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Positive Reviews of Acqua Attiva by Collistar

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Mugler Cologne meets Dior Homme Cologne. That's what I get with Acqua Attiva by Collistar. The opening reminded me of Morillas' work for Mugler in that it begins with a clean and white neroli note. However, as you can see in the note pyramid the intention here is not neroli, but lemon blossom, and it's very well-executed in that sense as there is an obvious lemon note in the opening accord as well. So in the beginning, it's more or less Mugler Cologne with more citrus. The dry down recalls Dior Homme Cologne or even Dior Homme Sport to some extent as it presents a light base of vetiver and a sort of dry grapefruit, more tart than sweet.

Overall Acqua Attiva seems carefully composed and everything works together seamlessly. It's one downfall in my opinion is its performance. It's a quiet fragrance, but maybe a little too quiet. On me, the fragrance wears mostly as a skin scent with minimal projection, and I get about 3 or 4 hours of longevity out of it. If the performance was better, I'd immediately place it right up there with the aforementioned fragrances, which are easily 4 out of 5 star compositions. Unfortunately I have to take a star away in this case, as Acqua Attiva's strength is lacking where it is needed. 100% office-safe and a solid choice if you enjoy quiet scents. Recommended for sampling, as you may get better performance than I do.

Thumbs up with some mild disappointment. Sold at a fair price.
19th September, 2015