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Neutral Reviews of Acqua di Gi˛ Essenza by Giorgio Armani

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Like this one. Slightly greener with more wood (as compared to the original).Projection and longevity is great.7/10
03rd February, 2016
Wow, I can't believe after this has been out for 2 years, nobody has made the comparison of this to Bellagio for men. To me, this smells a little like the original Acqua di Gio in the opening notes, but becomes more floral, sharp and powdery. I'm immediately reminded of Bellagio, or maybe even L'Eau D'Issey.

I'm really not much into this one at all, but I do enjoy the cedar note in the dry down, it adds a certain character to it, not the typical cedar note, not very sharp or peppery.
15th July, 2014
What to say? On me, AdGE begins with citrus and acquatic notes, with the grapefruit seeming to be the strongest of the citrus notes. The heart of the fragrance is flowers and herbs, jasmine, basil, and some soapy note or something a little out of place almost. I didn't have a big enough sample to get a handle on it, but there was something unusual in the heart of this fragrance that kind of wafted in and out at certain times. At the end of the day Essenza closes with some sage, cedar, patchouli and vetiver.

It's nice enough. I don't remember AdG enough to name the similarities and differences, but I do know this is kind of standard fare for citruses of the day. This reminds me of Ferragamo's Acqua Essenziale. They might not smell exactly the same, but in terms of quality, they're pretty similar. AdGE has better longevity, however. Anyway, AdGE would probably go well on your shelf if you're in need of a citrus/acquatic or a good summer fragrance.
10th June, 2014
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United Kingdom
The top notes lack the peachy pineapple character of the original, but otherwise is quite similar compared to the original. The green-floral middle notes appear to be blended better and a are a tad less generic, but the base is as unexciting as the original version. Adequate silage and projection on my skin, and a somewhat better longevity of about five hours. In the end I prefer this flanker to the original.
07th March, 2014
Acqua Di Gio Essenza

Going on and for the first couple hours this does in fact smell quite a bit like RL Polo Blue but I would not call them identical. The longer I wear this the more it starts to smell more like the original ADG only smoother and with a more woody base. It's listed as an EDP though if it's stronger or longer lasting than the original it's not by much.

It's not bad but nothing unique here. I don't think it's worth the pricetag ($108 for 2.5 oz), I would go with the original if I had to get one or the other.

03rd July, 2013
Smells nice, reminiscent of the regular Acqua di Gio. This has better longevity (but that doesn't say much). It's also a bit more mature smelling.
12th May, 2013
Acqua Di Gio Essenza and Ralph Layren Polo Blue are as identical, as two cans of Coca-Cola. Just like that. So make your own conlclusions.
12th May, 2013

Masculine and confident this one is an improvement of the original and a good alternative for the lovers of the genre. Not just an aquatic but a more somber woodsy-ambery masculine so cedary and dusty-spicy in the dry down. As well as already written Essencia is obviously similar to the original but more woodsy, bodied and spicy. The beginning is lemony, herbal (i detect the basil) and influenced by ozone-marine soapy-salty elements with floral patterns rising up. A somber jasmine starts projecting its floral feel in the air before the disclosing process of a restrained masculine woody and ambery (ambergris) dry down. Common but well appointed. The dry down reminds me a bit Gucci by Gucci Sport. Discreet and modern.
14th September, 2012
I ended up buying a 180ml bottle go figure out why. The most prominent notes are the citric ones during the opening and then basil and jasmine, like lots of basil, why do my old memories of this fragrance were something melony? After a few hours I can sniff the cedar, the rest are complimentary notes for me. The sillage is not great for a eau de parfum, but with a 180ml bottle, I don't expect to get anything better up till I get to the half of it at least.
26th August, 2012