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United States
Type: woody incense

Interlude Man is a woody incense fragrance. The opening and heart are a powerful whack of smokey incense that is extremely dry. It nearly clears the sinuses like horse radish.

There is very little development until the base is reached. The base is woods, musk, and touch of powder.

Strength, sillage, and longevity are quite remarkable in my opinion. Not worth $300+ though.
11th November, 2016
Fascinating - all I get from this is the exact same sensation I get from sticking my nose in a bag of turmeric.
20th July, 2016
Finally got around to trying my sample of Interlude Man. I liked the opening more than both Memoir Man and Lyric Man, the other two Amouage fragrances I've tried. As Interlude Man began to dry down however, it began to smell very much like Memoir Man to me. I pick up a musty kitchen cupboard spice smell from the Amouage scents that I'm not educated enough to identify...could it be oregano? I don't know, but it's not a smell that I like to wear. My pizza can smell like oregano, but not me. I'll wear this one some more to see if it grows on me. I really did appreciate it in the beginning, it just became more challenging in the dry down.
02nd March, 2016
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On me, Interlude man is dominated by a mix of smoky frankincense and lightly dusty oak, made quite sweet with a pinch of red cedar. There's a thick base of what I think is mostly ambrox and iso e super, with swirls of sweet amber and chocolate, which is concentrated enough to lend richness from the start of the scent, which is good for a perfume of this price.

Smoky iso e super incense and woods have been done a LOT - even Amouage itself has the superior Jubilation XXV - so the appeal of Interlude Man comes down to the clever juxtaposition of sweet woods and chocolate. I personally don't like the combination very much, but I can see how this could easily be grail material for people who fall in love with its cleverness.
25th April, 2015
The structure of Interlude Man is of a classic leather-velvety fougère with herbal and incense notes (on the polished-synthetic-woody side), reminding me of other contemporary niche fougères for man like Fetish pour Homme by Roja Dove. Decent and pleasantly plain, and a bit derivative too, as it basically smells like the drydown of any leathery masculine scent from the '70s or the '80s, even if (obviously, I'd say) less powerful and compelling. Nonetheless, it is surely balanced and pleasant, the leather is refreshed by balsamic notes and softened by incense, green notes and a hint of amber - all a bit plain and synthetic to my nose to be honest, but pleasant, refined and classy ("it smells expensive", shortly). Given the pretenses and the price, it's just not that worth it in my opinion.

08th October, 2014
This is perfume on steroids - a super sweet and smoky incense that hammers away at you for days like a man with a bellyful of Viagra. Impressive at first, and then progressively tiresome. I wanted it to be over at some point, tried to scrub it off, but the damn thing kept going and going.

As for the smell, well, one day I might summon the energy I need to trace the lineage between Interlude Man and Dzhongka, but for the moment, suffice it to say that there is a smell of roasting sweet red peppers that links the two. I find Dzhongka insufferable for this (but mostly for other) reasons, but at least Interlude does the pepper note well.

There are not many advantages to living in the arse end of the Balkans, but there are certain smells here that do provide a kind of consolation - the smell of raw tobacco leaves curing in the sun, the smell of the coffee houses roasting raw beans in the morning, and every September, the smell of those long, sweet Balkan peppers (capsicums for you Americans) being roasted on open fires, often out on the street, prior to them being used in winter preparations such as Ajvar. The smell is delicious, intoxicating even - the burning point at which the natural sugars in the peppers sizzle, turn black....well, it's one of nature's best smells, in my opinion. Interlude Man smells like my neighborhood when they start roasting the peppers, for at least the top half of the scent. Thing is, I am torn between finding this attractive and nauseating in perfume form - some wonderful smells in real life are not supposed to find their way into perfumes, I think. Sweet peppers are one of them, I feel.

Anyway, the scent becomes smokier, more incense-based, and less about those red peppers as it goes on. It seems to grow sweeter and more syrupy, too. I am not sure how wearable this is, ultimately, but it sure is a compelling type of smell. Maybe a bit too strong, too sweet, and just...too too. Men, please, if you do be wearing this, please do be doing the one spray thing.

11th August, 2014
Very dark combination of Ambre and Oud mainly , Incense gives it a smoky touch, Absolutely not everyday fragrance especially in day time coz Oud alongwith sweetness of Ambre makes it dense and dark.

Interlude also reminds me a little of Black Afgano by Nasomatto,due to Oud i guess , otherwise its a way better fragrance than BA.

