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Oud in and of itself can be off-putting. Taming oud is art. AdP has done that and done it exceptionally well. While it is obviously a 'managed' oud, you get a very accurate oud that has been cleaned up to be appealing. And it is VERY appealing, garnering nothing but compliments. A contender for the perfect westernized oud for sure.
29th October, 2017
Citrus and oud, then white musk and oud. This is a complex fragrance that is hard to describe. Definately a 'safe' oud, as opposed to the more daring Montale Ouds. I think what people perceive as clean/soap is white musk.
03rd June, 2017
It doesn't smell like real oud, but it's one of my most admired fragrances (by others), so I'll give it a thumbs up.

20th March, 2017
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Nice opening on Colonia Oud, wife even complimented me on it, but the drydown gets kinda sour on me. The drydown reminds me of Tommy Bahama Him, but much less sweet, thank goodness. They do share a coriander note, but that doesn't seem like the culprit.
15th November, 2016
This is an attractive, accessible oud scent. All of the intrigue and mysterious exoticism, with no challenging notes. A leather-spice chord mingles with oud and is framed by a old wood foundation. The impression is of an old spice trunk which has sailed the world on a clipper ship. Rich but not sweet. Warming.
08th November, 2016
A rather Western take on oud, with the eponymous ingredient the lead among an emsemble rather than standing alone. Having said that, the oud is present at all stages of development, as you might expect, thus rendering note pyramids and models of development rather moot. The overall impression is one of an attempt at polished sophistication rather than whatever it is that single-note ouds attempt to communicate.

Don't get me wrong, I like the smell of oud and I like the "concept" - I just have not yet found an oud scent that I would want on me for any length of time. Something like AdPCO gets as close as anything has done to achieving a workable compromise. It achieves this by bolting - somehow - the bitter and overpowering woody oud notes to a sharper cologne opening, and a leathery base. It's hard to imagine how this could possibly work, but it's a lot better than it sounds.

It opens with citrus and oud. The latter is an omnipresent as is Blanche Dubois in A Streetcar named Desire. Oud alone comprises the heart, while it is accompanied by leather in the drydown. The latter alone makes this a noteworthy scent, given the premise, as noted by Turin in The Guide, that oud and leather together make a lot of sense. A bit like we thought Pacino and De Niro should act together. (Then they did "Heat" - I know.)

That being said, I'm not in the market for this just yet. It's just not exciting. AdPCO ticks a lot of boxes, but flicks rather few switches. I can recommend it as a palatable take on oud, but that almost defeats the purpose. An interesting achievement, but not something I can love right now.
15th October, 2016
This is the most interesting oud fragrance I've ever smelled. It is very unique and lasts (no joke) 24 hours. It's quite expensive, but I got my 3.4 oz bottle for 170. There is no way I'd pay retail for this.
02nd July, 2016
Well, nothing more and nothing less than one may expect from an “oud” take on Acqua di Parma Colonia. A wannabe-posh, soapy, sheer, very smooth (and very synthetic) sort of citrus-floral-musk blend infused with a dark, rubbery, bitter yet overall quite tamed down and exceedingly artificial woody accord of oud and birch, becoming drier and muskier as hours pass. I must say that somehow, the initial “fizzy-soapy” frame which comprises the oud accord works, and makes Colonia Oud smell as a fairly pleasant sort of “bright oud” with a laundry vibe. There’s a tangy sort of citrus-geranium accord which fits in surprisingly well. Given the bitter rubbery dirtiness of the synthetic oud note, it creates quite a pleasant play of contrasts – which will eventually fade away and leave the stage mostly to rubber and synthetic woods, but until it’s there, it’s nice. Still though, even considering that, it’s all really too cheap and ultimately uninspired to sparkle some interest. The “Colonia” side is just as flat and artificial as in the Intensa version (I’m still wondering how the Colonia line can comprise gems like the Assoluta next to utter garbage like the Intensa), and the oud accord is for me nothing different from any drugstore oud accord you can find anywhere these days. The price and the “luxury” packaging would let you think we’re in the same ballpark of something like, say, Dior Leather Oud, but truth is, we’re more close to Ferrari Oud, or Versace Oud, a Montale imitation dupe or whatever other lower-key designer ouds. Just a matter of quality: flat, synthetic, as much generically refined as completely “muted”. Nothing against that class of scents by the way, but there’s a reason if they cost three or four times less than this.

