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Neutral Reviews of Z Zegna Fresh by Ermenegildo Zegna

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Like Zegna's 'Z' this is a fruity and somewhat tart, yet still fresh scent. Despite its appearance and marketing (mine came in a 'wetsuit' type of sheath cover) it is not really an aquatic.

I really can't distinguish much of a difference between this 'Fresh' version and the original Z. Like the original, its longevity and sillage are not outstanding. In fact, this Fresh version is so much lighter than Z that I use it as an after shave base before wearing Z or Z Zegna Extreme.

Despite its sillage and longevity issues, the original Z is still one of my 'go to' choices when I can't really decide what else to wear. This Fresh version though seems like a complete waste of money. If you already have a bottle of Z, I would not bother with this at all. I only bought mine blind as I really enjoyed Z.

I'm giving this a neutral rating purely due to the very pleasant feeling I get from smelling this (while it lasts!).
14th August, 2012