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Reviews of I Love New York for Marriage Equality by Bond No. 9

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Bond No. 9 I Love New York for Marriage Equality is, for me, primarily an amber scent, with plum adding to the sweeter side of amber, and ginger and nutmeg adding to the spicy, animalic side of amber,

It opens up sweeter, brighter with more of the plum taking center stage before the spicier, animalic elements open up in the dry down, and while I still find the dry down balance to be pleasant, I can see how, relative the opening, the dry down could turn some people off, hence the mixed reception the fragrance seems to have seen.

Still, it's a very good performer, quite versatile (cold-weather leaning but still year-round friendly, and of course, unisex), an interesting amber fragrance, and significantly discounted on FragranceNet, at $91 for 100ml / $63 for 50ml.

7 out of 10
15th June, 2018
I bought this blind because of the positive ratings but was a bit disappointed not being quite up to the usual B9 standards.
Top notes are strong to start with which soften after 10/20 minutes when it strengthens to a strong woody and slightly sour notes which grows on you.

I wouldn't choose this from a perfumery counter but I'm not disappointed in total.

I recommend that you try a tester before buying, its not for everyone.
11th January, 2016
bigbz Show all reviews
United States
Most Bond's I'm a big fan of and have been a pleasant surprise for me...but unfortunately this one goes in the opposite direction.

WAY more woody smelling than I expected.....plum and mandarin? WHERE?!:( Yeah, this scent was all about the wood and not much else on my skin. The fruit aspect was barely detectable...this fragrance is dry with sweetness and some incense/smoke to my nose. Not at all what I was hoping/expecting when reading the note breakdown.

Not a bad smell, but not my style at all. And like most Bond scents in general, this has very good longevity.
17th November, 2015 (last edited: 20th November, 2015)
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Like this one . Slightly sweet with a touch of fruit and ginger. The combination has a slight hint of animalistic potential (not too much though). The sandalwood and amber seems to be in the background and this is overall a buy IMO. 8/10
20th February, 2015
Marais Show all reviews
United Kingdom
A solid, potent, fruity/spicy scent. The plum note goes on a bit strong but fades to an acceptable degree (which suits me), whereas the spices (nutmeg/ginger mainly) keep delivering the goods. The combination of citrus, spices and woods reminds me of HdP 1828, but this is less reserved; something of a powerhouse, in fact. 4 sprays last 12 hours, with decent projection. Versatile, but best forgotten if you don't want a constant reminder of social progress/are paranoid about anyone detecting your fragrance/have lots of sensitive acquaintances pre-occupied with their 'allergies'.
21st July, 2014
Really well made citric/spicy soft amber with a soon heady blast of fresh and fizzy spices (supported by a watery accord of citrus and ginger lily), a central spicy floral heart and a balanced dry down based on sweet woods and smooth amber. The initial accord of sweet spices, mandarine, pepper and plums is mastering throughout and is fairly linked with amber and woods. The dry down is still sweet and ambery (with a still really notable nutmeg) but in a dry and woody/fresh way, still influenced by an initial sparkling citrus/fresh spices/fruits accord. For the lovers of the supremely spicy concoctions. Its peppery/dusty fluidity makes me to figure in mind an ideal sort of sweet 7 de Loewe's twin. Consistently sweet and fruity (may be too much for my taste). In the general desolation of the "I Love NY" line For Marriage Equality seems almost a pearl.
02nd April, 2014
I'll start off by saying I'm not really a fan of the Bond house. I've tried MANY of their fragrances and wasn't fond of most of them.

I Love New York for Marriage Equality is one of the few Bond fragrances that I truly enjoy and feel that is bottle worthy. I get a strong nutmeg & amber vibe that lasts from the top to the bottom notes. I also get some sandalwood as well. Furthermore, my wife really likes this fragrance on me. A definite thumbs up in my book.
30th December, 2012
This is a really interesting smell. The woody basenotes are quite apparent from the first spray, so it's fairly deep and complex, though it really does all combine to form a cohesive whole, a distinct smell unto itself.