Not sure why (or well, reading what I just wrote until now, I can see why actually), but at the very first sniff my mind just came out with a spontaneous association – “what an airport fragrance this is”. Out of the blue, I just imagined a mid-level manager waiting for his plane. Not a wealthy businessman snorting fine complimentary cocaine in some vip lounge, just some ordinary businessman playing with an empty cracked bottle of water, boring the hell out of himself, probably needing a shower after a two hours taxi ride to the airport. Think of focusing your nose on some details – the citrus musky cologne he wore before leaving the motel now mixing with sweat, the cheap smell of his ready-to-wear laundered suit, the rubbery smell of his trolley bag and of the airport seats, the overall sense of suspended, depressing boredom which fills such “non-places” like airports. That’s the mood of Acqua di Parma Oud, basically somehow a sort of slightly more pretentious “office scent” with a professional look (not refined, not sophisticated, just “professional”) and a subtle dirtier vein. And by that I don’t mean something “sexy” , just literally dirty, sweaty and rubbery. It’s all filled with a nondescript, quite deep feeling of restrained, unemotional “nothingness”. And well, it smells a bit more cheap than it should anyway. Not blatantly cheap and not completely tragic, but definitely unworthy the price tag. Kind of similar to Indonesian Oud by Zegna (and just as much dull as that).

01st February, 2016 (last edited: 14th February, 2016)
Acqua di Parma's Colonia Oud does for Oud what Colonia Leather does for leather--softens the main ingredient by adding some citrus, making it more year-round-appropriate. Whereas the opening was a bit harsh, this dried down into something very similar to Colonia Leather. I don't get much of a sense of the other notes--it comes off as mainly a blend of citrus, a little neroli perhaps, and the main oud aspect.

Projection and longevity are slightly weaker for the "cologne concentree"--performance was somewhat better on Colonia Leather---so the value is lost somewhat.

This rounds out the concentree trio for me, and it's a very strong group overall. It might be worth trying Colonia Oud on one arm and Colonia Leather on the other, since they end up drying down similarly. Definitely a good exploration by Acqua di Parma---Oud, Leather, and Ambra are each worth trying.

7 out of 10
14th December, 2015
One of the best Oud scents I've come across. Very complex. Starts fresh, and dries down to a dark sophisticated, gentleman's Oud scent. No doubt this is a high quality scent. Very refined and unique. The longevity is amazing, and the sillage is perfectly moderate. Acqua di Parma has impressed me with their Ingredient Collection. Oud, Leather and Ambra. All of them are excellent!
21st October, 2015
One of the best Oud scents that I have tried. Hands down beats either of the offerings from Tom Ford and at a much better price.

Opening is mostly citrus with a touch of something sweet, but within 30 minutes the Oud, spice and cedar wood kicks in and makes this fragrance ultra fantastic. It's sweeter than one might expect and not dark or as warm as some of the other Oud fragrances I have sampled. It's really elegant though, and although some reviews describe this as a synthetic oud, I can't complain at all about it. It's just a great scent.

Dry down is a slowly developing musk, but the scent retains most of the middle heart notes and stays almost the same throughout. Really good longevity, and I smelled this on my wrist and clothes 12+ hours later.

I'm no Oud expert, but this is one good scent. Big Thumbs Up.
17th September, 2015 (last edited: 18th September, 2015)
Strongest oud beats tom ford oud any day of the week.
18th August, 2015
This is not a typical oud based fragrance.
If you're into dark, rich and bitter type of oud, you have to test this because it's not like that.
I have a friend which is into oud professionally and he has been tested different type of natural oud oils and he said this is more toward combodian oud which is very smooth and oily with slightly dark aura.

At the opening I can smell a smooth, mellow sweet and oily woody aroma along with some fresh notes and some floral notes. it's kind of hard to describe because it's strange and maybe mysterious, but very smooth and watery as well!
The sweetness is warm and smells like honey.

As time passes I can smell pretty the same scent but now less oily and woody and a little more sweet and floral (rosy).
When I smell this it reminds me of a good demon! something like a hell-hound that may look scary but actually it's charming and inoffensive!
Projection is average but longevity is good. I do get around 7-8 hours longevity out of this.
Good scent but not my type of oud!
01st May, 2015
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sly303 Show all reviews
United Kingdom
My debut review on Basenotes so bear with me!

