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Negative Reviews of Interlude Man by Amouage

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Wow. You're either going to fall in love with Interlude or you're going to hate it. It's got some odd notes that seem to be battling it out with the traditional Amouage formula. The opening was absolutely dreadful, with a strong oregano paired with bergamot that is shortly beaten back by a loud and sour amber. The middle incense is overwhelmed by opoponax and cistus which all lay on top of a dirty patchouli-oud base. I kept waiting for Interlude to settle into something enjoyable but it never happened. Add that to beastly projection and calendar like longevity and you've got your money's worth. Not something I'll ever wear, so it's a thumbs down here.
19th October, 2017
Although they have different notes, it reminds me of A*Man, one of my least favourite fragrances. Not for me.
02nd October, 2017
If a hippie's wet dog rolled into a bonfire, this is what it would smell like. Instant scrubber.
07th March, 2017
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United States
nothing fun and theres nothing lively about interlude man.this is a dull and harsh frag.tried to scrub off
28th December, 2016
First review.

Felt the need to review this as I have never smelled anything like it.

Had a tester, sprayed it, and though that it was the worst scent I have ever smelled. Couldn't put my finger on the smell, but thanks to a couple of other reviewers, I now know that it's turmeric.

It honesty smells like someone was walking along with a big bag of turmeric and tripped over onto a big bonfire.

I know it's subjective, but this is horrible. Get a tester first.
17th September, 2016
I get exactly the same Turmeric vibe from this as the reviewer CAKE-LOVE gets.

The opening is kind of sweet & i like it for the 1st hour after spraying. But after the 1st hour all i get is Turmeric.

This is the only fragrance that has made me to scrub off.

Projection: 10/10
Longevity: 10/10

27th August, 2016
Even more louder and brasher version of Ambre Sultan. Amber-Myrrh-Oregano structure is exactly the same, but there is something crude and off about this. Even if it would were to be less crude, there's no way to justify the price when I already have the incredibly refined Ambre Sultan at half price (or even quarter, if you like the gray market stock. I don't, personally).
10th April, 2016
I don't mind a little smoke but this one is just too much. Throw in that odd oregano note that can just dominate this scent and you get something that struggles finding an occasion or mood to wear with. Strongly advise against blind buying, thankfully I got a sample. Wife said I smelled like a campfire all day, so if that's your thing, go for it.
27th March, 2016
Interlude has great ingredient, great idea and great projection and longevity.
If only someone had stopped and taken a deep breath before going overboard with spices.
The idea is sound, but the execution is where they fell short.
Incense, leather and spices are great but they need to be balanced out. Otherwise you end up with a dry perfume that reminds you of a summer day in desert, or in this case an oven.
A good desert perfume has a promise of cool evening or rain, Interlude has no reprieve.
Sample it please so that you know how bleak can one get with fragrances, but please don't buy it (unless you are in that sort of mood)

07th March, 2016
The olfactory equivalent to Metallica's Death Magnetic.

Loud, louder, Interlude Man.
14th November, 2015
Genre: Woody Oriental

I’m afraid I have to break with the pack on this one. Frankincense, opopanax, an oudh reconstruction that smells of burnt hair, and a whole lot of patchouli add up to a very loud, crude composition, which I really don’t enjoy. This fragrance seems to have too much going on, all at once, and all at stentorian volume. The frankincense and patchouli fight one another like two mismatched paint colors, the opopanax is a bit too powdery and sweet, and the oudh just feels like superfluous decoration in a composition that’s already too baroque and monumental by half. Perhaps most damaging of all is a piercing reconstructed sandalwood base note that creaks like a rusty hinge, and which has no business smelling so cheap in a fragrance that costs roughly $150 US per ounce. To my nose, this is simply one of the weakest offerings Amouage has released in years. I’d much rather wear the vastly superior Interlude Woman.
20th July, 2014
seriously overpriced amber scent augmented by synthetic and off-putting oud.

I received a sample of Amouage interlude but was not expecting too much of it since Amouage has tended to release less than amazing scents in the last few years. Whilst Gold and Dia are, in my opinion, worth the coin they demand, few other scents have lived up to the same level of quality. (barred the attars)

Interlude too reeks of 'nice try but....nah.'
It opens indeed with a very light dash of bergamot which is immediately followed by an amber scent which reminded me of ambre russe or a lighter and more sophisticated version of montale's blue amber. Nice, but not super nice. Quite quickly this was followed by a medicinal / even petrol-like smelling scent which i guess is supposed to pass for oud. this was not the attractive kind of medicinal as we know from montale, nor was it the petrol of say a knize ten or SMN's nostalgia. Instead it came across as a far too dominant, nasty, pungent synthetic smell which i found hard to bare. To make matters worse, it is this phase and smell which is where the largest part of the silage and longevity of interlude come from.

As a fan of MPG I like my scents bold, daring, raw and edgy but Interlude came across as an overpriced amber scent with poorly chosen supporting notes that end up making an unbalanced, cloying and pungent concoction.
I find very little to be attractive in this scent.
12th May, 2013
I honestly don't know what happened to this scent on me.

i love a LOT of Amouage fragrances especially the heavier oud, woods, incense and leather based ones such as Epic - probably my favourite fragrance at the moment. Reading the notes for Interlude prior to release in Australia I couldn't wait to get my hands on it but then I applied it sparingly as always and the opening was nice but not amazing and was waiting for the spices and dry wood accords to spring to life but then... SOUR! Not a slight animalic or medicinal note but sour like ramming tamarind paste up my nostrils. This continued for hours without the slightest of evolution.

Definitely not dry woods or incense or leather or even astringent bergamot. It was soggy wet rotten fruit for hours. My only hope is that the sample vial I was given was off somehow and I'm waiting to see if I can find another retailer that stocks it as it sounds like the exact mix of notes I was hoping for.
04th November, 2012
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On first application I'm picking up a slight bergamont and a overwhelming pungent smell of oregana.

This oregana smell's like a cross between a earthy warm kitchen spice and a pot plant. What's worse is that a dose of pepper has been added to give it a harsh edge.

Now lets call it a "kitchen spice accord" which I find very overwhelming and cloying. After a while it gets sweeter and a incense note starts to appear from the heart of the composition.

As time moves forward I can pick up leather with the incense note becoming more dominant.Though that earthy peppery "kitchen spice accord" is still there (no getting away from

The fragrance is smoky and spicy in a balmy way which is starting to become more sweeter.

As we move into the basenotes I'm smelling a smoky incense with a slight sweet amber mixed in with the "kitchen spice accord" which has mellowed at this stage.


I'm not really liking this as the "kitchen spice accord" really overwhelms everthing else. And it smells like something that should be on a pizza or put into a curry. And its something I do not want to smell like.

If I was to sum up the frag it would be this:

" A earthy peppery kitchen spice and incense fragrance that is joined by amber to sweeten the harshness".
01st October, 2012
A very cloying scent. Had high expectations but this isn't something I would be wearing. Longevity is average and projection is good. Amouage have failed consistently and their only noteworthy scent (apart from attars) is Jubilation XXV.
30th July, 2012