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Bitter and citric
Is no way to go through life
Unless you're fragrance.
16th October, 2017
Lavender/citrus powdery fragrance very clean and pleasant. The smell that I can recall the most from this is baby cologne. For the younger crowd.
21st May, 2016 (last edited: 13th August, 2016)
There's an amazing frangrance hidden behind simplicity. Daniela Andrier loves natural contents. Bitter orange and mint surround lavender, then a warm skin amber appears... We can feel the sun and salty ocean... fresh but sweet with a very good sillage and longevity. It's Magic like a sunset on the ocean, a summer ending day. Natural global impression, "a must" for me.
30th April, 2016
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Another lavender scent. I get lavender and mint from Luna Rossa. Am I missing something here?! Citrus notes but that dissipates quickly. Not a scent I would wear and performance is weak. Smells like something you clean the bathroom with.
02nd April, 2016
to me, this is the smell that will forever remind me of my graduation from Marine boot camp last year. this was my first fragrance that I bought as well as 212 for men, eros, and 1 million. this is the one, out of ALL OF THEM that everyone in the platoon wanted to wear on graduation and asked me for a spray, lol. now, on the the real review.

longevity: eh...honestly I noticed this doesnt last that long on me. personally, i think the most i pulled out of it was 4 hours? maybe 5. it feels watered down in the sense that i feel like that is as best as it can do, after about 6 hours of wear, i hardly noticed it.

projection: projection isnt bad honestly. people can smell you for about 4 feet away and it leaves a great scent train.

occasion: personally, i think this is a great fragrance for the summer, during a nice casual festivity. a simple date (walk in the park, trip to the carnival, or the movies; stuff like that).

ages:16 to 35(depending, in my personal opsionion, your personality and use as well as what your wearing).

this is the fragrance for the mature youth out there.

7 and a half out of 10!
06th December, 2015

PRADA fragrances are one of main pillars in my collection.LUNA ROSSA is a refreshingly aromatic blend of citruses and lavender, mixed with fresh mint and amber that provide a fresh masculinity and refined elegance. Modern,Youngish,Crisp,Summery, Interesting,Clean and Lovely with a elegant bottle.

Strong orange opening.The dominant essence mint,is very complimentary to the top notes,rendering them ever so slightly soapy.This is such a pleasant, soft and cute that remembers A summer afternoon at the beach when your lover smile to you and you play with her hair.The mint never disappears but folds into the creation,keeping it fresh and light.

LUNA ROSSA is a fresh daytime scent for the active man who loves to feel his blood rush.perfect for warmer weather and casual wear.You can not wear this fragrance without Feeling very YOUTHFULL.Makes YOU feel good after work.Freshness is a definite Characteristic in it.Highly Recommend for everyone do not Like strong smell.

Sillage?Quite acceptable for a citrus Aromatic.

Longevity?Surprisingly Good on my skin.

11th May, 2015
I hate having to give this a thumbs down because the scent itself is very pleasant. But I've encountered farts that last longer and have better sillage than this stuff. It doesn't matter how nice a fragrance is if you can't even tell it's on.
07th May, 2015
It's been a year since I sampled it, but I remember thinking "This smells like clementines!" when I had it on my arm.

I'll give it another shot next time I have the opportunity, but I remember being impressed.
05th March, 2015
Incredibly simple, and incredibly boring.

Except for the unusual addition of spearmint, this is a generic men's scent, no different than thousands created from the 1990s onwards.

So inoffensive as to seriously lack any character whatsoever.

The mint dries to redeem it, but can't rise above the other bland ingredients.

Not awful, just not interesting.
10th February, 2015
It smells like an inferior version of Armani Code. Why get this when Armani Code is better?
06th December, 2014
This is one that I found based on the notes. I was looking for something that smelled fresh with a minty base. Luna Rossa was it. I don't understand the comments about it being generic, maybe I have yet to smell any of the cheap axe scents that are similar.
Anyways, when I wear luna rossa, it makes me feel different and out of the ordinary in a good way. I get the blast of mint and lavender off the bat and then warms down to a lavender amber. I don't get much of the citrus but the slight powdery/soapy prada we know of. I could wear this one on the spring, cool summer, fall days.
29th October, 2014
Ugh. Generic and cheap. Axe.
07th September, 2014
Balsamic-minty opening with a hint of ozonic notes, aldehydes, aromatic woody notes (cedar, cashmeran), all drowned in a gallon of the new "contemporary elegance" X-factor – the Iso E Super. I also detect some violet/honeysuckle notes, with bergamot too. It then evolves on the woody path, notably with cedar and sandalwood notes, with an incense-ambery base, artificial but pleasant – always keeping it clean, breezy and minty. Despite being utterly cheap and unworthy whatever price tag "per se", it's still better than other mainstream scents. I would define this a clean, crisp, trendy office/club crowpleasing safe scent, classy and cozy but unobtrusive, for men who want to smell nice but don't want to make it become a statement. Plus it basically smells like the reformulated version of Geranium pour Monsieur by Malle, here's the "niche" factor too – and by the way Malle is worse, since it's more expensive and extremely more pretentious. Among the Christmas presents a bimbo girlfriend with a magazines-driven fragrance knowledge may stumble upon, this isn't among the worst ones.

