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Reviews of Monsieur de Fath by Jacques Fath

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It smells like a sort of creamy/ozonic concoction on my wrist, a sort of (i don't know why) yellow one with a soapy musky-lemony substance. I detect a typical soapy citrusy (lemony) vetiver, some sweet woods, ozonic nuances and a touch of sweet tonka. You can for sure detect since the beginning a sparkling aromatic pungency in the air, green and lemony, before the soapy/ vanillic and cedary vetiver starts to characterize for a long time the dry down. Pleasant, soft, decently elegant but a bit unoriginal.
10th March, 2013
Citrus ... Citrus ... Citrus ... anything else??
Refresshing but a bit ... one dimensional.
31st July, 2012