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An event similar to Apocalypse from a good horror movie, everything is on fire (trees, buildings, cars, etc), devils and demons howling ready to feast from human flesh, people screaming and coughing from the dense smoke, lots of cries for help, the fire is rising and the smoke becomes too dense and dark.

Suddenly a high priest appears, he walks confidently directly into the fire and he start shouting a powerful prayer. He strongly smells like incense, leather, myrrh and sweet berry. Terrified people can hear his prayer and can smell him through the dark smoke and everybody is gathering at his feet to feel protected. For the moment humans are safe but not for long...

This is what i see when i sniff/wear Interlude Man. Dark, spicy, very religious (thanks to incense and especially to opoponax), sweet, mineral and smokey. A masterpiece and the best scent from Amouage. Interlude Man is not for everybody. And when you wear it you dont need/want compliments cuz you already know who you are and people should step aside when you appear.

Sillage and Projection - giant.
Longevity - it lasts forever
12th April, 2018
The most powerful fragrance I know of, plain and simple, and I really like it! I had used a sample for awhile, and just recently got a FB. The Amouage bottles themselves are almost worth the purchase price. I get a lot of oregano and incense, with some hints of the patchouli and sandalwood throughout the drydown....which could last a week, lol!!
28th February, 2018
Ive smelled better scents. But when you talk about those scents that are "unto themselves", as I like to say...there is no other scent that can stand over this fragrance, where that combo of incense, oud, leather and amber is involved. It does those 4 notes, better than anything Ive smelled, so far. I love it.

But I recognize, there is no way in Hell, I could wear it everyday. But for the hot, fun, night on the town with crazy friends, making the night up as you go along?...this is the scent you need to be wearing, because that night is going to be ALL ABOUT YOU, LOL

now if you're wondering why Amouage made Interlude Woman..the answer is simple. Not only is Interlude Woman, the polar opposite of this scent. But overall, its a considerably better perfume than "Man". And its not even close. But both are worth buying, no doubt. And both are very heavy. Especially, "Man", whose reformulation is just as strong as the original. Dont let anyone tell you different. I sprayed it on my body, 5 times, the first time I bought it. Just trying to test it, as it were. And I almost killed myself, in my apartment, with no one around to find my corpse. How I revived myself and found the energy to get back on my feet, I still dont know (jk).

09th February, 2018
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Probably the most powerful scent I've ever tried. Mrs FWF had to leave the room to get changed after application. "Stronger than Tuscan Leather?" I asked. "Stronger than ANYTHING", she said.

I have to say, it's not bad. An opening of citrus and oregano, the latter very strong, makes for a somewhat sweet and childish opening. But once the incense kicks in, things start to become more serious, and it ends up after some hours in a pleasing smoky-woody territory, quite similar to LADDM, but much more potent. A literal touch of oud and leather.

Not for the faint-hearted, but as others have pointed out, the sheer performance it makes for decent value from this high-ticket fragrance.
03rd January, 2018
Wow. You're either going to fall in love with Interlude or you're going to hate it. It's got some odd notes that seem to be battling it out with the traditional Amouage formula. The opening was absolutely dreadful, with a strong oregano paired with bergamot that is shortly beaten back by a loud and sour amber. The middle incense is overwhelmed by opoponax and cistus which all lay on top of a dirty patchouli-oud base. I kept waiting for Interlude to settle into something enjoyable but it never happened. Add that to beastly projection and calendar like longevity and you've got your money's worth. Not something I'll ever wear, so it's a thumbs down here.
19th October, 2017
Although they have different notes, it reminds me of A*Man, one of my least favourite fragrances. Not for me.
02nd October, 2017
Strong, middle eastern promise!! Personally I love it but will not be for everyone. Not a crowd pleaser. Beast mode!!
28th September, 2017 (last edited: 29th September, 2017)
I am no expert at writing reviews on cologne. As I'm sure many of you are, but this is my honest review.

This juice is amazing. I am still getting whiffs throughout the day of this, and people at work are asking me about it. (In a positive way).
Here is my simplistic explanation of Interlude Man. It starts off very sweet, like candy, you just want to eat it, and soon afterwards, (about an hour or 2), It dries into a Beautiful smoke/incense smell. Very masculine and safe to wear at work. It lasts a good 5-6 hours with good projection.
I can't see any designer pulling this off, but maybe I'm wrong.
Worth the $$.
30th June, 2017
Such a powerful, masculine scent with exemplary performance, sillage and longevity. Amouage 'Interlude' is easily one of, if not the most dominating fragrances I have ever encountered.

The smell reminds me of Antonio Puig's 'Quorum', a powerhouse with superb strength in its own right. Tobacco, greens, incense, patchouli, leather. 'Interlude' adds cumin, allspice, oud and woods to this mix, plus nuclear projection and sillage.

The initial blast is bergamot and spices, incense and a hint of amber. Its very strong, projects a good five feet out and lingers everywhere. The middle notes of incense and some patchouli come out slowly over the next few hours and settle in beautifully. It almost has a marijuana note at some points, which depending on your tastes, smells great or is too herbal, ethnic and off-putting.