Firstly, after much debate in the forum; Acqua di Parma Colonia Intensa Oud Concentrée is now called Acqua di Parma Colonia Oud Concentrée (without the ‘Intensa’) but with exactly the same content, no marketing stunt, just re-naming a few products to cater for new products coming in. Note, there is actually another Acqua di Parma - Intensa but not in the dark bottle family – confusing right.

AdP is a longevity BEAST! 100/100 in this area. This is actually an eau de cologne but do not let this deter you, as interestingly its longevity goes beyond most if not all EDTs and EDPs and mirrors typical properties of the higher end products - top notes die, middle notes slowly becoming more prominent etc. Because of its high concentrated oil content, AdP has the ability to cast you on fragrance journey lasting through the day, deep into the night, and can still be enjoyed on that morning walk of shame ;-)

AdP encompasses an array of citrus, leather, aromatic, woody and musky scents.

The first hour I find pleasant but possibly a little too overpowering (even with two small squirts), not ideal for the sardine tube journey to work when half of London may not wish to inhale your early morning AdP - This is definitely one for the brave. Contrary to some of the reviews beneath I actually find hours 2-3 the least pleasant, dare I say smelling old-man-ish, the citrus wears off gradually and can become borderline headache material! However, stick with it, as then, in indeed it blossoms… settles down and exposes its depth and complexity. Present is of course the base Oud, some coriander, leather, wood, spices to name a few.

AdP Oud definitely smells expensive which is admittedly reflected in the price, BUT, bang for buck it’s a winner due to its exceptional powers of longevity. 100ml would last a while trust! Also, looks good in the cabinet :-)

Advise against a blind buy due to the ‘horses for courses’ factor and its expense. Also, I've noticed like other quality fragrances, this does smell different depending on whose wearing it and the season/temperature.

Interested to hear what others think? I’m by no means an expert more like a nubie! :-D
03rd April, 2015 (last edited: 04th April, 2015)
This doesn't seem to have any oud at all upon initially spraying on skin. Starts out very fresh with a coriander and light citrus burst. The synthetic smelling oud doesn't kick in until about 30 minutes. With all that said, I think it smells great! If you are a compliment seeker, they will come wearing this.
01st April, 2015
Aqua di Parma - Oud
Funny how Oud never can seems to get its engine started, while on the other hand it manages to smell like a overheated car-engine...
Its opening is a mix of bitter-sour, paprika-green oily-like stuff, that not at any time reaches a level of attractiveness - it smells like cistus with warm rubber-plastic-metal edges to it. After that it gets slightly better with a more dry resinous-woody note, assisted by a sweet-like orange note of maybe neroli/orangeblossom, and bitter almonds that gives it a more rounder feel - but still not attractive. There is a red strawberry/raspberry note that doesn’t dress up the oud in a haut-couture kind of way, more like slutty (like a whore that applies too much, too red-colored lipstick) - before the salty and slight musty, tarry character of it comes through in a powdery and anisic-soapy fashion; still too bitter-sourish, in a unattractive kind of way. I guess, handling oud requires a focused and clever look at its partnering with other basenotes, to make it work as a whole - instead of dressing it up with fancy top- en middle-notes. In the end, Oud settles down in a nice, amyris/oudish-way with a 'fleshy'-leather touch, but you wonder why you have to go through some much noise, before hearing that clear note. I rather like smelling pure oud then Oud.
19th May, 2014
Citrus-cedar thunderclap for the first couple of minutes. Then the oud sweeps in: an extremely dry, woody and - my nose isn't incredible - synthetic oud that is surprisingly satisfying. Sharp but heavy, linear, cedar-y woods prevail at bruisinly high intensity for a good few hours. Five or six hours later, the amyris appears and things begin to soften and slip back into a citrus-incense drydown.

