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Neutral Reviews of Luna Rossa by Prada

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Very light, clean and somewhat powdery, this lavender scent is modern but the performance is very weak.

I think I would like it better if it had better performance because it smells nice while you can smell it but seems to be gone after 2-3 hours. That makes it hard to justify wearing unless you'll be reapplying all day or just need to smell nice and clean for a couple hours. Sorry, but this seems to get over-powered by scented deodorant.

That said, it does seem to come back in tiny wafts throughout the day. Still weak projection but it lingers for 6-7 hours.
21st May, 2018
Incredibly simple, and incredibly boring.

Except for the unusual addition of spearmint, this is a generic men's scent, no different than thousands created from the 1990s onwards.

So inoffensive as to seriously lack any character whatsoever.

The mint dries to redeem it, but can't rise above the other bland ingredients.

Not awful, just not interesting.
10th February, 2015
Balsamic-minty opening with a hint of ozonic notes, aldehydes, aromatic woody notes (cedar, cashmeran), all drowned in a gallon of the new "contemporary elegance" X-factor – the Iso E Super. I also detect some violet/honeysuckle notes, with bergamot too. It then evolves on the woody path, notably with cedar and sandalwood notes, with an incense-ambery base, artificial but pleasant – always keeping it clean, breezy and minty. Despite being utterly cheap and unworthy whatever price tag "per se", it's still better than other mainstream scents. I would define this a clean, crisp, trendy office/club crowpleasing safe scent, classy and cozy but unobtrusive, for men who want to smell nice but don't want to make it become a statement. Plus it basically smells like the reformulated version of Geranium pour Monsieur by Malle, here's the "niche" factor too – and by the way Malle is worse, since it's more expensive and extremely more pretentious. Among the Christmas presents a bimbo girlfriend with a magazines-driven fragrance knowledge may stumble upon, this isn't among the worst ones.

08th June, 2014
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Breezy, elegant, sweetish. Very carefully balanced. I get an impression of very understated candy and herbs, herbs almoust touching on tobacco. Very subdued, I understand why some find it bland. But if you want some pleasant sweetness that is not greasy or cloying, it may be for you. Is it worth the price, though?
03rd November, 2013
I liked the first half of the scent, and am underwhelmed by the second half. Hence the neutral rating.
The first half is an interesting exercise in dry, herbal mint minimalism. Hints of lavender and mint give an airy fresh quality. This creates a mood of a freshly-ironed white shirt, and would work well in an office environment.
The second phase is where the ambrette and ambroxan take over. Ambrette usually has a floral, musk-like quality and that's true here. I also often find an odd, toasted sesame-seed note in ambrette and that is also here. In moderate doses the sweetness is not wretched or cloying.
But I think the scent would have been much more interesting and distinctive with phase one alone. I think Prada always has a house style of sweet and rich, and I see that here.
18th March, 2013
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United States
After trying an insert in Men's Health, I LOVED this scent, but after buying a bottle and trying it once, I realized it wasn't nearly as interested as I initially thought.

I don't remember any notes, but I can say that I don't think this is anything special.
13th March, 2013
Smells like the handsoap I use. Not something I would want to smell like.
03rd December, 2012
A very slight fragrance that tiptoes with cotton sheathed feet down through to the base. It has surpising stamina, but the whispered notes hint at little but cliches and forgettable combinations.
06th October, 2012
If you like Jean Paul Gaultier's Le Male and Lolita Lempicka au Masculin then you'll like this as it reminds one strongly of both. It contains the anise note of LLaM and it has a drydown that is like JPG lM. It's nothing new or particularly interesting but it is a good smell never-the-less. I like the bottle.
02nd October, 2012