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Orange blossom which kinda smells like a grape drink or soda. I get no leather at all in this. Too fruity for me. I think women will like this one because of the sweetness. There are many similar fragrances that can be purchased for much less. Not a bad fragrance. Just not for me. 6.5/10
06th January, 2015
Nice citrus-orange-bergamot opening on a leather-vanilla accord, with a bold sticky and animalic heart and quite a massive powdery feel around. The initial overall smell is quite classic, that type of gloomy animalic chypre like in Jicky, with uncomparable less depth, strenght, complexity – in short, more of a "tribute" (feeling nice today; otherwise, I'd say "parody"). Everything sounds more linear, simple, synthetic and toned down. But, it is still somehow decent. The worst part is the evolution, after a while you basically get an annoying and cloying smell of sticky warm soup, a sort of hot rubbery accord which manages to be at the same time dull and irritating. The drydown is basically a safraleine-like note (synthetic rubbery leather) with a resinous/vanilla feel, sweetish and flabby. The only "pro" is that both persistence and projection are rather weak.

30th April, 2014
The olfactory experiment starts in a while with a shower of powder, a sweet powder that is soon green/aromatic, almost mentholated (birch tar?), more than vaguely medicinal, yet soapy and decidedly orangy, something in a certain sense on the One Million's, Ted Lapidus Black Soul's, Bogart Silver Scent's and in part Joop Homme's vein. I'm soon a bit shocked but not automatically in a bad way despite the powdery showers are so far from my holy grail. The orange blossoms are really spicy/ambery (at least in the olfactory perception) in the middle of the powdery woods and you can detect soon a sort of detergent white cloud with musky accents. Leather? Not yet, i'm still waiting for it. This phase is resinous/tarry for sure in the way you can detect a sticky labdanum presence but not fully a leathery one. I smell a white musky cloud so detergent, synthetic in the perception, "shampooing pour le corps type" and hyper sweet. I wait, wait, wait and what? The leather doesn't appear, at least under my nose. I don't detect any typical sort of leathery trace in here, nothing buffy, animalic, smoky or luxury leatherwears conjuring, just sweet/detergent powder till the end, just something that if leather is it is something sticky, resinous, candied and almost gummy, just in this debatable sense we can talk about leather.
Ps. Waiting and waiting the leather appears (and the sweetness fortunately recedes), but in my opinion it represents just a secret undertone which is veiled by the sweet birch tar, the spicy/orangy rubber and the white woody powder.
23rd February, 2013 (last edited: 24th February, 2013)
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I disagree with other raters...This isn't about animalistic leather. I LOVE cuir d'Arabie by Montale and that is pure animalistic Cuir...This fails because the Musk and powder smells clash. It opens with an orange blossom, which quickly fades into a very animalistic musk. this combined with a powder covers the leather. This is a musk fragrance.
17th October, 2012
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United States
Mon Cuir opens on skin with a nicely done orange blossom note, before slowly receding giving way to a very strong animallic, even semi-camphorous birch leather note that at first combines with the orange blossom in the early heart then outright overtakes it (and everything else) afterwards. The leather is supported by a barely detectable nutmeg and musk, but there is never any doubt as to who "the star" is in Mon Cuir. Projection is average and longevity is slightly above average.

I am afraid Mon Cuir is really not to my personal taste. Its animallic leather nature is not the kind of leather I enjoy and I feel quite uncomfortable wearing it. I really did like the opening orange blossom and I think it could have been used more skillfully with a different kind of leather than the animallic stuff used here, but once the leather took the fore it was the beginning of the end for my enjoyment of Mon Cuir. It is interesting having previously sampled Monegal's Cuirelle, that I find the suede-like more soft and gentle approach used in that one as a much more appealing leather that I find far superior and much more accessible. That said, Mon Cuir is more of a "leather purist" kind of leather and may appeal to folks that like their leather more raw and wild than I. As for me, I'll stick to Cuirelle. "Mon Cuir" is not *my* leather and gets a below average to average 2 to 2.5 stars out of 5.
20th July, 2012