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Modern mature masculine.
04th February, 2018
The moment I smelled
The encrypted machismo
I bought their mistake.
14th December, 2017
I love the 2012 version of Eau Sauvage. The Myrrh and Vetiver bind to create one of the premier scents in fragrances history. It is a travesty that Dior has chosen to discontinue this classic. If CD preferred an EDP that more closely resembled the vintage EDT they should have maintained the existing 2012 version as a woody flanker and simply added the new formula. This is a true loss to the fragrance community.
16th October, 2017
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I call it "the scent of angels".
One of the best scent in the history of perfumery, if not the best. Masterpiece!
02nd October, 2017
I bought this blindly expecting it to be a more long lasting juice of the original.
Well it isn't anything like the original in any way.
The original screams of citrus and is very loud..where as this is much quieter...much more smooth and for me no citrus at all.
It is a completely different scent from the original....but actually in a very good way.
Its uber smooth and sofisticated with the bergamot and myrrh beautifully entwined.
The vetiver is a very subtle hint at the base.
It doesn't scream of high projection...but it really doesn't need to as its far too sophisticated.
Longivity is very good and will take it upto 12+ hours and beyond.
A lovely scent if you prefer the more subtle of frags with sophistication.
25th August, 2017
After some poking around downtown Toronto, I found a 2017 edit of Eau Sauvage Parfum. A first reaction on the mouillette was "weird and disappointing." I hadn't known what to expect, but I hadn't expected a blast of very nearly lemony cedrat. Blech! Also, WTF? But I persisted, sharing all of the above with the sales associate as I spritzed some on my wrist, then waving my arm around for emphasis.
As we chatted, something marvellous happened; one of those rare moments as a perfumista/fragrance bro/insane collector. As soon as that first massive waft of citrus passed the scent transformed into... a parfum concentration of classic Eau Sauvage, i.e. nothing like the 2012 edition but very much like the original and, unlike the 2012, precisely what it says on the bottle. In some respects, more like the original Eau Sauvage than the current anaemic reformulation.
This with two important differences. First, Francois Demachy has dialled down the petitgrain of the original, so much so it manages to feel like a parfum concentration of the original without merely being a parfum concentration of the original (for this, see Eau Sauvage Extreme, essential to my collection but essentially unwearable, at least on my skin).
Which brings me to the second difference and this... this is where the magic happens. Several minutes in - I will pay more attention to precisely how many minutes on a second wearing - there is another shift. First, the blast of bergamot and cedrat, then the parfum concentration Eau Sauvage, and then, once again myrrh, myrrh, myrrh!
Somehow Demachy has created something respectful not only of Eau Sauvage but also respectful of the first pass at Eau Sauvage Parfum. It was immediately obvious I was wearing something new, something much more wearable, but it took away nothing of the essential beauty of the 2012 formulation. If you don't have both editions handy, the best comparison I can make is between Guerlain's 2003 Habit Rouge EDP and the current Habit Rouge EDT. The EDP is a rich - dare I say, thicc? - oriental next to the dandy-ish, lighter (arguably deceptively so) EDT.
Here, Habit Rouge EDP stands for the 2012 Eau Sauvage Parfum while the 2017 is the less luxe but much more wearable Habit Rouge EDT. And here, just like the deceptively lighter EDT, this lighter edition of Eau Sauvage Parfum has LIFT. It was a bit of a risk wearing it after it's initial effect on paper so I was cautious with the atomizer. It might have been 'half a spray' (so to speak) but it is projecting like a beast and it.. is... gorgeous.
I say "is" because it is three hour's gone and the same modest spritz to the wrist has me sitting in a comfy cloud of myrrh, fit as a gift for the King of Kings. I have been saving a second spray - did I mention it was full-bottle worthy? - so as to write all of this as a true first impression.
Dior: I hereby forgive you for Sauvage. You are redeemed and I was wrong to doubt.
11th August, 2017
I believe I have the reformulated version of this. The batch code indicates it was produced in February of 2017. I tried the original formula and really loved it. So much so that I bought 200ml.

