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Neutral Reviews of Encounter by Calvin Klein

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Encounter is one of the better Calvin Klein fragrances. The rum combined with the oud makes for a pleasant opening. After the opening it goes down hill. The rum and oud take a back seat to a generic woody base. Projection and longevity are abysmal and I question whether this is an EdT and not a weak EdC. Another decent work fragrance if you work in a fragrance free environment.
19th August, 2016
Fresh, light, clean, boring, not at all worth the $80 pricetag.
19th March, 2014
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
A nice mandarine-citrus opening that exudes freshness. Cardamom and a rum note lead to a drydown where a peppery patchouli leads into a woody base. Very synthetic and unexciting overall, but not without being pleasant. Limited and projection, but the longevity of four hours is not too bad. All right for spring.
30th December, 2013
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Rum, Cognac on a Agarwood plate

Its the decade of oud/ agarwood for sure, oud abosolut, immortel oud ,extreme oud , pure oud....sounded like a Bykilian clone on paper

Anyway its a nice soft blend of Rum,Cognac and a tiny spritz of Oud.

After an half hour the scent is totally settled as a skin scent.

Not my cup of tea a bit too much of everything.

Pros: Easy on the nose
Cons: Sillage & Longevity are too, mediocre and will not last"

25th August, 2013
Great scent, poor performance

This fragrance has an awesome smell, too bad its ruined by its terrible projection and longevity. If they fixed that, this would be a great fragrance IMO.

Pros: Great scent, awesome dry down.
Cons: Poor projection and longevity

13th June, 2013
vawallpa Show all reviews
United Kingdom
A nice fresh, slightly peppery summer scent with poor projection and average longevity, nothing groundbreaking here but it is pleasant.
08th April, 2013
This one is okay. Scent is okay, longevity is okay and projection is okay as well I guess. Wouldn't buy it, would probably wear it around the house if it was given to me. I received 2 samples of this and I didn't expect much from it and thats just what I got. Another boring CK frag. Next!
10th November, 2012
Basically, an encounter with a medicine cabinet. Smells like the camphor note that's in so many old-timey "notions". I guess if you like that smell, then Encounter is fine. But most of us will recognize it as Calvin Klein's eleventh hour attempt at the fig thing, mixed with the currently rising in popularity accord of mint. I really wish this house would stop churning out these lame concoctions. Remember "calvin", Calvin? Remember Obsession for Men? I think the last good juice from this house was Eternity, and although it's not a favorite of mine, at least it was original and set a trend. This company has re-re-branded itself in the clothes department by going back to it's roots and dumping the "CK" thing. Now if they'll only do the same with the scents.
So there.
10th October, 2012
Nowhere near as promising as the notes would have you believe.
Has a faint boozy edge and cardamom floating about.
But what is it with scents being so weak? After 2-3 hours it just sticks close to the skin. No one seems to want to make anything with any specific sort of projection.
12th September, 2012
Very mediocre at best. The opening gives me the typical CK crap, an array of synthetic smelling fruity notes, mashed together. After 20 minutes it's gone..

After 40 minutes it's back? Odd. I get oud. Yup, I said it.. there's oud! Is it good? No, not really, but it's an attempt of maybe better things to come. I couldn't just sit there and smell my hand, because it would smell like it was gone. I had to take a whiff.. clear the nasal passages, and then take another whiff some seconds after. The oud eventually mixes with a sharp spicy cedar, and some sort of incense. While it may sound good, it really isn't, the notes are there, but the quality is horrible.

Almost thumbs down worthy, in my book. Unbalanced and unorganized scent. The dry down improves it, but it still lacks quality. Regardless, the question is answered. CK can do oud. A for effort, A for oud (not this oud, but the demonstration of oud in general), F for everything else.
04th September, 2012
I'll rate it neutral because it just smells neutral. The note pyramid originally pulled me in (particularly the Oud), but the amount in it is fairly minuscule, and all the notes come together to form a very linear, clean, nothing-y scent. Longevity of about 3 hours. Nothing really new from CK here, another meh fragrance just in time for Christmas.
28th August, 2012
The juice is not bad itself and at the end of its journey turns out as a sharp and uncompromisingly masculine spicy-dark (ambery?) concoction definitely conventional in its woodsy virile dry down. The modern "encounter" of almost fizzy boozy notes, citrus, prickly  dustiness and light cedar produces a sharp, slightly fluidy (i would say sparkling), alcoholic, averagely cool,  fruity (even due the pleasant note of mandarine) dark depth with the sophisticated spark from the floral note represented in here by an obscure jasmine. At this point i catch a vague reminiscence of the first Ungaro III lighter stage when the sparkling vodka splash is still swirling in the air. The floral-citrusy  booziness is kind of aqueous-sporty-dynamic and the woodiness from the oud is definitely not stark or medicinal but simply astringent, cedary, dusty and masculine. The juice, in its soul, is a compromise between a classic woodsy-floral masculine and a modern watered down (lighter)  citrusy ozonic (although it is not an ozonic one). The dry down reminds a classic woodsy-ambery and spicy powerhouse base but in a less heavy and more modern (cozy, chic, cool, boozy, dark)and alcoholic  way. Cute bottle. 
27th August, 2012 (last edited: 22nd December, 2013)
Has the typical Calvin Klein watery texture with added booze. Of all the sweet fragrances I've tried this is on the lighter side. Not a scent I would keep sniffing, but it's alright. Try it for yourself

Scent 5.5
Sillage 5
22nd August, 2012
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Got to try this one at Macy's today. The sales associate said they had just put it out a few hours before. I tried it, it was nice, fresh, clean, but smelled too familiar. I was hoping for someone more like A*Men Pure Malt, with the cognac and rum, but instead it smells like an Eternity or Euphoria. Not terrible, not exciting.
12th August, 2012
nothing particularly exciting, duration seems to be limited, sillage pretty good, can't say it's bad!
10th August, 2012