08th June, 2014
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This is one of the more interesting pseudo-aquatic-style scents I’ve encountered. In the opening it provides an ozonic base with a citrus/ lavender/ mint bent. I find the lavender to be a bit synthetic but quite pleasant, and it’s combinations with the bitter orange and the mint / clary sage form interesting abstractions which come across as suggestively full-bodied, aromatic, and ozonic. I love the combinations of notes used in Luna Rossa: The lavender manages to hang on for a long time; the bergamot note disappears relatively quickly, to be replaced by the sage / mint… this is quieter and less aromatic with almost all the ozonics expended. It is a textured accord that is fresh, relaxing, cool, but short lived (1 – 2 hours). The amber (ambroxan?) base is quite reticent. Off my skin it has limited projection and longevity, which presents the main problem I find with Luna Rosa: It doesn’t last very long. I find the base a disappointment… It is not as original as the opening; also, it doesn’t project very well from my dry skin. It is soapy in nature, and I quite enjoy its soapiness.

Luna Rosa is an interesting, pleasant, original fragrance. If it could have retained the opening / middle accords longer, I would buy it, but the most interesting aspects of it are short-lived as is its longevity on my skin.
11th March, 2014
prada luna rossa is a good fragrance scent that lasts for awhile when wearing. good choice.
06th January, 2014
This one is a little too generic for me. No originality on this prada.Nice bottle though. No disrepect to the younger crowd, but they may like this one.
04th November, 2013
Breezy, elegant, sweetish. Very carefully balanced. I get an impression of very understated candy and herbs, herbs almoust touching on tobacco. Very subdued, I understand why some find it bland. But if you want some pleasant sweetness that is not greasy or cloying, it may be for you. Is it worth the price, though?
03rd November, 2013
Fresh and Clean

Citrusy bitter orange plays nicely with the lavender opening. Citrus dries down in about 30 mins to form a soft and relaxing lavendar bubble. Mint is almost imperceptible but its there keeping the whole structure fresh and clean. As one woman said to me, Its the kind of fragrance that makes me want to smell your shirt when you leave.

Pros: Lavender opening
Cons: Longevity (4-6 hours)"

30th July, 2013
A decent release, more or less

Soapy and sterile in the vein of previous Prada fragrances, yet sweetened and smoothened a bit with floral notes and a bit of vanilla. As confusing as this sounds, it has parts of it that are really unique, but in it's overall framework it does feel a bit on the generic side. At least on the surface, it's typical. But deep down, if you look into it, it's more than it appears on the surface.

As for what I would compare this to. Definitely Body Kouros, except without the eucalyptus and incense. Though it is less gourmandish than Body Kouros, safer and overall wellrounded, which is good if that's what you are looking for. The ingredient quality is well on par with the standards for a designer fragrance. It is a dualism between medicinal and sporty, which is perfectly wearable for a man and while it never crosses the gender boundaries, it feel a little bit on the feminine side of masculine.

In the end, what is Luna Rossa? It's a good release from Prada and surely worth checking out. It's not revolutionary or innovative in a meaningful way, though it takes a common formula for designer fragrances and ever so slightly changes it up a bit. It's not groundbreaking, but it doesn't disappoint.

28th July, 2013
Not the luxury soap scent I expected

Being a big fan of IdH or Amber pour homme, and considering it was created by the same perfumer, I expected it was going to be another luxury soapy scent. Yes, it's soapy, but it's not an special fragrance. Just spray a bit of Luna Rossa on one hand, and a bit of Infusion d'Homme (or Amber) on the other, and you'll see what I'm talking about: Luna Rossa isn't close to them.

13th July, 2013
If you like Hermes Vetiver Tonka....

