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Positive Reviews of I Love New York for Fathers by Bond No. 9

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I've been really enjoying this one. I don't have the ability to describe it with sophistication.

To me it's just a really interesting and complex type of musk scent that feels appropriate for a dad!

I also this evening sprayed I Love New York For Him over top of it, and I like the effect quite a bit.

Great stuff.
10th February, 2017
Upon initial application, it reminds me of something from the Hermes Un Jardin line. However, this lasts MUCH longer on me, and has much more depth on the drydown.

For a nice green summer fragrance that actually lasts (as Bond No. 9 scents tend to do), this is a great option...
22nd July, 2012
A very nice scent with a relaxing soul; full of calming herbs and spices (basil, sage, coriander, lavender) and a lovely ambery and musky never ending drydown...

Thumbs up...!!!
18th July, 2012
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I can't wait to get a bottle of this. I wore a sample at work yesterday and I was amazed at the longevity and the evolution of the fragrance. The opening is very powerful, fresh and sharp. It reminded me of Bleecker Street at first. Those top notes don't last all that long, but it's not a problem because I then settled in to a very fresh, masculine, energy, with what to me almost smells a bit of a powdery, clean note. I thought that was going to be it, but low and behold at about 6 pm, 9 hours after applying, I started to get the most WONDERFUL warm, woodsy, amber notes. I never seem to be able to pick out the notes that are reported to be in the fragrance pyramid, but that's what the I LOVE NY for Fathers journey was like for me.
This, to me is the most complex of the I LOVE NY line. I love the I LOVE NY for Him, but it's more of a linear experience for me.
02nd June, 2012