I got the first twang that I may have made a mistake when I noticed the color of the juice was much lighter than the bright green I remembered from the tester.

My nose isn't pro by any means but this stuff was nothing like I seemed to have been stripped of everything that made it interesting. The myrrh. The vetiver. The boldness and masculine quality of it.

It's now just citrus, citrus, citrus all the way through the drydown and I'm really disapointed.
03rd May, 2017
This is blended fantastically well and has wonderful performance..each stage evolves slowly over the course of the day ..the overall feel of this fragrance is like others have said, no nonsense straight to the point. It doesn't care who likes it and who doesn't but you will smell it. Very masculine scent with bergamot used in the opening and myrrh and vetiver used in the mid notes, in the final stages which remain potent I can detect an orange peel and slight vanilla that I also detect in dior homme parfum, very faint tho and signature demachy. Price point represents an absolute bargain for the quality and performance.
27th February, 2017 (last edited: 28th June, 2017)
This stuff is great! I never bothered to try the EDT because I assumed it was an old man scent judging by the packaging. I can certainly say that I'm glad I picked up a sample at Sephora. This smells a lot like Guerlain's Vetiver mixed with a little bit of Habit Rouge. The vetiver note is a dirty, earthy, rooty one and the citrus is somewhat faint, but pleasant. There is definitely a medium strength powder note in here, which isn't my favorite, but not a dealbreaker.

Mix Guerlain's Vetiver and Habit Rouge together and you'll know what Dior Eau Sauvage smells like.
22nd December, 2016
Smooth, satisfying rework of the EdT. Eau Sauvage has a classic nature that isn't loud nor cloying. It shimmers between the bergamot-myrrh-vetiver notes like a dignified dance between partners. It has a powdery quality that is spicy and staid at the same time. A go to scent for me.
08th December, 2016
Stardate: 20160908

A nice citrusy powder. I don't get much vetiver. I do get some vanilla.
I think this is a decent fragrance and maybe more wearable these days than EdT as it lacks that funkiness.
08th September, 2016
This is a shaky thumbs up. I honestly don't care for the opening of MYRRH, MYRRH, citrus and MYRRH but as it drys I would say it is very pleasant. Nice mix of the myrrh and vetiver at the end. Winter only scent for me. Enjoy.
13th July, 2016
A more robust, spicier version of the original, Christian Dior Eau Sauvage Parfum is typical of the "Parfum" flanker that is a greater concentration of the original. Unfortunately, the Parfum loses the freshness of the original but gains a strength that renders it more apt for wearing in cold weather. Perhaps the Parfum and the original EDT can be worn in cooler and warmer months, respectively.

As far as how it differs from the original scent-wise, in addition to being a little thicker and spicier, there's also a vague sort of anise-like sweetness that is a bit of turn off to my nose.

An interesting enhancement but nothing revolutionary, the Parfum should work wonders for fans of the original that were pining for a heavier performer, but it falls short of inspiring me. I'll adhere to the original, questionable performance and all.

7 out of 10
24th May, 2016
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Eau Sauvage Parfum was released at a time when people were shunning traditional citrus notes and moving toward the misguided trend of bergamot. I say misguided because the early bergamots were friendly, gentle affairs that appealed to the masses. Dior acknowledged that bergamot was the new king of top notes and delivered a rich, natural and high-quality interpretation, but one which has lost mass appeal. This bergamot is suffocating, dark grey like the liquid in the bottle, and no freshness in site. Surely there is also some petitgrain adding to the long lasting sourness of this fragrance.

This is no doubt a stablemate of the still excellent Eau Sauvage EDT, but they do not belong to the same situations. This is an attention-getting patriarchal and domineering fragrance. The wearer demands authority, not compliments.

After an hour it softens, like a nasty school headmaster who finally reveals a softer side. Now the impression of myrrh dominates, initially welcomed. But it's lack of development and its long duration will eventually tire the wearer.

I have worn this over a dozen times now and have concluded That it is a good example of why fragrances that are both simple and rich do not appeal in the long run.
23rd March, 2016
Beauty in simplicity.
I actually got the base and middle notes reversed, the myrrh stayed with me for a long time.