This is surprisingly beautiful for a Prada mass market, and to me is very reminiscent of Hermes Vetiver Tonka. Both have a fresh, almost soapy, dry vetiver, the main difference is the slightly minty opening in the Prada -- and the price! The Prada is also more complex and not as linear as the Hermes. This is a welcome relief from the calone/abroxan fresh aquatics that are everywhere. It smells of understated sophistication, a crisp linen shirt on suntanned skin. Recommended. And the bottle isn't bad either, handsome, unique.

Pros: fresh, clean, summery, well done

06th June, 2013
I tried this scent on two different occasions and have found that I really like it. I think it will be nice for summer.
12th May, 2013
It's funny. I dismissed this one as generic, fresh and boring. I gave it a full wearing from the sample I received at Macy's and thought it was kinda nice. Kinda. I didn't pay attention to it again until the next day when I was gathering my clothes from the night before to put in the hamper. I got my shirt, sniffed it and decided to give Luna Rossa another shot. Several wears later I decided that, although it might be fresh, it is definitely not generic or boring, at least not after the first impression.
02nd May, 2013
Don't care for this fragrance at at. The opening has a sharp synthetic orange when combined with the mint smells like those orange baby aspirin. It does improve in the heart, but isn't interesting enough to even warrant a decant. Turns into a powdery orange/lavender with a bit of soap. Doesn't stand out except for the bottle. If that's worth $60 then by all means, but if your looking to buy a fragrance because of the juice inside you can do better and spend less than $15.
01st May, 2013
For those who really liked the original Infusion d'Homme, you might not like this, despite it paying strong tribute to it. But for those of us who did not like IdH, this is a much more desirable offering from Prada.

It opens much like IdH then it becomes less sharp and less linear, though the soapy Pradaness is still there. Theere is a sweetness to it but I do not think it is too much. In fact it balances the soapy notes very well.

Finally, a Prada I can wear other than Infusion de Vetiver.
29th April, 2013
I can't lie... I fell in love with this scent, the second I tried it. It strength takes you to the open waters of the ocean, to ride along the Luna Rosa Team.

It's not the strength you might know from 'Hermes' or 'Balmain', but it's definitely there. You'll be surprised by the simplicity of mint and the complexity of Ambrette.
31st March, 2013
I liked the first half of the scent, and am underwhelmed by the second half. Hence the neutral rating.
The first half is an interesting exercise in dry, herbal mint minimalism. Hints of lavender and mint give an airy fresh quality. This creates a mood of a freshly-ironed white shirt, and would work well in an office environment.
The second phase is where the ambrette and ambroxan take over. Ambrette usually has a floral, musk-like quality and that's true here. I also often find an odd, toasted sesame-seed note in ambrette and that is also here. In moderate doses the sweetness is not wretched or cloying.
But I think the scent would have been much more interesting and distinctive with phase one alone. I think Prada always has a house style of sweet and rich, and I see that here.
18th March, 2013
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United States
After trying an insert in Men's Health, I LOVED this scent, but after buying a bottle and trying it once, I realized it wasn't nearly as interested as I initially thought.

I don't remember any notes, but I can say that I don't think this is anything special.
13th March, 2013
I was pretty excited when I first heard that this was being released. I really like Prada IdH, and I was looking for a similar warm weather scent in Luna Rossa. I almost just bought a bottle out right when I spotted it at Macy's. Thankfully I restrained myself and sampled it a couple of times first.

On first spray, there is a very nice minty orange burst that smelled unique and fresh. That lasted all of about 5 minutes, then this turned to a sweet, baby powder scent. This lacks the clean/soap vibe that I really enjoy in some of the other Prada offerings. The whole middle and dry down is a mess powdery sweetness with that aquatic note found in so many new frags that is almost nauseating to me.

If the top notes were more dominant throughout, this would be pretty nice, also the bottle looks interesting. But try before you buy this one.
20th February, 2013

Ambery sweet faint powder, a watery orange/aromatic herbs accord, a touch of ozonic and a final soap..., namely a common recipe. In the Le Male and L.Lempicka Au Masculine vein, Luna Rossa is a simplistic and salty/powdery ambery-aquatic of new generation with a huge amount of fresh-watery minty lavender, some aromatic elements and a common orangy and barely ozonic vibe. Not a bad one but frankly it might be time the mainstream brands start running different olfactory ways. The dry down is first powdery and endly effectively soapy as a common hands soap around. Pass by.
09th January, 2013