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Reviews of Airborne by Comme des Garçons

Airborne opens with a bitter, crunchy, herbal green accord surrounded by spices and lifted by crisp, zesty lime/citrus notes, slightly creamy on the base (sandalwood?) and overall showing the usual “synthetic” clean look of most of recent CdG’s. The juniper is quite loud and sharp initially, and so is the lentiscus note, which I must say it’s much compelling and realistic: it smells indeed of those Mediterranean bushes on the sea, with their aromatic, dry, somehow shady somehow fruity aroma. Once the head notes vanish the lentiscus note emerges even clearly, and still much realistic. Lentiscus is one the few materials I can say I know fairly well, because my family comes from the coast of West Sardinia on the Tyrrenian Sea, and we’re full of lentiscus there. And sniffing Airborne really feels like breathing that air – and it’s curious how it manages to smell clean, thin, sharp and “synthetically contemporary” as per CdG’s style signature, yet effortlessly natural, vibrant and realistic, with also a veil of melancholic “grayness”, arid and austere. The drydown is a bit disappointing though, as this “realistic” feel soon vanishes and a dry, synthetic woody note remains – quite sour and rubbery, frankly boring after a while. Nonetheless, a good scent!

16th December, 2014
I'm not much of a note discoverer, smelling top, middle and basenotes. But I do know when I have smelled a scent before. This opens close to CDG Monocle Scent 2: Laurel and dries down to something that is really close if not completely similar to Kenzo Air. For me, not worth the price tag.
01st April, 2013
Oh, how I love mastic (Lentiscus) as a note!
This scent starts with lovely lemon and citrus notes. Very quickly, I get the mastic: dry, grassy-green, resinous. This blends well with bright juniper (aromatic and woody), and further excellent dry incense and wood notes. The scent is dry and translucent.
It is not as weighty and dense as the other mastic-prominent scent (Sisley's Eau D'Ikar). The mastic here is not as prominent, and it is blended into the over mix in a subtle manner.
The scent is light, subtle, and wears very well through the day.
01st May, 2012
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