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Neutral Reviews of Fig by Zents

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Not what I expect from a scent labeled "fig". No green leafy notes, no coconut cousin notes verging on creamy.
Instead, this is spicy with a warm jammy preserves opening. Quite Serge Lutens in style. Veers into a heavy musk and lipstick case scent. That I don't care for at all. Eventually it settles into a warm and somewhat pleasant scent.
But it is not something I'd seek out.
13th October, 2012
This is a really interesting fig perfume, in that it doesn't smell like that mix of coconut and tarragon that usually passes for a fig note in most perfumes. Instead, it's a dense mix of other notes (honestly, they blend together so fully that I could never recognize any of the listed notes, except for the cognac, which is fairly prominent) that comes together to smell like an actual fig - kind of green, kind of woody, kind of pulpy, vaguely sweet, though also a bit sour, and a bit powdery at the end. This isn't the candied fig smell of a fig newton cookie, but the syrupy boozy smell a real fig takes on when concentrated (it mostly reminds me of fig molasses, the cooked-down fig syrup served with cheeses, but with a distinct booze smell included and a touch of powder in the background).

I respect this perfume a lot, but I'm not 100% sure I like it as something to wear, hence the neutral review. If I wanted something more to my personal taste, I would have liked to have seen this taken to a more complex place, supported with smoky woods and spices, though I think this may win its share of fans, especially fig fanatics who don't like the coconutty fig note most perfumes use.
26th June, 2012