I found myself comparing this to Oud Wood, which is more medicinal - old-fashioned cough linctus as opposed to the more commonly encountered band-aids - and has less of the cedar note (and no citrus). Surprisingly I find I like the AdP better, though compared to the clever TF, this is a brute. It's like being pummelled by a huge Turkish masseur: not completely enjoyable but extremely efficient and you come out of the experience feeling, on balance, the better for it, hence a tentative, and bruised, thumbs-up.
12th April, 2014
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
The combination of citrus and oud is an interesting on one and quite original. The oud is here, however, not the usual earthy agarwood note, it is pretty good but thinner and probably meant not to overwhelm the citrus; unfortunately that gives it less depth and richness. Additionally, for most of the drydown the coriander is too predominant and the blending is not very smoothly and harmoniously done such as to give the oud a better role. All this is not really a big problem, but there is little development on my skin; silage and projection are quite good though, and the longevity is very good at over seven hours. Clearly an oud cologne combines notes that are quite contradictory - bright citrus with darker oud wood, and that is difficult to pull off. Compared to those masterpieces that did achieve this marriage of contradictions - see Creed's unrivalled citrus-leather dyad in Cuir de Russie - this really is a half-cooked dish. One point for trying though.
21st March, 2014
Not what I was expecting at all. I envisioned this as Colonia Intensa with oud added, but that is not what I’ve found. In the first place I get no citruses – but I seldom get citrus in the presence of strong wood notes, so I’m not saying there are no citruses. What I get throughout the whole fragrance is a strong aromatic effect in the form of oud and coriander; unfortunately the coriander seems to dominate over the oud to the point when I’m thinking “cilantro”… which is wonderful in salsas but I don’t want to smell like… squashed bugs, some people say. If the accord was stronger with oud, I would love it, but there is enough coriander here that I know I’ll never get the squashed bugs thought out of my mind.

Before testing Colonia Intensa Oud, I had been apprehensive about the listed leather note; I do smell the leather and it comes across as a smooth, rich undertone to the aromatic accord, but this particular leather is not at all bothersome to me.

I can well understand why many love this fragrance: It is interesting – rather unique, well-constructed, has excellent-quality materials, and has good longevity. I find it linear, but that is apparently my fault and I would love its linearity if I loved its aroma. But I don’t.
01st March, 2014
I bought this today for my other half, but will grieve when I part with it. To my still new nose, this is a simply magnificent fragrance! I bought six other great perfumes today, but none equaled this. If there are fragrances significantly better, I don't know how I'll respond when I smell them. Faint dead away in public, I imagine.
04th December, 2013
Starts well, ends badly

Well...I'm a fan of oud and niche fragrances, so I took the plunge and bought a bottle of this when I found it cheap (well, relatively - I paid £95 and this stuff has an RRP of £170 here in the UK) bottle locally in a department store. A colleague wears Colonia Intensa Oud and I'd tried it before I bought it.

The initial blast is terrific - a kind of winding citrussy thing with dark woody notes underneath. After an hour the oud began to blossom...complex, rich, earthy and heady. I was really enjoying it. But - oh my - after 90 minutes it began to turn on me, and I was left with a powdery, dirty stink. It's hard to describe what it was like but it was a filthy monotone, like some kind of aging excrement. None of my other oud fragrances do this. Oh boy, was I disappointed - I spent £95 on this? It's awful! So bad it gave me a headache. Even after showering five hours later it was still on me. I'd put some on my forearm and even after scrubbing with some black pepper handwash I could still smell it. Obviously my skin chemistry has done something crazy to this.

Anyway, the packaging and presentation of Aqua di Parma Colonia Intensa Oud is terrific; the bottle design is great and the box is satin-lined. So that's a point in its favour.

I'd advise going VERY carefully with this one. DEFINITELY get a sample and try it on yourself for a day or two first. It could be great on you, but for me it's horrendous, and I will be selling mine pronto.

Pros: Extreme longevity
Cons: Turns truly disgusting on me"

18th September, 2013
Aside from the face that I like a fragrance, the greatest indication that something is good or not lies in the number of times that someone makes a positive comment. In this case, that has happened many times. It's a take on the oud with an Italian twist, and I like the end result. It is a pleasure to wear, and is very long lasting.

In addition to this, I own Tom Frod's Oud Wood, which I really like as well as Jo Malone's Oud and Bergamot. All three are great, and actually mix well together.

