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Positive Reviews of Tattoo pour Homme by Michel Germain

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Tobacco and tonka with a hint of amber. Runs right up to the line of gourmand without crossing over. Not great, but wearable.
04th June, 2017

I have almost all michel germain sexy frags and this lingers with that faintly under the amber tones...for $8 u cannot go wrong...i was at TJ maxx and asked if i could smell and she opened and i sprayed away...she( the cashier) loved it and though it was very nice for $8....I bought and found it projects well and is soft yet noticeable...good deal and while not an amazing fragrance it does smell unique to me.

Pros: good projection/ price
Cons: none

17th May, 2013
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United States
I don't get much other than the amber. There seems to be a bit of the tobacco but that's about it. Yes, this comes across as the "poor man's" version of the A*Men base, though without patchouli, it seems. It does smell nice, with just the slightest hint of of a "synthetic" candy quality. Certainly if you can get it cheap and want something like this it's likely you'll be satisfied, just don't expect niche here. I've got the bottle pictured above, but it's possible the other bottle represents a different fragrance, for all I know.
18th October, 2012
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Excellent blind buy at the discount store for $10. People have compared it to a low ball Pure Malt. Haven't smelled that one, but this one is really nice.
02nd August, 2012