It's got that creamy sort of cedar smell you get from frankincense, made slightly funky and vaguely animalic with some ambrox and with a hit of sawdust smell from the sandalwood. It's sweet from the citrus, and the ginger gives it a spicy woody brightness (honestly, I don't think I would have figured out that this was ginger without reading the other reviews). All the other flowers and stuff mostly just make it vaguely sweet - it never feels flowery.

On the positive side, this smells really interesting - the use of the upfront ginger in a woody smell is very clever. The frankincense/sandalwood/ambrox mix is very Tauer, so I think this would likely appeal to fans of L'Air du Desert Marocain. On the negative side, this doesn't really progress as much as it just sort of breaks down and it never feels quite as rich as it could have, given the ingredients. But that wood/resin/ambrox mixture paired with the ginger is just too clever and interesting to not get a thumbs up.
08th December, 2012
Kaern Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Whaddya know? I have received more compliments from my (female) work colleagues regarding this scent than any other I have worn, period. I must admit, of the 7 or 8 newish Bond scents I tried recently, I knew I was going to purchase this pretty early on. The ginger and rose combination dominates from quite early on and far from being possibly screechy, it is wonderfully smooth -- rounded off by some tasteful woods in the base. Really liking 1 out of 8 from this House is about par for the course -- they do produce the odd stunner.
03rd September, 2012
I am trying a sample this week...

This is a nice spicy warm summer scent with lots of plum and nutmeg similar to Visit by Azzaro (men`s) in the top notes; the heart is full of ginger and the basenotes come up quite quickly with lots of sandalwood and ambery notes.

The whole experience is very pleasant.

Good longevity and sillage.

Thumbs up!
18th July, 2012 (last edited: 21st November, 2012)
This scent starts off with a noticeable note of Mandarin Orange and nutmeg with the slight presence of plum. The basenote of sandalwood is apparent from the very beginning. As the orange fades the white flowers become evident but never overpowering. As for the floral notes, for the most part I smell ginger lily and jasmine but according to the published notes there is rose here too. Mostly the white flowers done in a minimal fashion that complements the sandalwood and other woody notes so well. I would swear there is a touch of cinnamon too. As the scent ages on the skin a wonderful amber accord is added to the mix.

This is not a flowery scent but it is at the same time; just enough to round out the spices and amber. Mostly this is a sweet sandalwood spice mix with a bit of delicious floral added to the heart with that mandarin and plum at the beginning.

One could say the floral aspect of this perfume would make it feminine but the woody and spicy nature would make it masculine. Verdict: Unisex. Can be worn by anyone. I have blown through two sample vials and have ordered a full bottle. I even carried a sample vial with me last night and offered a spray to those that complemented me on the fragrance and this one did garner complements from both men and women.


I wondered earlier today if this was similar to Andy Warhol by Bond and since I have Andy Warhol, I sprayed one arm with Andy and the other with ILNYFME about 3 hours ago. Upon first spray I thought they were indeed very similar, at least inhabiting the same fragrance "space" for lack of a better term. The main difference at the top that I could discern was the presence of mandarin in ILNYFME. But after the top notes dried off the two presented themselves quite differently. Andy had that almost sour and medicinal "band aid" note of oud which could be enhanced by the plum note. ILNYFME on the other hand evolved to a sweeter and spicier space with a more definite sweet sandalwood/amber modified with a hint of sweet white floral. So my first impression was yes, quite similar, but after a white to two evolved into quite different scents. This may sound strange, but now when I smell the two next to each other the first thing I think about with Andy is "sour milk". I never thought that before! And it really does not smell like sour milk so I can't really explain that reaction...

I liked Andy enough to buy a bottle, but ILNYFME is better for me today, at least somewhat sweeter. Loving the sandalwood note quite a bit.
23rd June, 2012 (last edited: 28th June, 2012)