The base of tobacco, leather, greens and oud are present throughout, but really begin to shine about four hours in. This is where the fragrance really becomes a masterpiece, with uncompromising masculinity and smokiness carrying on for what seems an eternity. A classy, deep, dark and mysterious smell, akin to upscale Middle Eastern boutiques in someplace like Dubai or Istanbul.

Longevity with just six sprays (neck, shoulders, and wrists) was 16-20+ hours, with massive projection and sillage all the way through. My girlfriend asked if I just sprayed some cologne on when I walked in the door coming home from work. I was shocked, because I sprayed this stuff on 14 hours ago that morning and it still smelled fresh to her! And it keep projecting all night long. You literally have to wash this off to get it off you. It 'becomes' you.

I find it to be funny when people say only 'one or two' sprays, then complain about the performance or lack of compliments from fragrances. With 'Interlude', you really could only use two sprays for a date night, group setting or professional engagement and be good for six to eight hours. This stuff lasts for several weeks, if not months on clothes and fabrics.

I can definitely highly recommend this to powerhouse fragrance lovers or anyone seeking pure manliness in a bottle. The price is well worth the performance and longevity you get, as one large 100ml bottle of this should last you several years.
17th June, 2017 (last edited: 18th July, 2017)
Initial thoughts on this juice... Incensy, Loud, Forest like, Sweet, Dark... then... wait I have smelled something like this before. Interlude man does start off amazing... incensy and very bright... As it dries I find that it becomes very familiar. I hunt through my samples and find that I do have something similar... If you layer Ore from Slumberhouse with L'Air du Desert Marocain from Tauer you get very close to Interlude man (at least the 30 minute mark of Interlude Man). When I got those samples I sprayed them both on the same arm by mistake... I would say that if you are in the market for an incensy juice this is amazing but I would TRY BEFORE YOU BUY because this might not be everyone's cup of tea. I will have to save the rest of my sample for the winter to fully enjoy this amazing juice. Enjoy!
31st May, 2017
Unique fragrance - very spicy and not to everybody's taste. Initially I didn't like the turmeric note, but it softens during the dry down. Not one of my favourites, but high quality nonetheless. Longevity and projection are excellent for this oriental middle-Eastern masterpiece.
22nd April, 2017 (last edited: 06th May, 2017)
If a hippie's wet dog rolled into a bonfire, this is what it would smell like. Instant scrubber.
07th March, 2017
An absolute masterpiece from Interlude and one of my favourite scents of all time. I've had many compliments when wearing this. It has a woody, spicy fragrance which lasts for days with amazing sillage. It takes time to get used to this fragrance and may seem overpowering at first for some people. Hands down the best of the Amouage line. Not one for the office, but a must have for gatherings and special occasions. It is well worth every penny.
11th February, 2017 (last edited: 14th September, 2017)
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lex Show all reviews
United States
nothing fun and theres nothing lively about interlude man.this is a dull and harsh frag.tried to scrub off
28th December, 2016
bokaba Show all reviews
United States
Type: woody incense

Interlude Man is a woody incense fragrance. The opening and heart are a powerful whack of smokey incense that is extremely dry. It nearly clears the sinuses like horse radish.

There is very little development until the base is reached. The base is woods, musk, and touch of powder.

Strength, sillage, and longevity are quite remarkable in my opinion. Not worth $300+ though.
11th November, 2016
A balsamic smoky ambery sweet powdery fragrance with an amazing drydown.

At first sniff it was ok. it smelled unique and different.a little bit harsh from the oregano. then in the drydown the smell became so nice and appealing. sweet powdery smoky leathery ambery vanillic drydown. its perfect for the cold weather. less is more with interlude man as it is a beast.

10th November, 2016
First review.

Felt the need to review this as I have never smelled anything like it.

Had a tester, sprayed it, and though that it was the worst scent I have ever smelled. Couldn't put my finger on the smell, but thanks to a couple of other reviewers, I now know that it's turmeric.

It honesty smells like someone was walking along with a big bag of turmeric and tripped over onto a big bonfire.

I know it's subjective, but this is horrible. Get a tester first.
17th September, 2016
I get exactly the same Turmeric vibe from this as the reviewer CAKE-LOVE gets.

The opening is kind of sweet & i like it for the 1st hour after spraying. But after the 1st hour all i get is Turmeric.

This is the only fragrance that has made me to scrub off.

Projection: 10/10
Longevity: 10/10

27th August, 2016
Fascinating - all I get from this is the exact same sensation I get from sticking my nose in a bag of turmeric.
20th July, 2016
Even more louder and brasher version of Ambre Sultan. Amber-Myrrh-Oregano structure is exactly the same, but there is something crude and off about this. Even if it would were to be less crude, there's no way to justify the price when I already have the incredibly refined Ambre Sultan at half price (or even quarter, if you like the gray market stock. I don't, personally).
10th April, 2016
I don't mind a little smoke but this one is just too much. Throw in that odd oregano note that can just dominate this scent and you get something that struggles finding an occasion or mood to wear with. Strongly advise against blind buying, thankfully I got a sample. Wife said I smelled like a campfire all day, so if that's your thing, go for it.
27th March, 2016
Interlude has great ingredient, great idea and great projection and longevity.
If only someone had stopped and taken a deep breath before going overboard with spices.
The idea is sound, but the execution is where they fell short.
Incense, leather and spices are great but they need to be balanced out. Otherwise you end up with a dry perfume that reminds you of a summer day in desert, or in this case an oven.
A good desert perfume has a promise of cool evening or rain, Interlude has no reprieve.
Sample it please so that you know how bleak can one get with fragrances, but please don't buy it (unless you are in that sort of mood)

