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    There are aspects of Eau Sauvage Parfum that I completely love (e.g. the incredibly good quality vetiver and the sparkling aspects during the opening) but, unfortunately, there are also several facets that I find thoroughly unpleasant. It basically shares the same marzipan quality already found in Dior's Eau Noire which, although I'm generally a big fan of immortelle, it's probably one of the very few helichrysum-centered fragrances I totally dislike. This facet is way toned down in Eau Sauvage Parfum but it is somehow still pretty remarkable together with some extra sweetness provided by the myrrh. All in all not a completely bad fragrance but way too far from matching my taste.


    31st March, 2014

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    Italy Italy

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    Lemony resinous smooth vetiver and sweet spices with dignity orchestrated in order to control the final "softness" and to preserve a certain level of hesperidic/spicy articulation (expecially if you inhale the aroma at distance otherwise it risks to appear steady and pungent , probably too much intensely balmy/lemony). In the initial stage the bergamot is almost luxurious but just for a couple of minutes before the aroma keeps morphing in to a flat hesperidic strongly resinous final ointment. The standout note of myrrh is indeed powerful since the beginning, "enveloping" any trace of classic/traditional subtle (herbal/citrusy) freshness (proper of the original historical version). The aroma is anyway elegant and subtle, never cloying or overly dense or spicy along the dry down. In the final phase the myrrh is indeed more restrained and controlled . I don't catch olfactory originality or special craftsmanship but neither see particular reasons to complain about the structure or the aroma "in se". The evolution is not for sure articulated or particularly laborious and in substance the fragrance embodies by soon (not more than twenty minutes over the fist spray) its final attitude. The dry down (which anyway I moderately like) is a more subtle resinous vetiver with sweet spices (cinnamon I suppose) and a lemon orange feel (hints of neroli?). Really long lasting and with a good projection.

    29 March, 2014

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    If the original ES was the rugged, rocky, snow-capped peaks of the Dolomites, the Parfum is the soft, green, nurtured hills of the Piedmonte. It’s a pity. I feel as if the Parfum misses the point of the original.

    Vanilla is more pronounced than myrrh.

    I’m a little tired of vanilla recently, as my wife seems to be alternating between Dior Addict and Joop le Bain, while I do my best to feign appreciation. So the vanilla here is not good news to me. It’s also a particularly flat vanilla: not the pod, with its velour; not the empty bourbon cask, with its lugubrious oak. Rather, Mr Softee ice cream, melting in rivulets down the side of a cheap wafer cone.

    The myrrh, when revealed, is not the dirty, smoky, soapy myrrh of the censer or the souk. It is simply heavy, like ballast cargo in a tea clipper. It does its job unobtrusively and reliably, with aplomb, without ornament. Vinnie Burke’s double bass behind Tal Farlow and Eddie Costa.

    There is, eventually, an agreeable waft of a mineral, chalky, slate texture.

    The citrus is somehow less Hesperidic and more confite. Lemon curd and unsalted butter, spread on freshly baked and broken petit pain.

    Nice for breakfast, but not the holy water with which to anoint the hero.

    07 February, 2014

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    If Eau Sauvage Parfum had been released without the original having existed, I probably would have welcomed it as being an item of retro chic. It is not an enhancement of the original in anyway, but it does share the same DNA. The opening is much more citrus-centric, and it is pleasing, evoking a certain antique vibe. There are no nuanced subtleties to enjoy, this is more a fragrance of three distinct phases. Citrus, woods, and then a decent vetiver finish. For me it doesn't quite work as a whole. It feels contrived and a little ordinary.

    Not only should you stick to the original issue of Eau Sauvage, go vintage too

    11th February, 2013

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    A bit heavy I like strong perfumes but this one is too heavy or perhaps too sweet!

    Let's start with the bergamot it smells like earl grey tea.

    The middle note myrrh smells more like strong vanilla.

    And the vetiver is maybe just a colorant to make the juice green.

    7/10 not a masterpiece but good EDP if you like sweet smells with no ''macho notes''.

    Perhaps it is better to use it on hot summer nights rather than on a daily basis.

    27 December, 2012

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    This new Eau Sauvage is not awful, but it's very disappointing. For about five minutes in the opening I can smell similarities to Eau Sauvage, but after that, it's an almost pure vetiver scent. And it's a pretty boring vetiver scent.

    I'm not one who bitches any time a flanker differs from the original fragrance. Flankers are a chance to expand on an original idea, as well as a chance for cashing in big time on the original's fame. But when a flanker is given the same name as the original scent, with only "Parfum" being the difference in the name, I expect the original scent, only much more concentrated. I don't think it's unreasonable for a customer to expect that. However, that is not what you get with Eau Sauvage Parfum.

    I can't imagine buying this. When I smell Eau Sauvage, I expect something bright and cheerful. With this Parfum, I get something bitter and sour. Not what I expect at all from an Eau Sauvage flanker.

    MY RATING: 5/10

    06 August, 2012

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    I don't have a professional nose. However, this smells like tiger balm with Burberry Brit. I smelled both the eau de toilette and parfum version. They smell nothing alike;the edt gives me a headache just like Guerlain Vetiver while this one does not.

    26 July, 2012

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