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Neutral Reviews of Kiki Eau de Parfum by Vero Profumo

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A strong lavender blast, followed almost immediately by a caramel note reminiscent of Angel. According to Turin with his four star "strange lavender" review, oppoponax accompanies the dry down.

It would seem that Kiki is alike in both extrait and edp, unlike Rubj, which are entirely different formulas in the two versions [who in their right mind would have thought that would be helpful? why couldn't a second new name be applied to the Rubj edp?].

In any case, this scent disappears on me within five minutes, despite repeated applications. A neutral review in that it is not at all special and doesn't last.

All Vero Kern scents are priced for the wealthy, so it's a moot point for us peons, who could never afford them.
22nd November, 2015