I love it, and unlike the classic older brother, NOT a summer scent.
24th February, 2016
A myrrh BOMB...and its my signature fragrance. The heaviness...the pure chic-ness...and the hyper-masulinity of its nature, is all in your face and unapoligetic. There is nothing about it, I do not like.
31st January, 2016
Tried at 2012 relaese from a tester bottle. It firsts disappoints as it is not an adequate ES flanker. I found it too sweet with a Vanilla overkill.
In 2014 tried again, the Vanilla had been toned down.My approach the second time my minds perspective had changed to accept.
Now find the Myrrh, Vetiver and Vanilla in
better balance. A joy to wear and quite distinctive.
29th December, 2015 (last edited: 09th January, 2017)
This one does not work for me, and I had to scrub it off. It's a dark, brooding synthetic, harsh and unforgiving.
29th December, 2015
The dated vibe that we get from Guerlain vetiver is accentuated here. Making it impossible for me to imagine myself wearing this. The bergamot hardly lasts a minute making way for a thick & cloying combination of myrrh, vetiver & "eucalyptus".

Got to admit that it is quality stuff. Perhaps the reason why so many people say it belongs to Dior Privee line. I don't belong to that Niche to appreciate this fragrance.

Got to try the 2017 version. May be I will like it!!??

Projection: 10/10
Longevity: 12+ hours


11th November, 2015 (last edited: 29th April, 2017)
Eau Sauvage is one of my all time favorite fragrances, but I had avoided sampling the EDP for reasons I really can't explain, but mostly because I didn't want to replace the original if I happened to really like it.

The two fragrances share a name, but really are quite different scents. The EDP is centered on the myrrh note, which is quite pleasant if not slightly subdued. I didn't get the performance I was expecting in terms of silage and longevity, and it seems fairly soft as well. The vetiver base is reminiscent of the EDT version, but not until very late in the dry down stage.

Nice scent, but only a neutral and a pass on it from me.
01st October, 2015
Accidentally bought this meaning to get classic Eau Sauvage, but clicked the wrong button. Tried it anyway, at height of summer. Big mistake. Huge. That first impression was that it was smothering and opaque, too strong, too sweet.

Tried it again now that the weather's cold, and love it. Will be wearing it a lot this winter. I'm no expert, but see this as a stripped-down classic chypre, with the progression of bitter herbal/citrus, sweet resinous, deep earthiness.

In the heat this is a getitoffgetitoffgetitoff crawl-out-of-my-skin scrubber, but in winter, an entirely different beast.

01st August, 2015
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United States
Whoa, this is a STRONG one!lol I don't think this is really anything special. Don't get me wrong, it's certainly not a bad scent by any stretch of the imagination. It smells good and is a most definitely a quality frag....but to my nose it's mostly a linear sweet myrrh scent and not much more. Hardly the masterpiece some make it out to be IMHO. Longevity and projection as immense!
28th July, 2015
Eau Savage Parfum is a marvel because it is simple, yet complex. I don't know if those are all the notes listed above, but if they are, then Francois Demachy has magic up his sleeve.

Very masculine and self-assured. Like a man who is successful, but doesn't boast about it. It's probably what the soap smells like in the wash-rooms of a Fortune 500 company.

That citrus bergamot in the top is enough draw you into the rich, deep aromas lurking underneath, the herbals and spices and the aromatic woodiness. It's quite gourmand as it dries down, even though the bergamot remains in the mix.

There are people who clearly think this is not a patch on the 1966 classic, but it shouldn't have to be a competition; when you have two good things there is room for both, it's a great scent.
20th June, 2015

It is always nice to have an DIOR name in your collection.A perpetual classic. ESP is one of those perfume that never goes out of style.All gentleman should try and use this EDP because ESP is in the true sense of the word a gentleman's perfume. Classy,Chic, Elegant,Vibrant,Sophisticated,Amazing, Mesterpiece and Gentlemanlike.

