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Reviews of Viva by Fergie

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I've often thought Fergie to be gorgeous in a very strong, masculine way. The same could be said about her new perfume for Avon. I've been wearing the eau de parfum for about four hours now, and it's settled into a warm, lavender-herb scent that one would have to be close to notice. I would spray this on my bedsheets if I wanted to make a man jealous. Or, if I really liked him, I might just give him the bottle.
05th February, 2013
A welcome surprise and quite unexpected! Disliked her other two creations but this one makes you sit up and take notice! Bold and beautiful and not overloaded with florals or musks. Some say it's masculine but that is okay with me, this scent makes a statement for me. Have been wearing it all day and still smells great on, hasn't changed on skin at's a winner!
30th December, 2012