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United Kingdom
My mother asked me for a bottle of perfume when asked what she'd like as a gift. She has worn most recently L'Eau D'Issey (which I find uninspiring) so I decided to find a better, more interesting alternative for her. Cue Florabotanica, I'm going to quote Luca Turin's review of this here as I can't say it better myself:

"Florabotanica manages to turn frumpy and cheap into frivolous and charming by doing to the floral what Philippe Starck did to upholstery when he took a Louis XVI chair, cast it as one piece of Lucite, and called it Ghost: bring forth something not particularly comfortable, but unquestionably witty and stylish."
06th December, 2015
An unenthusiastic thumbs up. Florabotanica kicks off with a fruity red cassis paired with green mint as a counterpoint. The fruity quality fades fairly quickly, making room for a mix of green herbs and unconvincing synthetic rose that turns out to be the long-term focus of the scent.

Aside from the silly fruit on top, Florabotanica smells to me like a study in the contrasts between masculine herbs and feminine fruity rose. It's not bad at all, but even after repeated wears, I'm just not finding it very compelling despite some interesting pappery flower sillage. In the world of high end designer perfumes that seem to have been obsessed with smelling like strawberry shampoo for the last couple of years, Florabotanica smells considerably more thoughtful and smart than its sisters, but there are other scents that combine flowers and herbs more compellingly. Thumbs up, but without much excitement.
29th January, 2014
I haven't worn a rose-based scent since Tea Rose at age 15, but lately I've found myself lingering in that section of the olfactionary garden. My last two purchases were Eau de Cartier Goutte de Rose and Balenciaga Flora Botanica. I outgrew Tea Rose's soliflore about the time my wisdom teeth came in, but this duo refreshes the demure old theme with a hot clove-carnation spice (Cartier) and a juicy, faintly minty rose cordial (Balenciaga). I don't detect the vetiver in Flora Botanica at all -- odd because I am wild for vetiver -- and the 'powdery' note reported by others sounds more like the desiccated rose petals of the potpourri jar rather than this rich, dew-spangled beauty. The Cartier is my choice for the depths of winter, when the memory of fragrant gardens is wan and tenuous and its peppery rose reminds one of baking summer days. The Balenciaga is more like personal air conditioning, to be worn on baking summer days.
21st January, 2014
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This is most definitely a unisex frag. It might be one of the most powerful fragrances I've ever tried -- at least in terms of staying power. I sprayed it on my left arm yesterday at noon, and I can still smell it strongly through the sleeve of my canvas shirt, from 18 inches away. It's like a cross of Ivoire de Balmain (vintage) and YSL's original Paris. I'm a guy and am thinking seriously about getting a bottle. It is by no means original, but it is refreshing. It is not subtle, but subtle isn't always a virtue. It is commanding and bold. It's not a slouchy scent. Rather, it's something you might wear to a semi-formal garden party in East Hampton. Think linen pants and silk bow ties over shorts and flip-flops; mimosas over beer. This day scent is not, however, stuffy or pretentious. It's sophisticated relaxation, a hammock in the shade, a cooling balm after a day at the beach. Reminds me of my summers in Southern Maine.
22nd April, 2013
WOW! I love this! Absolutely love it. So clean and floral. The vetiver is the strongest note for me and takes centre stage once on the skin. After a few minutes the notes evolve making the cleaness really complex. With your movement you can detect mint and a candied carnation. The dry down is so powdery and clean and the rose note is lovely, so feminie and pure and unadulterated. Just clean and beautiful and lovely. WOW!
10th November, 2012
Unusual scent. I realized it after a day of wearing a little bit from a sample vial. Initially it smelled like Insolence by Guerlain. The dry down is amazing and it is a lost lasting fragrance.
21st October, 2012
This is a nice new scent. Forget the gender designation and marketing -- this is unisex.
It is intended to be a "floral oriental" but I don't get any heavy, rich notes in the dry-down -- so the "oriental" descriptor is a bit of a misnomer.
This is a nice floral -- dry, green, fresh. It is not sweet at all. The light mint and gentle clove note from the carnation give a zesty-dry quality to it. It conveys a clean, bright tone and a slightly soapy quality (in a pleasant way). The green notes keep wafting in and out. The scent is subtle but effective.
The bottle is funky and the packaging is colourful.
I like it.
26th September, 2012