Great opening and great ending this is a superb trait between more DIOR fragrances just like this one.At the beginning It smells predominate of the Citrus notes.myrrh in the middle and vetiver in the base notes making you feel like caught in an exotic grove where all sorts of fragrant herbs grow.
Excellent aroma that can be used during the day as well as at night.The dry down is fantastic indeed.

ESP is a very earthy and sensuous fragrance.this one is not for the average fragrance guy who wears popular fragrances.It is a more developed taste.In my opinion It's has a very subtle smell and masculine in nature.very french in style.suitable for business meetings and anywhere you want to assert yourself.A wonderful signature fragrance for a rich tycoon and one of my 5 favorites at the moment. Thank you CD!


Longevity?10 hours on my skin.

22nd April, 2015
Actually there is eau savage hidden in this. Whoever has a familiarity with the latter's accord can't miss it. In fact this is a rich citrus with an underlying myrrh that is somehow sweet and balsamic. I notice jasmine in this composition also. The vetiver is present mostly in the dry down and leaves the final trail. Very long lasting and with power silage.
20th February, 2015
I got this in today and after spending some hours with it I'm loving it. I can see why it's considered a fall/winter cold weather fragrance as it could be suffocating in the heat.

The bergamot and myrrh opening is creamy and enticing, like an earl grey tea with a splash of heavy cream, it evokes a well dressed, serious guy and I'll probably find the occasion to wear this a few times per year. As it dries down, the vetiver makes an appearance. As it's subtle smokiness combines with the myrrh, it brings a 'smokey incense-y' vibe to it that's very masculine and comforting (being a recovering Catholic). The bergamot sticks around throughout and the combination really does equal more than the sum of its parts. I imagine a man in an overcoat, drinking a cup of earl grey in a park adjacent to a cathedral on an overcast sunday morning after mass has ended, wafts of fugitive incense billowing their way through the park.

10 month's later...

I just LOVE THIS JUICE! ..and it's amazing to me what this trio of notes combine to create in this fragrance.

The tone of ESP is overcast. That's what I get. It's a month of overcast sundays in a bottle. Yet it's not a clinical depression. It's a divine melancholia that possesses you for a time. It's a romanticized sadness, reflective and thoughtful. The kind of emotion which deepens us as people and increases our capacity for compassion and kindness. It's almost funereal and as much as I love this stuff, I think (if applied tastefully) its would be suitable for this purpose.

Notes I get besides the vetiver, myrrh and bergamot composition:

root beer (especially root beer float)
birch beer
18th February, 2015 (last edited: 17th December, 2015)
Powerful, metallic bergamot resting on a sticky syrupy myrrh. Normally a fan of bergamot and of myrrh, I didn't care for either note, separately or as combined, in ES Parfum.

Wore it twice and scrubbed it twice. On neither occasion did I make it far enough into the wearing to experience the vetiver-myrrh dry down, about which I was curious. Oh well. Life is too short.

Verdict: Not your father's Eau Sauvage. PASS.
22nd January, 2015
Simple notes, great scent! Sweet and light citrus with a mild vetiver. The myrrh is a perfect note to add in this gem. I will be purchasing a bottle of this before the warmer weather gets here. 8/10
12th December, 2014
I'm not into incense but this one is good. It's Eau Savage smoothness keeping the incense from being too much. It lasts longer than the regular Eau Sauvage. If you like incense it's a no-brainer.
08th December, 2014
Another marvelous fragrance from Dior.
I think it's important to keep in mind that is not an 'intense' version of the traditional Eau Sauvage. This one is pretty much different and, imo, the main difference here is the masterfully simplicity of combining three wonderful masculine notes (bergamot, myrrh and vetiver). The result: a balsamic, exotic, sweet-citrusy masterpiece and, in my opinion, the reason of the success of this release.

More oriental and a little bit darker than its Extreme predecesor, with a wonderful myrrh note, very well combined in the whole of the composition, surrounded by a zesty citrus top and an earthy vetiver base. It lasts 6-10 hrs on skin, with a noticeable presence in the first 2 hrs, a versatile and compelling creation. My personal rank 9/10.
06th November, 2014