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An absolutely stunning men's cologne. Very manly while also being sophisticated at the same time. I would class this one as a fresh spicy. Excellent staying power for a cologne. Top marks!!!
25th December, 2017
It's all been said. This is a pleasure to wear.
22nd December, 2014
It is sharp, crisp, sweet and refreshing all in one go, love it. Stays all day... If only it projected a little morer IMO
13th November, 2014
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Tea for two ?

Years ago as a little boy I distinctly remember me and my great grandfather going to the barber....I'm talking old school barbershop...Tightly cropped up the back, meticulous pumping of the chair to get just the right elevation so that my great-grandfather would get the perfect cut....Hair was well blended much like this fragrance...The experience always ended with the "finale" as I called it...My great-grandfather would be tilted back in that squeaky dilapidated chair that had been there for 30 years prior and carefully prepped for straight-razor shave...I can still smell the shaving cream that was carefully whipped up with that authentic Badger haired shaving brush and layered across my great-grandfather's face....The barber would carefully pull the blade across the grain of the beard and did it oh so gently...I can still hear the sound it made which was equivalent to light sandpaper scraping against a slab of wood...

And then there's Murdock's Black Tea.....Now, I've never been to a UK barbershop and don't claim to be an expert in the barbershop arena but this scent smells like my grandfather after a nice, clean shave. Its got "pure gentlemen" written all over it...Clean, fresh, refined....oh and classy....SOOO classy...

It opens up exotic, spicy....but SOOO dry, almost like a gin and tonic with fizziness that tickles your nose with pleasure...fairly linear all the way to the end but so what.....I likey ! According to their website MBT offers top notes of clove from Madagascar, nutmeg from Ceylon, basil from Egypt and pepper from Paraguay… middle notes of the most masculine leathers… base notes of Musty Woods, Musk and Birchtar....Its one of the best tea notes I have ever smelled and I must confess I was a skeptic and for me to drop 170 bucks on something blind, some would say I was an idiot, but I had a gut feeling about this...I don't grab the nutmeg or cloves too much but the basil is outstanding and seems to be the one note, along with the tea note, that my nose seems to distinguish...Its not sweet at all, but dry and lovely...Clearly, you can wear this anytime of the day or season and the only gripe I would add to this review would consist of longevity and sillage...I personally don't get many hours with this amazing fragrance...I want it to last and last but alas, it tends to die before its time...Now it could be due to olfactory fatigue but if thats the case, I want to kick my nose's ass for shutting off way before its time...I could smell this one forever....

I could be the only one in the US that actually has this fragrance, but all I know is if the barbershops over in the UK smell like this, I might just drop 4k on a plane ticket to fly over there to hop into one of their chairs over at Murdock's...Its phenomenal....Do I regret spending 70 dollars to have it shipped over here from the UK? Hell to the "no" ! It was worth every penny and then some...

This one gets two nostrils up...

Pros: Fresh, Refined, delicious
Cons: short-lived"

13th August, 2013
This is my first review on basenotes. Please forgive my ignorance in describing notes, projection, etc. I can simply state that this is a very, very nice clean masculine scent.

I was searching for a refined, clean barbershop scent in the traditional English tradition, only without too much powder or florals I detected when exploring this genre. I was a bit timid in trying something too spicy...but decided to purchase Black Tea "blind" based on a recommendation from someone I trust (no samples are available as of this review) and a rapidly developing "street cred" for this scent. I was very glad I did...

I think the description of Black Tea as a "modern barbershop cologne" is quite accurate. It is sharp, crisp with just enough spice & leather; not overpowering - and a very nice black tea note. No powder or florals here...Very clean & refined...think charcoal grey suit/starched white shirt and no tie. It's refined, but not formal & stuffy.

I will also state that the gentlemen at Murdock's offer terrific customer free shipping to the USA and samples of their facial products with my purchase. All in all a strong thumb's up.
14th December, 2012 (last edited: 21st December, 2012)
It opens with a fresh soft spicyness with clove, basil and nutmeg and smells really good. This is followed by a really wonderful black tea note that makes the scent a bit refreshing. As time moves forward you get some leather mixing in with the masculine spice followed by a musky woodyness. The scent has arm length projection and starts to quiten down after four hours then becoming a skin scent by hour five which is not bad for a cologne as some EDT's have the same longevity.

The fragrance is of a high quality and the way the leather and spice mix together is good and I'm especially impressed with the strong black tea note which adds a extra dimension to the leather and spice. It is very masculine and a good modern barbershop cologne showing how the barbershop cologne has evolved compared to Trumpers, Floris scents etc.

04th September, 2012
Not bad. Soapy-clean opening, light spices and a hint of leather. Overall, a smooth, pleasant, masculine scent.
24th July, 2012
I took my boyfriend into Murdock for a traditional wet shave as a present (yes, they do those too!) and was thrilled to find Black Tea in the shop. It's just so spicy and unusual - works well on men and women and has a lovely fade on the skin. I love that on my boyfriend it really brings out the basil, and on me the leather middle note comes out strong. I also love anything with a musk note - so this is perfect. Masculine and lovely.
19th July, 2012