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the perfect fall/winter scent

I have been looking for the perfect fall/winter scent forever. I have many great ones, but I wanted something spicy, woodsy, masculine, warm with some sweetness. I was in Macys the other day trying some of the new offerings, when out of simple curiosity I tried on ck encounter. I have not like a new ck cologne in years, save for certain ck one summer offerings. I had remembered a write up describing this as woodsy, so, with not much of in the way of expectations, I sprayed some on my wrist.

What I smelled shocked me. It was all there rolled up into one, everything I wanted. Spice, rum, woodsy (a bit of pine), sweetness in moderation, musk. The saleswoman looked at me surprised that I loved it, clearly encounter was relegated in the background while made to measure, eros, one million intense hogged all of the attention, and sales pitches. I walked through the mall to see how it progressed, how it dried down, and I was back to make a no-brainer purchase without one morsel of buyers remorse and "do you really need another bottle?" rattling around in my head.

This reminds me some of Claiborne spark, a refined, toned down, mature version of spark. I loved everything spark tried to be, but found it to be too much, too synthetic. Not so with encounter, while I do recognize that this is synthetic, it really does not matter because everything is so well blended together in harmony, all the notes play together to make a wonderful symphony. This is so versatile because it projects strongly in the beginning, but then mellows to a near skin scent leaving you feeling like you just walked through the woods on a brisk fall day.

It is autumn, the air is brisk, the sun is beginning to set as you walk through the woods. The breeze is cool and constant, bending the trees while the leaves on the forest floor dance around you in a stunning dress of oranges, reds, and yellows. You can see your breath, cheeks are rosy and a bit numb, but that is exactly why you went for this walk. To take in the very essence of fall, to clear your mind, your lungs, and to gather some kindling and wood for the fire at home. Once home, the roaring fire is fed, a bourbon in hand while you warm yourself. , the smell of potpourri, a freshly baked apple pie fill your nostrils, along with the bourbon that you slowly drink in.....This is what this scent encapsulates from start to finish for me, my absolute favorite time of the year.

I must say, I see all of the negative reviews here, and I have to ask...why? I get it if this is not your thing, it doesn't work with your chemistry, but I sense something more here, perhaps a bit of cologne snobbery perhaps??? I do not own a tom ford, or a creed cologne, nor do I see myself doing so. Green Irish tweed may wind up being the exception to the rule one day. I do have over 100 colognes, some cheap, some expensive, I cannot describe every note I smell, but I still feel comfortable calling myself a colognessiur (I think I might patent that word). I honestly think this cologne gets ridiculed like it does because one, ck has been putting out some real crap in the past decade or so, and two, the price point is far beneath some of the people on this site. If creed attached their name to this, there would be a 55 person thread signing encounters praises...The price point is what hammers my point home even you have a versatile, masculine, well-balanced, age-neutral fragrance that can be had for under 80 bucks including the body spray, even less if you shop online. I wear what I like, whether it be cheap or expensive, because its not the price tag or the house that makes the cologne niche or unique, its me, my body chemistry, my preferences that make every cologne I own a personal, me only experience. I wish more cologne collectors understood this, because this site and others are full of people name dropping in an effort to impress or show total strangers how exquisite their tastes and noses are.
Again I know this is synthetic, but I ask you, do you realize how many colognes try to pull this off, but fail, or fall short just a bit? Burberry London?..i own it, its wonderful, but unless it is very cold, it can easily be too overbearing, until it disappears of course, two hours later. One million? I own it, a wonderful scent that I adore, but super duper sweet with the focus on the blood orange note. Pure malt, pure havane, A men, taste of fragrance, pure leather? I own them all, and I love them all, but each one is very sweet, and lacking the woodsy notes necessary to make them the perfect fall scent (malt comes close, but the wood and scotch note are not strong enough to rein in the A men base). I could go on and on, but suffice to say this already is in my top 5, and this will always be in my collection. Go to your nearest department store and try this with a clear mind, no prejudices, no expectations, and you may just encounter a fragrance that you will fall in love with

Pros: wonderful combination of rum, woods, spice
Cons: longevitty could be a bit better"

19th August, 2013
I recently acquired this when I was out of state, and I immediately fell in love with the scent! I am actually surprised that people are not liking this as much as I thought it would be. So let me go on the scent breakdown.

According to this site it's fairly accurate. How much you apply actually affects the top note's scent. A couple of spritzes will yield a stronger citrus mandarin scent, whereas spraying 8+ or more sprays will really give off a boozy quality. Either way I really like how it's done.

As it dries down it becomes sweeter, at least to my nose; I almost want to say vanilla but not completely sure. I suppose the Oud has something to do with this, and in terms of longevity it actually lasts quite long on my skin at least. I see others saying ten minutes... It's more like ten hours for me. But it does get close to the skin after a couple of hours.

I'd also like to note that straight at the beginning it does remind me of a similar deodorant that I can't pinpoint, but it's pleasant either way.

A very underrated scent, just like D&G's Light Blue Homme is. I recommend this and I'm glad to have added it to my collection. Give it a try!

P.S. If you truly have longevity issues, spray it on more heavily than normal. The price is reasonable so it's not as if you're spraying away a large sum of money.
19th March, 2013
It's really good if u using it in winter/autumn (cold weather).
Individual flavor, ambitious, not for everyone.
For some, the smell may be irritating, but women love the feel of it on men (from my observation : )
11th December, 2012
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I like this. Yes the pyramid is promising and the scent does not deliver, is not a horrible scent. It is boozy and sweet, and it does last, just depends on your skin. i like it because it is great for fall. masterpiece? def not. This could be a neutral rating, but I really like it. I would have marketed it as Euphoria Night or After Dark, but considering how silly those names sound, CK went in a different direction. smell and judge for yourself, and not just on first sniff, test wear it for a whole day and see what you get.
22nd October, 2012
Tried this on my skin today. Its a well blended woody and aromatic scent and I'm actually a little surprised to see it being classified as woody oriental here and there. I guess that should be due to presence of Rum, Cognac, and Cardamom which gives me an aromatic impression but they are probably 'officially' Oriental notes!

It starts with fresh, crispy and boozy accords and settles to a nice scent which leaves an overall impression of something shampoo-i or soapy. It's a little synthetic and even cheap but still a lot better than most of main stream scents that I recently tried.

Good longevity and moderate projection. Overall: 7.5 out of 10.
30th August, 2012