I really appreciate the blending of notes and quality of ingredients and like to smell it on others but personally i m not a fan of Oud/Ambre dominating fragrances.
13th July, 2014
Not much to add to what has already been said. Except, on me... it last forever. I mean, Interlude is bomb proof. It stayed on my skin for well over 24 hours. I showered 4 times that day and, the scent refused to go.
I like it but, not for that long a time.
I have a 100ml bottle and, I fear, my great, great grandson will inherit the best part of 90ml.
I would have given it a positive. Alas the longevity of Interlude is just overkill!
02nd May, 2014 (last edited: 05th March, 2015)
Smells like oppoponax.

Burning oppoponax.

Dry down is a copy/paste of Ambre Fetiche.

I give it a neutral rating because it's not bad.
Nice oppoponax based perfume but it could've been more complex.

I see a lot of notes mentioned but in reality it smells crammed.
16th December, 2013
Tony T Show all reviews
United States
Overwhelming Leather

Powerhouse lovers heaven..

Too much leather..

I can't detect anything else in the drydown..

Not modern IMO in anyway..

Great scent for the construction type of guy but not me!!

Pros: lasts forever
Cons: Smells Terrible"

24th October, 2013
Hmmm not sure I get this one. I really love amouage scents but this is certainly not my favourite. I get a sweet oud and incense and an overarching smell of woodchip - i'm talking hamster bedding here - not exactly a 'sexy' smell by all accounts anyway, unless pet shops are your thing.

Sillage and longevity excellent as you would expect from Amouage
10th April, 2013 (last edited: 17th April, 2013)
I couldn't get past the oregano & incense phase. No matter how hard I tried to like it (been waiting for the release for a time), this one is not for me, it's not attractive for starters, and I wouldn't want this on a perfume that I wear. It keeps going on and on like burning oregano and green spices incense sticks.

Terribly great sillage & longevity though.
25th February, 2013
Interlude Man drives me crazy. There are some aspects that I completely dig and others that I really can't get past.

You're at a concert. The hall is packed with people waiting for the band to go on stage. Everybody talk to their friends and the overall result is the messy, cacophonic sound of thousand of people speaking at once but saying different things. You can't discern what they're talking about but you can clearly hear female voices mixed with male voices, someone is laughing hard, someone is screaming with excitement, others are calmly commenting the facts of the last few days. Everyone says something but you don't understand a thing, you just grab a bunch of words here and there but they make no sense at all. Well, this is how the Interlude Man opening acts on my olfactive sense. I pick hints of the spicy-oudy accord of Epic Man paired to a sweetish, almost gourmandic vibe and mixed with culinary herbs. A sparkling bergamot note serves as a slightly strident juxtaposition to the overall dark vibe but everything is so cacophonic to relust somewhat messy and confusing.

The lights on the stage start to play funny patterns announcing the imminent start of the show. The general hubbub clams down and people focus their attention to the stage where the band's members are grabbing their instruments. The show begins, the crowd goes wild. This is the best part of the fragrance where a dark green earthy-herbal accord distantly reminescent of Memoir Man, is paired to the balmy quality of opoponax. Just magnificent. Moderately sweet, deep, dark and extremely addictive.

The show goes on and the band start to play a bunch of new tracks from their latest, partially successfull, album. Exaltation leave space to a bit of disappointment. You expected to hear more of the older classics but the band is now focused on promoting their news style which you're not very fond of. This is when Interlude Man introduces its drydown which is sweet, ambery, smoky and woody. Something we've already experienced in Opus IV, V and VI and something that seems to have become the new Amouage hallmark.

Downline: The show was somewhat good and at times funny, the band is technically perfect, some of their greatest songs still rock but, what seems to have become their new path is not completely convincing and feels a bit uninspired. Worthy the full price ticket? No, at least not to me. I'll check their next live shows on youtube first.

Note: The show lasted a good 11 hours (quite a perfomrace for a band) and the sound projection was awesome!
05th November, 2012
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Very very spicy mix of pepper, spices, incense. I get no oregano, or if I do, it is overpowered with pepper. Nothing stands out as wearable in this fragrance for me. I picture some Arabian spice Bazaar smelling like this.
30th October, 2012 (last edited: 15th June, 2017)
A really smoky, lightly peppered, dry and savoury frankincense, on a serious desiccated woods base. I don’t get the Interlude backstory at all, of a quiet moment amid the hurly burly of chaotic modernity. Umm... no. This settles pretty firmly into its stride right from the word go and is pretty monolithic. The richness of the ingredients is a given and the salty edge of the oregano is a novel idea, but I find myself struggling to get beyond ‘like’ on this. There just isn’t the variation in tones and shades that make the best Amouages so memorable, instead one has the dense main accord, like it or lump it, like a boulder carried by a glacier. I find myself tiring of it at the end of a day.
26th October, 2012
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Russian Federation
Mix of Epic and Memoir. Although great quality of raw materials and benchmark longevity.
04th August, 2012