One final observation is that the packaging of this fine fragrance is truly first class! You will feel like you're opening something truly special, which is good, because this is a great fragrance!
18th April, 2013
I had a most positive initial response to this – bracing orangey freshness, a glorious coriander note (that perfect bridge between florals and woods), and some pretty limber oud; it felt as if Acqua di Parma had given us that mythical creature a lively oud. But then most things can make a good impression in the ultrabling Harrods perfume halls.
Trying it in the dog-eared comfort of my own home I am less impressed. The notes from the first time around are all present and correct, but there is a hefty dose of things that smell obviously synthetic, the kind one encounters all too frequently in ‘fresh’ designer ‘masculines’. They do subside in the course of the wear. The oud on closer inspection has that medicinal quality of the Piguet oud release, as if one were sniffing a treated sore. The deep drydown is fuzzy with musks and heading in the soft-suede-with-citruses direction. I dare say the totality of it makes an agreeable impression on the bystander, but it’s not quite right for me.

17th April, 2013
Its obvious from the beginning that this is an oud fragrance. It doesn't resemble Montale's take on oud, but is most similar to Bon'd NY Amber in character. Lemon and coriander brighten it up a bit, but overall it feels synthetic and not very smooth. The lemon is out of character. Its trying to mix night and day with the lemon as day and the bewitchment of dark oud as night. The result is a juxtapose between the two that doesn't work. There is something synthetic like plastic in there that I find off-putting. I can't comment on longevity and sillage becuase I didn't care to wear it. I award this a thumbs down for lack of originality of the note and trying to combine something bright like lemon with it.
28th March, 2013
Absolutely bloody fabulous. Love it. 5 stars, period.
21st March, 2013
I've stumbled over this fragrance due to a friend of mine that asked at me an evaluation about his new Acqua di Parma Oud prominent concoction. More leather than oud in my opinion. At the beginning i felt wrongly the sensation to smell the new V by Clive Christian. I noticed the oud in the air, but not a stark or medicinal dry woodiness while a sort of smooth fruity suede/oud combo which, despite its durable (but moderate) aromatic freshness, is finally softened and warmed by the implementation of musk and balsams. The musk i detect is soothing, enveloping and dense for sure. The leather is in the air till the end with its orangy (ostensibly berries-like) vibe, hints of patchouli and its smooth woody feel. Great projection.
Ps: Tried it again on my skin recently. I have to say that the note of musk/lavender is really notable, it is by soon something fruity and aromatic a la Le Male with a prominent watery freshness from the lavender, the balsamic touch from a strong coriander (this balsamic and a bit "post-industrial" amber/musk touch reminds me slightly Esoteric by Alyssa Asheley and slightly Alien in some of its nuances), may be an hint of sambac jasmine, a touch of camphor and a soapy sheer lingering vibe which is performing till almost the end of the run when and oud/leather tandem starts to express its great influence (something gassy, a bit boots polish type, woody and leathery with a subtle fruity- simil plummy undertone).
02nd March, 2013 (last edited: 07th January, 2015)
Very good, clean, western, and woody take on Oud. Not reliant on Citrus at all, like one would expect from ADP. Not animalic. Not dirty. Just a super clean floral-fresh top, and a super clean, dry, cambodian-Oud woody base. Excellent.
20th February, 2013
I really like this one.
IMO it is a cross between Montale Black Aoud and Maison Francis Kurkdjian's Oud.
If you the like the Montale, but find Black Aoud too strong, this one will suit you.
If you like MFK's Oud, but don't like the price tag, here is a cheaper, but equally as good (maybe a bit better) option.
01st January, 2013
Acqua di Parma Colonia Intensa Oud.
Initially the smell of ADP's Oud is all Colonia Intensa followed by a warm but well balanced oud woods base note. I would call this oud the FRESH WOODS OUD. The opening is a bit synthetic but highly charged, very fresh, citrus + light spice woods which lead immediately into a warm oud musk base. It is a light fresh kind of a leather fragrance but theres not enough leather here to really call it a leather scent. For that matter there is not enough oud to call it an oud scent either. This combination of fresh woods and oud leather makes for a very easy to live with oud that is fresh and invigorating while retaining the old world traditional leather oud base. This would be a good starter oud scent because it is very easy to like and wears well. There is very little to object to with ADP's Colonia Intensa Oud. rating 3.5 / 5.
05th December, 2012