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Neutral Reviews of Oud Ispahan by Christian Dior

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I tried this originally as a sample. The oud was pleasant, not overpowering and very wearable...initially. Then the iso E super bomb dropped and I smelled like a gerbil cage. For those who do not do well with this ingredient, you've been warned. Still can't wash it off.
17th July, 2019
Sillage and longevity are off the charts, but the scent, while enjoyable, is nothing special.

If you really enjoy this scent, skip the $300 orientalism in a bottle and find your local Arab/Middle Eastern book store, market, mosque, etc.--basically anywhere you might find cheap middle eastern oils being sold--and you can pick up this exact same scent with the exact same sillage/longevity for a about $10 a bottle.

An excellent example is Oudi Al Haramain, which can be had online for $8.
08th March, 2016
A classical oud with not much to offer in terms of creativity.

That said, it smells like good quality stuff and it has the Dior name. I see this a a great gift for an oud lover. Longevity and projection are great. Definitely a night scent to me.
30th April, 2015
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Synthetic oud with a decent rose note. As previously mentioned, it is quality but not unique. It can easily be liked though. Patchouli was a good balancer in this. Nice, but overpriced IMO.
10th March, 2015
This starts with a jammy rose and oud which is soon joined by patchouli making the scent more earthy. As time passes the scent gets more woody from a dose of sandalwood.

This smells nice and is well done but just does nothing to distinguish itself from a dozen or so similar scent on the market.
13th June, 2014
ISPAHAN (we call it ISFAHAN here!) is the name of one the biggest provinces of IRAN and there are big rose (persian rose) garden there and the rose note in this fragrance has been taken from there (it seems!)

This fragrance opens up with the dominating persian rose note mixed with oud and white musk and the smell of it brings me back memories of my childhood where many mans like our grandfathers were using hand made perfumes made by this kind of rose.
It's sweet, fresh but at the same time dark, woody and dirty musky because of oud and white musk notes.
The scent has a classic vibe and it dosen't smell like modern rose fragrances that you can find these days on the market.
As time goes by the scent gets smoother and I can smell a fruity vibe like cherry! yep!
It's like a fresh and a little tart cherry smell mixed with rose and there are oud and musk notes surrounding it.
In the base I can smell mostly white musk with it's dirty animalic feeling and there is a little bit of rose completely in the background.
All and all, a simple and high quality oud and rose combo that smell a little different from other ones out there.
Projection is above average and longevity is around 8 hours on my skin.
06th February, 2014

This is the Montale Dark Aoud's little sister, more gentle, civilized and polite, far less brutal and petroleous at the beginning and far less peppery. I prefer Dark Aoud with its mythology anyway. The saffron is absent under my nose and i detect nothing but an intense and resinous oudh/patchouli gentled by floral notes turning out slowly with time in order to refine a bit the experience. After a bunch of hours the floral note unveils its soul introducing its rosey vibe and hints of green/floral sophistication. Powerful lasting power.
11th October, 2012
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United States
Alfarom pretty much sums up my opinion of this one perfectly. There really is a bit of Portrait of a Lady's rose open in Oud Ispahan but it smells not nearly as good... And then there is a bit of similar synthetic oud as is found in many Montales, only less believable... Mix in some of Heeley Hippie Rose's annoying patchouli bomb and many other derivative scents and you have this disappointment in a nutshell. Projection and longevity are both truly exceptional.

I got in on a blind split of this early-on and had high hopes I would like or even love it, but alas it just is too similar to so many rose, patchouli and synthetic oud scents on the market that I can't really enjoy it as much as I would like. That said, it really is not a bad composition, just a derivative one that is rather overpoweringly strong and synthetic. Someone in a Men's forum post mentioned there is a bit of Black Afgano in here too, and I confess I do indeed at least see the comparison (albeit I don't think there is too much similarity)... Just for reference, this is NOT a good thing in my book. I don't think I will be wearing my split ever again as it is just too much, and there are so many much better rose and patchouli scents on the market for similar money, some less (can anyone say Portrait of a Lady?). I give this "me too" rose patch and synthetic oud scent by Dior 2.5 stars out of 5 and a neutral rating. Not bad, but definitely not recommended.
22nd June, 2012
Yay, yet another old fragrance with just a new name on the label. Take some Portrait of a Lady and mix it with a tiny drop of Dark Rose. Shake for a a couple of minutes and then add a dollop of any of the twenty plus rose-oud compositions by Montale et voilà, here's Dior Oud Ispahan. Smells ok but it's trite, adds nothing new to the table and it's it sounds?
14th June, 2012