not only that, Christian Dior’s Eau Sauvage Parfum has reawakened my interest in pursuing current offerings from the top designers. I love this one.
31st January, 2014
Definitely a gentlemen's fragrance......this is gorgeousness (a word?) in a bottle. This does last all day at least 8 hours. I have not smelled the vintage creation, however, if it smells like this I simply bypassed a true gem!!!
22nd January, 2014
Epitomy of understated elegance.

Elegant, nonchalant, class. Nothing more.

11th September, 2013
A Wonderful Gentlemans Fragrance.

I never liked the original Eau Sauvage EDT but this modern interpretation on the original is different and very nice indeed. I get the bergamot at the start and the woody vetiver but the star of the show accord is the sweet myrrh at the heart of the scent. I know it's not in the official breakdown of notes but I swear I can smell neroli mixed in with the myrrh in this scent.

To sum up a classy gentleman's fragrance which would be perfect for the office.

05th August, 2013
I always prefer to buy EDP over EDT. When I tried Eau Sauvage EDT, I got excited to try the parfum thinking that it's just like the EDT but with better concentration and longevity. Unfortunately, this smelled very much like root beer on my skin. Enough said!
08th April, 2013
More than the sum of its parts in that the fragrance plays off the sharp citrus note being rounded off by the resinous and raw nature of the myrrh. Expertly crafted, versitile and a masterpiece. One of the few EDP concentrations that is suited to a warm/hot climate, though it will fill its purpose anywhere any time. Class in bottle. Get it on your try/buy list.
25th March, 2013
Remembering the original classic, I wasn't prepared for the warmth in this 2012 incarnation. But thankfully this phase is short-lived, the ambery/vanillic aspect mitigated by the resinous quality of the myrrh. I particularly enjoy sniffing out the lightly earthy vetiver which in this instance is excellently blended. A tinge of spice over the barest hint of leather is a leaf taken from the original playbook but the vibe is decidedly more urbane than traditionalist/conservative.

Overall a suitably classy wardrobe option for the man whose wild and partying days are well and truly behind.
09th March, 2013
Sweet myrrh and lemons, Eau Sauvage Parfum is another masterpiece by Dior. It's a linear scent that envolves you for a long time. Vetiver is really present, but not green and bright like in many fragrances. It's resinous but a little sweet at the same time. Big thumbs up!
02nd March, 2013
Eau Sauvage parfum is disappointing largely because it's structure tells you what it could have been with more money. It's basically a cologne (genre, not concentration) with a touch of chypric backbone; the problem, though, is that this chypre structure feels exceedingly cheap, from the flimsy amber to the plasticky vetiver as seen in Grey Vetiver. ES's only saving grace, it turns out, is a good top chord of anisic bergamot which, as so often happens, indicates that all the cash went into the first ten minutes. Too bad.
24th February, 2013