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Reviews of Bespoke : Ambre Mirabilis by Keiko Mecheri

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At first sprtiz I smell very resinous cedar. It is the green sticky cedar sap smell that reminds me of Christmas. This coniferous opening is reinforced with a mellow thick resinous labdanum scent that makes up the body of the scent. There are some other slight influences that might be other woods such as patchouli or agarwood, however I don't smell a pure tone of either. The combination of notes smells something like an oil painters studio thick with smells of linseed oil, pigment and turpentine. There is a light powdery aspect - that might be tobacco - that hovers around the resinous Ambre Mirabilis like a slight floral veil that projects off the denser woods hiding their strength and charms. The parts when deconstructed smell very nice, but all together they don't make a thrilling amber scent or any kind of incense scent at all. But, after wearing it for a few hours it does merge into a nice amber, slightly smokey pleasant scent. I have a prejudice against amber fragrances generally and this one is not better than most others, but it might work wonderfully for the majority of people who seem to love amber fragrances. I would rate it 6.5 of 10.
23rd November, 2013 (last edited: 24th November, 2013)
This has become my favorite amber fragrance and I've tried a lot of them. It is perfectly balanced and sensuous and delicious and perfectly blended. I would call it linear, except that there is a honey note that weaves its way throughout the fragrance- I imagine it as a golden thread against a darker background. It is a compliment getter and I love to wear it!
13th July, 2012