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Negative Reviews of Luna Rossa by Prada

Total Reviews: 9
Another lavender scent. I get lavender and mint from Luna Rossa. Am I missing something here?! Citrus notes but that dissipates quickly. Not a scent I would wear and performance is weak. Smells like something you clean the bathroom with.
02nd April, 2016
It smells like an inferior version of Armani Code. Why get this when Armani Code is better?
06th December, 2014
Ugh. Generic and cheap. Axe.
07th September, 2014
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This one is a little too generic for me. No originality on this prada.Nice bottle though. No disrepect to the younger crowd, but they may like this one.
04th November, 2013
Not the luxury soap scent I expected

Being a big fan of IdH or Amber pour homme, and considering it was created by the same perfumer, I expected it was going to be another luxury soapy scent. Yes, it's soapy, but it's not an special fragrance. Just spray a bit of Luna Rossa on one hand, and a bit of Infusion d'Homme (or Amber) on the other, and you'll see what I'm talking about: Luna Rossa isn't close to them.

13th July, 2013
Don't care for this fragrance at at. The opening has a sharp synthetic orange when combined with the mint smells like those orange baby aspirin. It does improve in the heart, but isn't interesting enough to even warrant a decant. Turns into a powdery orange/lavender with a bit of soap. Doesn't stand out except for the bottle. If that's worth $60 then by all means, but if your looking to buy a fragrance because of the juice inside you can do better and spend less than $15.
01st May, 2013
I was pretty excited when I first heard that this was being released. I really like Prada IdH, and I was looking for a similar warm weather scent in Luna Rossa. I almost just bought a bottle out right when I spotted it at Macy's. Thankfully I restrained myself and sampled it a couple of times first.

On first spray, there is a very nice minty orange burst that smelled unique and fresh. That lasted all of about 5 minutes, then this turned to a sweet, baby powder scent. This lacks the clean/soap vibe that I really enjoy in some of the other Prada offerings. The whole middle and dry down is a mess powdery sweetness with that aquatic note found in so many new frags that is almost nauseating to me.

If the top notes were more dominant throughout, this would be pretty nice, also the bottle looks interesting. But try before you buy this one.
20th February, 2013

Ambery sweet faint powder, a watery orange/aromatic herbs accord, a touch of ozonic and a final soap..., namely a common recipe. In the Le Male and L.Lempicka Au Masculine vein, Luna Rossa is a simplistic and salty/powdery ambery-aquatic of new generation with a huge amount of fresh-watery minty lavender, some aromatic elements and a common orangy and barely ozonic vibe. Not a bad one but frankly it might be time the mainstream brands start running different olfactory ways. The dry down is first powdery and endly effectively soapy as a common hands soap around. Pass by.
09th January, 2013
I tried the tester on Luna Rossa and was impressed by its strength and it lasted into the next day.

However the one I bought does not have no way near the strength of the one I tested. I spent over £50 on this product and would not recommend it.
21st December, 2012