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Positive Reviews of Men Pure-Formance by Aveda

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United States
Agree with the previous review. Just wanted to add a bit more on the notes, which are all high quality and natural smelling. Opens with strong mix of sharp, medicinal lavender, dry vetiver, spearmint, kunzea (smells like a mild tea tree oil), and bitter orange. Over time the orange/citrus note fades, and a base of balsamic and herbal notes build to add foundation. Pretty long lasting as well.
10th December, 2017
Very much a fine rendition of what you might think of as "spa" smell. It's the aroma that wafts from just about any expensive day spa I've ever visited. Very nice for when you want to smell clean, herbal-fresh, and modern. Well-priced, for such strong quality ingredients. Recommended to those who seek a modern fresh effect. Only caveat: go light on the trigger. It's strong stuff. Just one or two sprays and you're good for several hours.
10th November, 2012