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Negative Reviews of FCUK Friction Him by French Connection

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Setting aside the obvious marketing silliness "FCUK" launched with, French Connection's Friction burns me up.

Here we have yet another in the long, long line of pedestrian masculine fragrances that declare men should smell of bitter oranges to project their masculinity.

Calvin, Polo, and a dozen other houses that now haunt your local pharmacy or Sears already wrote the book on this, and it has never been a happy ending for me.

A truckload of citrus crushes the few other detectable notes in this mess. Green banana is occasionally there, a few wilted pieces of lavender also gasp their last breath - smothered by the citrus, and someone spilled their booze over the top.

The other elements are false advertising. Black coconut? In your dreams. (In fact, layering this with suntan lotion or a bottle of that Coconut Vanilla body spray Walgreens sells would improve this.) Amber? Leather? Magnetic Musk? The joke is on us.

The marine note you detect comes only after you chuck your bottle into the sea. The geranium leaf is also there, mostly to remind you citrus isn't the only thing unpleasant thing about this.

This fragrance would be in good company with Adidas' sports scent line.

I found a few giant 100ml bottles of Friction at Marshalls for $17. It's still overpriced.

What was I thinking? Don't make the same mistake.
05th June, 2012