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Negative Reviews of Eau Sauvage Parfum by Christian Dior

Powerful, metallic bergamot resting on a sticky syrupy myrrh. Normally a fan of bergamot and of myrrh, I didn't care for either note, separately or as combined, in ES Parfum.

Wore it twice and scrubbed it twice. On neither occasion did I make it far enough into the wearing to experience the vetiver-myrrh dry down, about which I was curious. Oh well. Life is too short.

Verdict: Not your father's Eau Sauvage. PASS.
22nd January, 2015
I always prefer to buy EDP over EDT. When I tried Eau Sauvage EDT, I got excited to try the parfum thinking that it's just like the EDT but with better concentration and longevity. Unfortunately, this smelled very much like root beer on my skin. Enough said!
08th April, 2013
Eau Sauvage parfum is disappointing largely because it's structure tells you what it could have been with more money. It's basically a cologne (genre, not concentration) with a touch of chypric backbone; the problem, though, is that this chypre structure feels exceedingly cheap, from the flimsy amber to the plasticky vetiver as seen in Grey Vetiver. ES's only saving grace, it turns out, is a good top chord of anisic bergamot which, as so often happens, indicates that all the cash went into the first ten minutes. Too bad.
24th February, 2013
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No. This won't do, won't do at all.
As others have noted, to call something xx Parfum should suggest a more intense or long-lived version of xx. This is different than a flanker, and goodness knows Eau Sauvage has icy and leather versions of flankers. But at least one suspects something rather different than the original.
Eau Sauvage Parfum is completely different from the classic and still delightful Eau Sauvage. Thus, this new name is misleading to the consumer.
This scent starts with a very aromatic citrus note -- to me it smells like a chemical version of lime. Very bold, synthetic, at times like a lime Lifesaver candy and at times like a citrus-scented cleaner.
The myrrh REALLY bulks things up in comparison with the original ES. This is a very dense and weighty scent. Here, the myrhh gives a sweet, perfumey and soapy character to the middle.
The vetiver is not well done, in my opinion. Sometimes it suggests almond paste (marzipan), other times root beer soda.
The scent becomes so sweet and balsamic that I eventually had to scrub it.
Eau Sauvage was one of my earliest scents, and I still love it. This is absolutely nothing like it, nor it is good in its own right.
08th September, 2012
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United States
Eau Sauvage Parfum opens with a blast of balmy green myrrh that is extremely potent and stays the star of the show throughout. This is not the typical myrrh you may be used to, but one that passingly resembles Tiger Balm. Vetiver plays a supporting role, but the myrrh really is all consuming and overshadows everything else. I do get just the slightest passing relation to the classic Eau Sauvage, but the parfum really is a very different scent with an entirely different vibe. The scent is extremely linear and I noticed no real change from start to finish. One spray of this bad boy and I seemingly was projecting for miles and the longevity was insane.

I really went into my sampling with the expectation of liking Eau Sauvage Parfum as I love the classic Eau Sauvage, but alas it was not meant to be. This one is just too in your face with the almost wintergreen-like balmy myrrh that wears you down over time until you can't take it anymore. The scent is obviously well-made and projects and lasts forever, but when the smell is this annoying I would rather it disappeared instantaneously. I will always have a place in my heart for the original, but Eau Sauvage Parfum will never reside in my wardrobe. It really is not terrible and I almost gave it a neutral rating, but the smell is really giving me a headache and I'll take that as a sign it should really get a thumbs down. 2 to 2.5 out of 5 stars.
03rd June, 2012