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Reviews of Boss Nuit pour Femme by Hugo Boss

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It's wearable. Not much more. It is a boring, mostly peach scent. The aldehydes are barely there. It falls flat in aroma and longevity. The white flowers are barely noticeable upon drying. Not very creative.

What is it with peach? Do perfumers say, "Hey! Peach is a cheap ingredient. We'll use that!". It seems to be prominent in most designer fragrances these days. Maybe that is the reason I am veering away from designer offerings and am exploring more niche...
20th July, 2017
Well I was a tad disappointed, not a whole lot special here. It is peach, but in a shampoo hair products way. Not offensive, just the opposite... Very safe. This is a very soft scent, with no projection. The smell of Downey in my clothes lasts longer than this. It could be much more appealing if the volume and silage was turned up a notch. All and all there is a bit of wanting to snuggle to see if you can catch a stronger sniff, but you might have to lick the person to get there. Maybe that's why they call it Nuit. Wink wink. I would think this is the perfect first perfume for a young girl. They can drown in it, and no eye watering to be had. Also not a sugar bomb, like a lot others geared towards that age. Perfect for the gal who likes perfume but doesn't want to smell it. I will wear it to bed, but not out.
24th December, 2016
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United Kingdom
A synthetic and dull sweety peachy opening with a generic floral drydown that leads into a laboratory-wood base. Not unpleasant but dull with really with little merit, including a shortevity of less than three hours on my skin.
10th July, 2014
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I bought this perfume on impulse when I forgot to bring my perfume while away for an outstation meeting. There's going to be a dinner gala held by the foreign office and I didn't have any perfume with me. So I just went to the nearest mall and grab this cos it came in set of the EDP, lotion & shower gel.

Truly a good buy indeed!! I get compliments the first time I wear it. It's warm, sensual and sweet perfume. It is one of the best night fragrances I have. It's both great for evening wear and day wear. Am glad that I bought it. The bottle is slim and the design is perfectly convenient for me to keep in my travel toiletries bag. Will stick to this as my travel perfume for now until something better come along.
09th May, 2014
The notes list is a joke. There are no aldehydes or moss. There are a lot of artificial, chemical, generic "perfumy" notes, but nothing detectable. Unpleasant. Makes me depressed.
03rd September, 2012 (last edited: 10th September, 2012)