07th March, 2016
Interlude Man is a beautiful incense, myrrh, amber, oregano fragrance. As a matter of fact, that is all I smell, incense, myrrh, amber and oregano. I love it! It is very smoky/leather, soothing and calming. I don't smell any citrus here. It is very bold and lasts a very long time on me. 7-8 hours. Magnificent creation by Amouage
04th March, 2016
Finally got around to trying my sample of Interlude Man. I liked the opening more than both Memoir Man and Lyric Man, the other two Amouage fragrances I've tried. As Interlude Man began to dry down however, it began to smell very much like Memoir Man to me. I pick up a musty kitchen cupboard spice smell from the Amouage scents that I'm not educated enough to identify...could it be oregano? I don't know, but it's not a smell that I like to wear. My pizza can smell like oregano, but not me. I'll wear this one some more to see if it grows on me. I really did appreciate it in the beginning, it just became more challenging in the dry down.
02nd March, 2016
Dusty leathery incense. Big projection. Big sillage. Long lasting. Nice! 4+/5.

update: The leather is of the liquid-smoke-meaty type found in, say, Patchouli 24; however, at a much lower contributory level and ancillary to the incense which smells a lot like some sweet myrhh resins I burn occasionally. This is one of my 'belly-button fragrances': one spray only and no higher than the navel. Anything more results in quick and brutal diminishing returns... and deserved reprisals.
27th February, 2016 (last edited: 27th August, 2016)
Just received Interlude and I am greatly impressed! So, first off this is reminiscent of Molton Brown's Navigation Scent Rogart from the balsamic sweet feel I get up front; There is also this Versace Man (purple bottle) violet aroma you pick up in the beginning as well. Absolutely stunning!!!

Interlude at first spray is sharp and pungent, yet fruity. There is the sweet berry flavor (not overtly sweet) that I get that works well with the woodsy overtones. Friends, as have been DO NOT need much of this, I repeat-you DO NOT need much of this!!

I sprayed one spray on the back of my hand and dubbed on the other and I can smell this undoubtedly. The projection in d this is masterfully overwhelming in a good way! As I smell this, a few fragrances come to mind; Rogart (balsimic), L'artisan's Mure Et Musc (Fruity), Creed's Baie De Genievre (bergamot w/extra stuff)...I do get the burnt leaves connection, however very minimal (although this sounds uneventful, it is not a bad thing). If you were to combine Creed's BdG, with the woody leathery sharpness of Creed's Royal Oud I think the end product could be something that would resembles Amouage's Interlude. These descriptors are just to give you a point of reference to what Interlude is like. The way this fragrance blends is amazing!!!

Versatility=7 (moves, from fruity, wood, soapy/fruity back to woodsy
Overall scent=10 (amazing scent)

Fellas, this wonderful.....
10th February, 2016 (last edited: 11th February, 2016)
Amouage Interlude Man is one of the more intense expressions of incense--oudy, smoky--that I've had the inclination to try, mainly based on its strong reputation, and certainly its strength is not in question.

I get mainly a burst of frankincense and myrrh at the opening, which has more of a bite, almost unpleasantly so, and also throughout the dry down. Frankly, the these aspects are so powerful that my nose cannot detect much of the blend. I'm not even sure I get to the patchouli after the incense and myrrh. It's a fascinating composition, powerful yet not quite overwhelming in the dry down, but still very close to being overwhelming.

Certainly both the projection and longevity of this fragrance are at the extreme end, instantly increasing the value. And certainly this is for usage during cold weather exclusively, at least for my purposes in the Northern hemisphere.

I like it, but I don't love it, though in fairness, I'm not the biggest fan of incense-laden fragrances. I generally gravitate toward something more softened and balanced by sweetness, such as Imaginary Authors' Memoirs of a Trespasser.

7 out of 10
07th January, 2016
Bought it from Dubai Duty Free with a normal cap and havent noticed any change in performance, excellent fragrance. Great silage and longevity for me 12+ hours. I found the opening a bit harsh and loud but after a while it turns into this astonishing masterpiece. If you like something with a dark, deep, mysterious character... This is IT!

16th November, 2015
The olfactory equivalent to Metallica's Death Magnetic.

Loud, louder, Interlude Man.
14th November, 2015
Emoe Show all reviews
United Kingdom
thimbs up because i like the scent, and the notes.

however, amouage normally has this amazing ability to just duracell any frag (goes on and on and on) but strangely, im not getting that monster sillage and longevity with Interlude.
its gorgeous to use, and im glad i have a big decant, but probably wouldnt buy a full size over other amouage scents.
31st May, 2015