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I know Bieber probably didn't actually *MAKE* this perfume, but I'm sure he had some say in the selection process. I gotta wonder who the perfumer was, because, just as his previous fragrance Someday, this one is also fruity! I sampled both of them, and I gotta say I prefer Girlfriend. Both are fruity, but this one is like *REALLY* fruity. I can't name individual notes, cuz I suck at that. But it's kinda watermelon-y, maybe strawberry, and grapefruit. It's not something I would wear to a picnic, as one would probably get swarmed by yellowjackets. But it's nice...

I tried Wonderstruck (from Taylor Swift) side by side with it, because the saleslady was so damn enthused about Wonderstruck. Both Wonderstruck and Girlfriend are fruity, but Wonderstruck has this underlying Christmas Mass-like incense-y vibe, like what I get from John Varvatos. I can't say I like the incense-y vibe with the fruit. But there's no accounting for taste, mine included. (As an aside, the saleslady mentioned Wonderstruck Enchanted is Wonderstruck plus vanilla, and she is right!)

The bottle for Girlfriend is kinda weird. I was curious what the purple grid on the bottom was for, and when the saleslady was trying to sell the gift set to me, I learned its purpose. It's so that it seats properly into the weird plastic squishy cage that it comes with. "It's like a Slinky," she said. And it is. Be forewarned, the two halves are joined with weak magnets inside of the rims. So do not pick it up by the top half, because you will end up paying for the glass counter beneath it, as I almost did!

Oh, and the spray nozzle sucks. One spray to the wrist resulted in a drenched arm.
05th December, 2012
This perfume actually makes me like Justin Bieber. Who would have thought this young celeb would choose to balance out the fruity/grapey/berry-like concoction that was given to him with the polluted harbor note of Sécrétions Magnifiques? Brilliant!

If SM is brackish spunk and white florals, Girlfriend is that spunk with kool-aid. The drydown arrives quickly and is pure grape-berry fruit punch, but the top and heartnotes are interesting. No joke. This stagnant marine note might have found a better home in Girlfriend than in SM.
30th November, 2012