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Negative Reviews of Lady Cool by Dueto Parfums

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A rather basic-smelling chemical stew that's mostly warm, fuzzy strawberry shampoo with a hint of mint on top, along with some salt and "marine" chemicals. It's not terrible, just vigilantly common, as if this were the result of a good perfumer being asked to create something that smells like a LOT of other, more popular perfumes. While I don't have any specific recommendations, I'd suggest that, with a quick trip to Ross or TJ Maxx, you could smell like this for much less money.
11th April, 2017
Lady Cool is a musky-floral scent, quite conventionally "young" and effortlessly stuffed with calone, melonal and that stuff which makes scents smell – exactly – "young" and contemporary. Metallic, fruity and floral, fresh and menthol-balsamic (basil too?). Basically nothing different from any feminine green-floral "fresh and summery" fragrance, especially the cheaper ones given Lady Cool does surely not exude quality, refinement or appeal. Not stinky, just mediocre (and short lived too).

01st August, 2014
One could waste many more words on this but what it boils down to is a drugstore sweety. Completely synthetic smelling soft fruity floral, as if the ranks of those needed swelling. Has a faint bit of ammoniac discord somewhere in the mix. Won’t offend for sure but similarly fails to please.
14th July, 2012
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