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    The opening proves the name right: Straight into a modern storage room of new leather - synthetic but very nice. A convincing leather note. Then, wood and a bit of vanilla are added and towards the end a bit of a musky vetiver. Like previously noted in a review there is a change to a much less convincing second phase, but in my skin that only occurs a very short time before the end, and hence I am happy to give this one a thumbs up. A straightforward enticing leather scent with not much else of significance, but of high quality in its narrow approach. Very good silage and projection with over eight hours of longevity. A fine LL scent for autumnal times.

    09th January, 2014

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    Starts out very industrial.
    Adhesive chemicals mixed with tar & petrol.
    Along the lines of Le Labo Patchouli 24 but no where as warm and enveloping.
    More like the whipping gesture of Gomma mixed with Etro, Nostalgia & Xerjoff’s Hommage.
    But the final touch is a vanilla, bonding it together peacefully.
    It is no doubt typically eccentric – like Le Labo is usually.
    It remains medicinal for a while.
    Soon the musk appears and adds another dimension.

    Its not an animalic musk. It’s a industrial workshop musk.

    Smelling Cuir 28 reminded me of when I got lost in Suzhou many years ago.
    I’d gone off the beaten path and found myself next to a huge factory. Where apparently petroleum by products were processed.

    The middle bit is where the excitement deceases.
    It turns into a glowing vetiver (very synthetic – not that that’s a bad thing but its certainly not natural smelling).
    The tar, leather, musk and anything that added flair is now gone. Very similar to Jovoy – Private Label.
    It’s a warm glowing single dimensional vetiver .
    Its sad because I am from Dubai and have been waiting 3 years for this to come out.
    I’m a big Le Labo fan. I own and enjoy around 10 and will pick up another 5 soon. I had high hopes for Cuir 28.
    To summarize, it starts out nice. Not unique mind you, but nice. A superb middle and ending would've made this a winner. That, it lacked.

    06th November, 2013

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    Synthetic leather

    An unashamedly synthetic leather devoid of any ambery sweetness or musky animalic plushness. Instead, a dry leather is made drier and fresher by hefty doses of vetiver and woody ambers. (only in the far drydown there's a little bit of vanilla). The effect is a bit like rubber or some type of paint, and the composition would fit well in a CDG lineup. It's not up there with the leather masterpieces (Bandit, Rien, etc.), and as a city exclusive it is way overpriced, but good and fun.

    15th September, 2013

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