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Neutral Reviews of JB by Jack Black

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A nice casual or weekend juice. It is pleasant. My neutral rating is due to the lack of longevity. Try before you buy.
23rd December, 2018
An Awful Experience

This was a huge and disappointing blind buy that had me sending the bottle back to JB for a refund the day after I received and tried this fragrance. Especially since I've enjoyed JB's other fragrances, namely Black Mark. Upon spraying this on my skin I got an immediate burst of dry wood and mint. In fact the entire wear was way too dry with very few pleasant or interesting notes. It burned my nostrils when I smelled it even though it was not over applied. Late into the dry down I got a cloying stale perfumy sent that just hung around way too long. I know it's an EDP but even a tiny bit of this stuff was very unpleasant. I know I'm not alone being as others have called JB just plain awful.

Pros: None that I can find
Cons: Cons abound"

01st August, 2013