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Positive Reviews of Pure Mariposa by Ramon Monegal

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I love this scent works perfect with my chemistry. Starts super citrus and sweet, then I can pick up light floral and green notes and ends spicey with patchouli and the warmth of sandalwood. An amazing combination of sweet and spicey, I tend to fall in love with fragrances like my personality.
23rd February, 2015
A nice tropical floral. It's milky and heavy on the coconut and ylang, mixed with slightly indolic big floral notes like tuberose and orange blossom. There's a shot of citrus on top and a tobacco leaf smell later in the day, ultimately drying down to a rather thin sandalwood.

Honestly, the upfront coconut may turn some people off, but if you're in a festive mood, Pure Mariposa could be fun. My only complaint, and it's a small one, is that the base is quite thin compared to the concentrated feel of the rest of the scent. For prices like these, I hope for the luxurious richness that comes from a great base.
27th March, 2013